Surah Thunder (ar-Ra’d): Chapter 13 (line 30-43)

30. Thus We sent you among a community before which other communities have passed away, that you may recite to them what We revealed to you. Yet they deny the Benevolent One. Say, “He is my Lord; there is no god but He; in Him I trust, and to Him is my repentance.”

31. Even if there were a Quran, by which mountains could be set in motion, or by which the earth could be shattered, or by which the dead could be made to speak. In fact, every decision rests with God. Did the believers not give up and realize that had God willed, He would have guided all humanity? Disasters will continue to strike those who disbelieve, because of their deeds, or they fall near their homes, until God’s promise comes true. God never breaks a promise.

32. Messengers before you were ridiculed, but I granted the disbelievers respite, and then I seized them. What a punishment it was!

33. Is He who is watchful over the deeds of every soul? Yet they ascribe associates to God. Say, “Name them! Or are you informing Him of something on earth He does not know, or is it a show of words?” In fact, the scheming of those who disbelieve is made to appear good to them, and they are averted from the path. Whomever God misguides has no guide.

34. There is for them torment in the worldly life, but the torment of the Hereafter is harsher. And they have no defender against God.

35. The likeness of the Garden promised to the righteous: rivers flowing beneath it; its food is perpetual, and so is its shade. Such is the sequel for those who guard against evil, but the sequel of the disbelievers is the Fire.

36. Those to whom We gave the Scripture rejoice in what was revealed to you, while some factions reject parts of it. Say, “I am commanded to worship God, and to never associate anything with Him. To Him I invite, and to Him is my return.”

37. Thus We revealed it an Arabic code of law. Were you to follow their desires, after the knowledge that has come to you, you would have neither ally nor defender against God.

38. We sent messengers before you, and We assigned for them wives and offspring. No messenger could bring a sign except with the permission of God. For every era is a scripture.

39. God abolishes whatever He wills, and He affirms. With Him is the source of the Scripture.

40. Whether We show you some of what We have promised them, or We cause you to die—your duty is to inform, and Ours is the reckoning.

41. Do they not see how We deal with the earth, diminishing it at its edges? God judges; and nothing can hold back His judgment. And He is quick to settle accounts.

42. Those before them planned, but the entire plan is up to God. He knows what every soul earns. Those who disbelieve will know to whom the Ultimate Home is.

43. Those who disbelieve say, “You are not a messenger.” Say, “God is a sufficient witness between me and you, and whoever has knowledge of the Scripture.”


My Interpretation: 

Gabriel is telling Muhammad that he has been chosen to speak to a community of people that have already been spoken to before about partnering God with other gods. Muhammad is told to say exactly, “He is my Lord; there is no god but He; in Him I trust, and to Him is my repentance.” This should inspire people to think and to gather the people who trust in One God together.

Even if there was a Quran that could move mountains and physically manipulate the earth,some people still would not listen. Gabriel says that Muhammad was not the only messenger or prophet of God, and there have been many before him. Even though they were mocked and ridiculed, the consequences of the people doing the mocking was severe. In some form of another they suffered the consequences of not being a good person, and not having trust in a power greater than them.

Gabriel continues to console Muhammad and let him know that even though he may have a struggle being the warner and the messenger, he is backed by God and the Angels. When you are doing the right thing, and are simply spreading the messages of will always be protected. God knows the insides of people’s minds and knows who to further guide because of their genuine curiosity and who to let fall behind because of their ego.

I must say in my own life, I have discovered this to be true. When I meet a disbelieving person and they ridicule me for my beliefs calling me delusional, unintelligent, idiotic, and fantasy brained, I simply get a glimpse into their personality of WHO they are. That is all it shows me is that they are not a nice or respectful person. Now imagine God being able to see every lie, every cheat, every cowardly action of a person. This is what Gabriel is trying to console Muhammad on. Everyone in the End gets what they deserve. If they worked hard at becoming a nasty person, they will see the rotten fruits of this. If they have worked hard at being loving and caring, they will see the fruits of this.

Line 36 speaks about how through the Bible, and the Torah, and possibly even the Rig Vedas and other ancient holy books, people in charge have decided to take out what they felt didn’t fit into their society and keep what they wanted and only teach the people these things. This is wrong of them and didn’t give the full picture about God and the commands. And if I can intuitively understand the way religion is so corrupted these days with the leaders forcing people to take part in cultural practices instead of what God wants, I can see what Gabriel is talking about. Too many in charge have manipulated religion to either give them more power and control, or take away  freedom and imprison people spiritually and perhaps even physically for their own gain of power.

When Muhammad comes across the leaders who have altered religion to fit their ideologies of life, Muhammad is told by Gabriel to say to them that he worships none other than One God that is unseen and indescribable except in broad terms that span across time and space.

Line 37 says WHY the Quran was brought down in Arabic. It was so that the other language speaking leaders, could NOT alter it and it kept pure from their hands. Only the Arabs that spoke Arabic could read it and then translate it later. It did not fall prey to the greedy leaders of Europe because they did not speak Arabic and could not understand it in order to rewrite it. It was a safe keeping and given to a society that was not yet touched by a book-the Middle Eastern Arabs. God observed all too much about what happened with the Jewish and Christian books, in which too many hands got a hold of them and rewrote what they felt fit into their view of spiritual power and claim of land. God was trying to prevent this same travesty from happening again by given it to Muhammad, a man who only spoke Arabic and this book was in his tongue.

Let me say this, many people ask me how do I know it is the right translation in English…I will tell you how I know. Because I believe that many muslims took to heart the message that this book was for ALL of mankind. They did not keep it to themselves, and they DARED not alter the message, because this is warned about under penalty of severe punishment by God.  Also when I read the English version, it made me emotional and speechless at times that could only be intuitively felt to be accurate warnings and comments about the world. It is written in the same objective voice in Arabic as it is in English, and even though some words may be hard to translate fully, using my mind and “decoding” I can find the truer meaning.

Muhammad is told directly his duty is to inform people and God’s is to recognize what humanity does with the information and which souls prove themselves good and which do not.

Gabriel tells Muhammad that anyone who says that Muhammad is not a messenger, then Muhammad is supposed to say God is his witness that he is.