The Nines & My Final Understanding: Only Read If You Want To Wake Up.

In bed sick with a another cold, I just was reminded of the strange movie, “the Nines” with one of my favorite actors, Ryan Reynolds. Of course there was a purpose for me to be able to sit here and watch it.

I am not sure if I should be typing this, but something tells me many are ready to learn the truth of the messages ingrained in this movie. It’s time. I am a “nine” too, and I am here only to wake up the other nines who just want to “play” and get caught up in the human drama cycle. I am here to wake humans from the dream when the dream needs to change into a new one.

That’s what I am. That’s why I see the world the way it is and write with complete honesty. I am not God, and the movie was not trying to say we each are.. exactly. The movie was about how we are multidimensional beings or souls from God, who choose to learn and relearn, on this planet. No, we are not aliens…we are just energy that never dies and is only transformed into another form.

I am a nine, because I have slowly awakened and noticed there is something wrong with this world. It has not gone as planned by God, and so I notice when humans have gone off track a bit. Possibly God sends out “nine” souls into babies to be born on earth to help keep the world on track or maybe it’s just the way humans finally wake up.

 I connect with only other nines mentally, and only other nines will like my posts or connect to what I say…or even understand it. Because somewhere deep down, they know it is time too…to change the path of existence now. So if you follow my blog, or like what I say…it’s cause it is the truth you know deep down inside and I am only reflecting it back to are a nine too.

Many humans have fallen into a state of sleep where they feel a disconnect from God or the All, so they treat others as separate from themselves. This leads to hate, racism, anger, and bloodshed. And so when too much disconnect or imbalance of evil happens, this is when a “wake up” call needs to happen.

I am not sure if the number is correct in the movie, there could be far more levels of consciousnesses that we can’t know or see, cause we are not in essence the totality. This is not about being proud or prideful, it is about being aware of the immense source of energy that we extend from as souls.

Let me explain the movie in a way, that I can understand it as a nine too:

Gary (played by Ryan Reynolds) is a multidimensional being who is “stuck” in his own creation..his perceived world. His favorite creation or archetype is the role played by Melissa McCarthy. She, in many different realities and dimensions, plays his publicist, best friend, and wife. But her main role she was created for was to keep him in this reality. So she is pleasant and always a friend to him in the world that Gary created. She keeps him grounded and brings love and joy into his world to experience. If you think really hard…you can find that person or people that have done that in your life. They make life worth living every day.

The other woman Susan, played by Hope Davis, is another multidimensional being who also creates worlds and plays around, but she is tired of the drama and is concerned that one of her soul groups has lost their way. In much ways, she is the angel that has come to save him from this world and bring his rapture to take him back to God. It is hard to see this, she plays a sneaky game of making Gary suffer a bit, but what she is really is doing is trying to wake him up from the “dream” and bring him back to the ALL. She is the “reminder of who he is” part of the world and appears in different forms from the cheating next door neighbor, scheming television executive, and finally a mysterious stranger he meets on the road.

It took me a lot of learning and forgiveness to understand her role. She is not evil, or like “Lucifer” which is what I thought at first while she tries to destroy his world systematically each reality. I discovered that she is actually trying to bring him out the prison he became stuck in.

I am much like her, though I don’t sneak around in people’s lives telling them to wake up, I am here to remind the people on the lower levels of consciousness to grow a little…if they are suffering in life. I am trying to show there is never a need to suffer from your own hands. God is good and wishes to always give you the gift of a best experience.

The end of the movie is where it gets really amazing. When Gary, the multidimensional being, decides it is time to finally go home. He transfers this power of creation into the hands of his favorite creation. This shows how the love is shared between them as creation and creator. It really is a beautiful relationship and when you think really deeply this is the relationship that God has with all of us. As we learn to love God as levels 7-9s in consciousness levels, we in turn become elevated to a state of seeing the love all around.

The last moments of the movie is truly beautiful where, Melissa McCarthy is elevated to the next level and now she is the nine realizing that her universe or world around her is the one she has the power to control by how she reacts and perceives life. You can tell by the smile on her face, that she is in a high level of bliss experience looking at her family with love, and then ultimately thanking her creator who brought her to blissful level of experience at the same time.

Now I am in this state, as I look around at my life…I see every suffering and every gift that God has brought to me to learn from. When you are at this level of being, there is no more nightmare…everything seems like a surreal dream. I will say, bad things are still going to happen to me, and I will still feel them. The difference is now, I won’t suffer for long knowing they truly are temporary emotions and where we are from is far more beautiful and true . When Gary in the movie, says that Home feels warm and like a bright white light as he remembers it…that’s exactly the feeling I feel when I tap into my subconscious and what God really is…warm and white light…. Can you feel it too?

I guess you can say this  is enlightenment…and I only type that to help others realize that they have reached it too if they have reached the same conclusions. We have the power to bring this world into a new peaceful paradigm. Will you join me, nines?


The ending scene of Gary going back to the central consciousness.