What God is NOT: An Indigo Muslim’s Perspective on the New Age

It is hard to describe God. I have attempted to show you MY vision and interpretation in this blog. But there is something I feel needs to be spoken about. I feel it burning deep in my heart, and that is to talk about what God is Not.

There are SO much spiritual discussions going on during this time of the veil thinning, and so many teachers, gurus, and advisers speaking about God. I always bring into awareness my interpretations and I say they are my personal ones, I share with you. There are some people in public eye who speak confidently that they KNOW God and know what God is. These are the people I speak up against and the points I list are points I have heard others say about God, that I want to have a chance to say God is NOT.

~God is not entertaining Himself playing with us like a chess game. Watching the battle between good and evil for His personal amusement. No, this isn’t the Matrix movie where we learn the devil and God were playing a game all along.

~God is not an uneducated childlike being sitting alone, using us as tools or mediums to learn in ways He can not.  God, is not experiencing Himself as Hitler or a nuclear bomb in the world for sake of “experience”. Hitler was an individual soul, who made his choice to follow his inhumane desires to kill others, and the nuclear bomb is a product of human fear out of loss of territories and power. God is everywhere as a force, but not inside things acting out the human drama.

~God is not YOU. You are not God, and I am not God. We are creations of God and that makes us a family. We have been given this life as a gift, and expression of Creation, but we are not Creation in itself and should not worship ourselves or each other. We have the power to create the life we want, and to create the world we want in bigger numbers, but not move the universe. We are a large organism of human beings that work together, but we are not God individually. This leads to Solipsism, a very dangerous form of thinking about the self only in existence.

~God is not a trickster or the “demiurge” as the masons call it,  to put evil on the world and unleash Satan watching us squirm being the real creator of our world. God allowed Satan to exist for a temporary TIME BEING with us, and this is the way God will be able to discern between true believers and not. Adam showed our weakness to submit to our desires against God. It is not a trick, it is a trial and test we each face before moving on. Those who follow Satan follow their own desires into Hellish realms. Those who do Good and think of others, experience Bliss. God doesn’t make us do evil for “fun”, we choose it and then we suffer the consequences of our actions.

~God is not a lonely force of energy or being that wished to make friends or have loyal subjects that love Him. God is the loving force that allowed us the time to exist, and He never needs us. We need Him always. Not the other way around. God is never alone, cause everything in the Universe automatically belongs to Him.

~God is not an alien or physical being from another dimension. This I have learned is a warning in the Quran about jinns claiming they created mankind. Be wary of this teaching about aliens as our Lord of the Universe. No, aliens did not “seed” us. Sure there can be hybrids now, and aliens messed with humans throughout the time, but they are not our real mothers or fathers as some claimed.

These are the things, I would be confident in saying God is not. I feel there is no harm in me saying these things, and in fact thinking and being taught these things listed as others have suggest, leads to further seclusion from God. Because they stir up resentment, anger, hate, and pride in people. So many people hate God now cause they view Him as the causer of all the destruction and evil. God is Guider, Protector, and Judger and doesn’t have the same human emotions as we do to attribute petty behavior. God has sent angelic, human messengers and prophets to warn us and to guide us. There is no game in that. Only a serious attempt at helping His creation succeed and persevere.



100% confident this is not God either.