Surah Abraham (Ibrahim): Chapter 14 (line 10-20)

10. Their messengers said, “Is there any doubt about God, Maker of the heavens and the earth? He calls you to forgive you your sins, and to defer you until a stated term.” They said, “You are only humans like us; you want to turn us away from what our ancestors worshiped; so bring us a clear proof.”

11. Their messengers said to them, “We are only humans like you, but God favors whomever He wills from among His servants. We cannot possibly show you any proof, except by leave of God. In God let the faithful put their trust.”

12. “And why should we not trust in God, when He has guided us in our ways? We will persevere in the face of your persecution. And upon God the reliant should rely.”

13. Those who disbelieved said to their messengers, “We will expel you from our land, unless you return to our religion.” And their Lord inspired them: “We will destroy the wrongdoers.”

14. “And We will settle you in the land after them. That is for him who fears My Majesty, and fears My threats.”

15. And they prayed for victory, and every stubborn tyrant came to disappointment.

16. Beyond him lies Hell, and he will be given to drink putrid water.

17. He will guzzle it, but he will not swallow it. Death will come at him from every direction, but he will not die. And beyond this is relentless suffering.

18. The likeness of those who disbelieve in their Lord: their works are like ashes, in a fierce wind, on a stormy day. They have no control over anything they have earned. That is the utmost misguidance.

19. Do you not see that God created the heavens and the earth with truth? If He wills, He can do away with you, and bring a new creation.

20. And that is not difficult for God.

My Interpretation: 

Gabriel is still here telling Muhammad about the past and how the messengers before him  had to speak out against their own communities. Many were threatened to be exiled and others even threatened to be killed. It is a hard journey for the messengers of God who have been chosen to relay the message, but the rewards of the position are great. Forever you are protected in God’s graces and spiritually enlightened enough to not let much of the world affect you.

Every tyrant who did not listen to the messengers of the past, were punished in some way, either in this life or the hereafter. Gabriel describes to Muhammad a terrible torment that disbelievers receive, and says all their good deeds done out of their own egos and not for God, are wiped away like ashes blowing in a storm.

If they are arrogant and rude to God’s messengers then it shows the shallowness of their hearts and brains. God sends to them whatever they deserve in retribution for their arrogant natures.

Someone who says they are agnostic, or does not know if God exists, are not as insulting to God and the Angels. But someone who sits there and denies all the messengers, historical accounts, books, wise teachers, and laws from God is on another level of ego altogether. They are attached to their ego and limited brain, and God and the Angels will show them this in the end.