A Kid Talent Show & Glimpse Into Our Beautiful (Possible) Future.

Yesterday I got a chance to see a talent show at an elementary school, and I can not tell you enough of the chills I experienced while watching it.

I work with these children, and so I don’t normally get to see them in this heightened state of “talent”, but WOW…I was absolutely floored by the beautiful voices, talented composers, dancers, actors, gymnasts. I was actually in a state of euphoria as I watched them.

Something I remember very clearly in my research and study about advanced alien civilizations, is the idea that the aliens that have come to guide humanity say they are jealous in the respect that the humanities such as art, music, dance, theater is what sets humans apart from other species in this universe. I am not joking, the Pleadians have often time said that they are really impressed and in awe with humans and their almost divine ability to create beautiful works of art whether with the hands or the body.

It gave me great joy to see the beautiful creation of God unfolding in this moment while watching my fellow beings. Although, they are really young, they were REALLY good and it made me extremely excited for our future. I am a bit of a beauty lover. I love all things of beauty in form, meaning and feeling. I am not talking about superficial beauty, I am talking about the type that hits you at the core of your  heart and mind, and gives you happy tears or goosebumps.

To me, Heaven is a state of mind, that you enter where EVERYTHING becomes beautiful. While I believe that beauty is subjective, there is also an objective truth to beauty that people do know, or at the very least FEEL.

I am not sure more people realize that humans were created AFTER the angels of God. Although Angels are said to be the most beautiful creation connected to the divine, the story that is unfolding may be that beauty will be known in a multitude of ways. Perhaps human beings will become just as beautiful as the angels, or the advanced older beings in our universe?

Just maybe we are seeing the human being species grow into a more beautiful creation daily, and this is evolution. No matter what humans look like on the outside, the beauty that shines out of their creations is what is the truth. Human nature can be very ugly, but when there is the opportunity to express themselves through the humanities, this is where humans really shine.

We are the music makers, the artists, the philosophers, the governors of the human body to move in ways athletes do, the great writers of the universe, and there is no telling where we can go from here. One thing is clear: Kids are extremely talented today and hold great potential to create great beauty on earth.

So much so, that maybe one day, humanity will be able to wipe away the ugliness of war, greed, bloodshed….who knows…

But after seeing that show, I am excited for us.


The Sacred Wood Cherished by the Arts and the Muses – Pierre Puvis de Chavannes

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