Master Souls: Be Good and Have Fun

I and many other spiritually attuned people consider being a master soul as something as in deep alignment to God. My goal for this life is to please Allah so much so, that I become a master soul in this life and in the next.

I am not just trying to be good, I want to be in control of my life. I suffered a lot at the hands of others who were operating life at a lower place in consciousness. Meaning they didn’t know they were hurting me, or were so hurt themselves…they didn’t care to hurt others. My stepmother…my father…my exes…the list goes on.

But what I realized in the past few days of dealing with deep emotional pain, is that life doesn’t have to be this way. I can take my life back from those who try to control me. To become a master soul is to realize where all pain, and joy come from and be able to experience BOTH as the same.

So here is my new motto for life: Be kind, have courage, AND have fun. I mean it. I will not suffer under the hands of others any longer. I can simply understand where it comes from and the place of pain the person who is hurting me is in. It takes more courage to find the joy in life than pain, I realize and I am willing to become that person who triumphs.

A very personal example, is my sister in law said that because her wedding was not separated from men and women, and was a coed wedding cause she was born in America and very much had both male and female friends she wanted to share the day with, some of her close relatives did not show up. It hurt her very badly to learn that her family would rather stick to strict traditions NOT found in the Quran, but instead passed down culturally. And chose not to see her get married to the love of her life who was a wonderful man. They really missed out, and for what?

What good is it to ever hold yourself back from experiencing life at its fullest? Don’t you think our Creator gave us the spark of life, in order to LIVE. Well then gosh darn it …LIVE. I tell myself, and I remind those who forgot this.

The coed wedding example is one of those situations that make me realize the error of weighing oneself down and forgoing fun. It turns out that we really may just have this life to live and although God wants us to not deviate from the righteous path. I believe God does want us to appreciate FULLY the gift of life, He has bestowed upon each one of us. We are not supposed to sit life out and fail to experience the joy of living.

The ascetics way of enlightenment is through pain and suffering, and Buddha as a teacher learned from his experience  and then taught everyone else the truth behind suffering and pain. We don’t need to go through it if we are in control of our life. There will always be hard times, and challenges, but we can make a choice to move past the pain. We can choose to see life as a joyous dance of experience, and in doing so our love for God grows deeper…..