Heaven as a Bore: The Human Drama Cycle

An interesting observation I just made today, was in one the facegroups called Violet Awakening, there isn’t much arguing or fighting going on. In fact, there isn’t much in depth dialogue going on between people. Everyone is simply sharing their thoughts on love, abundance, soul bliss, and joy. I can’t believe it, but this group actually is a pocket on the internet where people don’t bother each other. They all have different faiths, share different points of view, but connect on the level of violet consciousness which is the Crown Chakra, point of spiritual realization.

Being a spirit in an energetic body, this is a great state of being. Imagine, floating in your consciousness of pure bliss, never any wars, or evils. I can picture it right now…it seems absolutely beautiful. However, it does draw the question that perhaps brings our existence into focus: Is heaven boring?

To my human level, YES, it is. I am feeling it in this group. Not that the group members are boring, but it is “uneventful”. There isn’t any drama, or problems. I am so glad this group exists because in a web full of arguments, threats, and problems, I am glad this group doesn’t have any in order to be a safe haven for others. Trust me, I am really happy that the state of being the group is. I do wish there was more wild discussions going on though.

BUT it raises the question that one time, I heard from others, asking if Heaven really is boring. While, I don’t think Hell is an adventure rather than a pining or burning place of remorse and regret. I would say Heaven is not boring at the spirit level, but at the personality level..heck yeah! We humans crave action, and reaction. Eventful adventures that drive us towards the quest of fulfillment of the soul. Once you are fulfilled in the soul, you are done experiencing the adventure because there is nothing more to seek.

So can this earth become a Heaven? No, because subconsciously many aren’t ready for that in the physical. I know I am in the spiritual level when dead and gone, but not right now as me. I am sure many others can agree and perhaps this is why many choose NOT to believe in Heaven, Angels and God. Maybe deep down, they don’t want to stop the human cycle of adventure.

When humans stop wanting adventure and exploration maybe that’s when they are ready for Heaven’s bliss. I try to picture any action happening in Heaven, and can not. I truly don’t see wars, or issues arising in this state of being. All I see or feel is a state of pure awareness and bliss. No souls are fighting or arguing in Jannah/Heaven, because of a pure state of consciousness that they are in.

Wow..I can’t believe I admitted this. But while I am alive still, I LIKE the experience of drama. I love seeing good and evil play out and learning from it’s lessons. I love siding with the Good and Light side and most certainly don’t like seeing the suffering, but I know this is a byproduct of evil existing. If evil didn’t exist, this world would be completely different. It would be a total state of “non action” or perhaps the actions would take place in other ways?

Could adventure be had without having to battle evil always? I am not so sure, but it gives me something to ponder. Would we be really ready for Heaven in the physical? What do you think?

What are the alternatives to adventure without war or fighting against something?