What Plagues My Awakened Mind: How I Can Not Be Happy Till We All Are Happy.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my daily experiences in this awakened state in devotion to God and to seeing the unity all around me. Yes, it is a peaceful outlook on life, and I have much to smile and be grateful for, but something has made me restless as well knowing what I know.

They say ignorance is bliss, and this can be true. After you turn the “switch” on, you never go back to being the same person, but let me also say new things and experiences bother you. My days are not all peaceful in this world. There is a great pain in discovering the truth of our oneness and interconnection.

The pain is realizing that we who see the world in this unity are a small minority (they are called indigos or violet conscious humans) that is growing, but sometimes not fast enough. When you look at the news, human behavior, and unconscious actions of people towards one another, you realize that you are sometimes very alone in this world.

There are times when I can connect to another person in the same frame of mind, but the saddest thing is to see us both hit a wall, where we KNOW that our enlightenment can only go so far. The truth is, my happiness is nothing without others’ happiness. Take it from me…I have been to the point of happiness and bliss knowing our special unity under God, and yet, I still realize I can not be permanently happy or at bliss till we all are.

My heart and mind is too connected to others now to ignore the suffering others are experiencing either at their own hands unconsciously or at the hands of others. Unfortunately I am not the world’s wealthiest person or have hands to extend to every single soul to help. So I do what I can do within my power of influence, and I now sit and wait, hoping that in my lifetime, this peace of mind can be reached when I see everyone reach bliss.

There are people on this planet that believe a New Earth would have to come about at the demise of 2/3rds of the world population due to exaggerated claims about over population. Who are they to decide who lives and who dies? I do not see this as a true solution. In fact, I see New Earth as only something that everyone would have to collectively create. Every single living individual would have to reach a point of true integrity for themselves, their families, and for others. Death naturally would be on God’s terms as the creator source that runs this universe. Death induced by others out of ego and fear is a sin on humanity. Only when everyone starts to want to expand the experiences of each other, can peace be created for all.

What needs to happen next, in my idealistic vision of the future, is that everyone needs to have their own private “revolution” internally.  Everyone needs to go on a spiritual battle to fight their inner demons. They need to stop playing the victim and to stand up for what they believe in. They need to wake up and see this life as a less permeant state but also determining our next state of what we experience as heaven or hellish states. People need to take personal responsibility for every karmic tie and bind that they create on this earth to ensure a more fulfilled and happy soul.

When people start to take full responsibility for their life and to wish for good and peace for others, as well as themselves..this is when we will see world peace. This is the New Earth, that everyone has talked about with stars in their eyes.

Do not be deceived by the elite or eugenic idea of a New Earth. This new world order can only come organically from everyone participating and not a group of people deciding the fate of others. Everyone on this planet needs to take their life by the reigns and look over at their neighbors in other countries and other homes. When everyone awakens and wishes peace for one another, that is when the nightmare will be over and a new dream can begin.

Not sure, if this is the final step of our human evolution or only our real beginning, after the wars and bloodshed are realized as “unnecessary”, but I know  I am not alone in this thinking…when we all help each other rise, we all rise.

I write this not to depress you or drag you into my sorrows, but instead to motivate and to show an envisioned potential for us all.

Maybe after each soul realizes their unity under God, then I can finally get a good rest. Inshallah….