Found on Etsy: How a True Muslim Sees God.

Regardless what you hear in the media, a true spiritual person regardless even their religion or non religion will understand the subtleties and true interconnection of God within all of us, therefore there is no need to harm anyone ever-we are brothers and sisters from the same force.
A true Muslim is someone who actually earned the label from hard work and seeking. It is not a label your family gives you, or is passed down. It is a rite of passage in everyone’s life to become a submitter to God-“muslim”.

If you read the Quran, you see there is no religion, only a term to define a person who acted like Adam (after the fall), Abraham, Noah, Joseph, Muhammad, Jesus, and all the other exceptional souls that graced our world. So the only thing that constitutes being a Muslim is if you submit, lay down your ego, for something higher and more knowledgable than you-God.

Submit to compassion when angry if not being physically violated. Submit to understanding when you feel misunderstood. Submit to love when up against someone’s hate.

THAT is submission to God. Not waving a gun around trying to kill your brothers and sisters who make different life choices. That is only an unconscious and unaware person in spiritual matters. They may label themselves Muslim, but to a true muslim who did the seeking, and deep work towards understanding, they are not a submitter to God. They submitted only to their egos and desires…only to Satan.

Even though I am super busy planning my wedding, and moving to a new place, I always am looking for the Signs of God’s existence within others and nature as the Quran says you can surely find when you look with eyes opened.

On Etsy, a muslim man creates beautiful 3D art. Not even knowing him, but seeing his work I can tell he has found God within and understands.

Here is the beautiful photo of his work, with description:

“This piece of sculpture was created form one singular wavy line for the word Allah = God in Arabic calligraphy. The continuous line in the middle give the word Allah the feeling sense of floating above all.Allah “God” floating above the Nature ( represented here by green color) and in the sky (represented by the dark blue color). it is surrounded by a colored plexiglas frame to match the color of the whole scheme.”

If interested in buying his amazing inexpensive art, check out this link: