Surah Thunder (ar-Ra’d): Chapter 13 (line 20-30)

20. Those who fulfill the promise to God, and do not violate the agreement.

21. And those who join what God has commanded to be joined, and fear their Lord, and dread the dire reckoning.

22. And those who patiently seek the presence of their Lord, and pray regularly, and spend from Our provisions to them, secretly and openly, and repel evil with good. These will have the Ultimate Home.

23. Everlasting Gardens, which they will enter, along with the righteous among their parents, and their spouses, and their descendants. And the angels will enter upon them from every gate.

24. “Peace be upon you, because you endured patiently. How excellent is the Final Home.”

25. As for those who violate the promise to God, after pledging to keep it, and sever what God has commanded to be joined, and spread corruption on earth—these, the curse will be upon them, and they will have the Worst Home.

26. God dispenses the provisions to whomever He wills, and restricts. And they delight in the worldly life; yet the worldly life, compared to the Hereafter, is only enjoyment.

27. Those who disbelieve say, “If only a miracle was sent down to him from his Lord.” Say, “God leads astray whomever He wills, and He guides to Himself whoever repents.”

28. Those who believe, and whose hearts find comfort in the remembrance of God. Surely, it is in the remembrance of God that hearts find comfort.”

29. For those who believe and do righteous deeds—for them is happiness and a beautiful return.

30. Thus We sent you among a community before which other communities have passed away, that you may recite to them what We revealed to you. Yet they deny the Benevolent One. Say, “He is my Lord; there is no god but He; in Him I trust, and to Him is my repentance.”

My Interpretation: 

Good begets Good. Bad begets Bad. Simple.

Those who do all the destruction on earth, listening to their dark desires and egos will reap what they sow.

To all the innocent good people of the world, your tired souls will have rest in God’s Gardens of Bliss. Do not lose hope during this hard time in our own age. Don’t let the events of others change you for the worst.

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John Coffey, there is a place where rivers flow and fruits grow in abundance for innocent souls like yours. I love this book and movie.