The Indigo Chakra Idea for Humanity.

I have an idea and it may just work…but it will take a letting go of ego:
What IF People awoke to realize that atheists, theists, buddhists, muslims, christians, jewish, agnostics, gnostics, pantheists, deists, etc….all are in this world together, and if they don’t stop arguing and bickering over God we will never see peace and will continue to destroy each other?
What IF people awoke to see that the real evil is not in religion-it’s in the greed of the men who create wars, given unequal wealth distribution, take resources, and destroy other’s land for their own gain?
What IF we started to see that the real enemy is much darker than those who believe in God, or those who don’t…and it is a threat that threatens us daily, programming us to hate and to be divided?
What IF we started to actually work together, respecting that we all have different perspectives and that these perspectives shouldn’t impede on the rights of others?
What if we could live in a more progressive, greener, healthier, highly technological environment that coexists with the natural environment not ruled by the greedy resource holders who can’t share the wealth. 
What IF we were not subject to a shadow government of their own invested interests, but instead truly powered by the voice of the people?
But FIRST before all this can happen, we must come together in empathy and recognition of each other as humans who each deserve peace. 
 I dream of a better future, do you?