The Secret to Bliss: An Empathic Perspective

I am not “fighting” the evil anymore. I am not wracking my brains  trying to get rid of the world’s sufferings, pain and evil deeds. I realized that they are going to happen regardless of my efforts. But a deeper realization hit me last night, while watching the “King’s Speech”movie.

It was not really a large detail of the movie, but it was enough to give me that sudden realization and elevation into my newer awareness. When the King was meeting with the private council of elite men to give a speech, I noticed on the bottom left hand side that the council was called the “Ascension Council”, and it hit me at that moment.

To those who are rich and powerful, their idea of soul ascension is to become King, or President, CEO of huge corporations, and even in charge of large militia, etc..

While it is not MY idea of soul ascension, it is very much the perspective of those in power. To become a king or govern over people is the pinnacle of human experience to them, and aides in their ascension. This fact made me realize that we are ALL just trying to achieve ascension. The Light and the Dark side are together racing towards this in their own different ways, but it is a race where everyone is a winner and nobody is left without a reward.

Where are they ascending to? It is hard to explain in human terms, so I will do it through my emotions as best. Ascension is the idea of reaching the peak of human achievement, both spiritually and physically, leading to emotional and subconscious bliss. This is the place of karmic cleansing where they can simply bask in their material rewards of this earth and perhaps in the next.

The reward of the Darker path to ascend is not as good as the Light Side, I will tell you that. Because ascension through the Dark path is by using others. Ascension of the Light path is using only the self and improving the strength of the soul.

Am I mad at these people for being rich and powerful, and thinking it is their ascension? No. I actually understand it, even though I don’t share their view. In a way, I forgive them. They may think creating wars, and using the masses to bring them to a higher state of social status, and wealth is their ticket to “heaven”.  It is only sad to me, not angering me anymore. Because I have not as much as them materially, but understand that the true ascension isn’t through social status, or wealth, or power.

So, now using this change of perspective on the rich and powerful in the world, I can also see the perspective of serial killers, gang members, drug peddlers, sex traffic ring leaders, etc. I think they are cowards for choosing the choices they made in this world, but I understand where it comes from: A need to survive, gain material wealth, feel important, release anger and repressed feelings, deal with pain, and many other reasons. I do not condone evil actions. I just know where they come from is a feeling of LACK somewhere in their life. They aren’t even aware of it and even maybe only subconsciously, otherwise they would go get help and stop hurting themselves and others. This is why I am a huge advocate of criminal rehabilitation  to give people time to make different choices to change and redeem themselves. I have always been a huge fan of redemption.

2:37 Then Adam received from his Lord [some] words, and He accepted his repentance. Indeed, it is He who is the Accepting of repentance, the Merciful.

Furthermore, what I realized is, if I can see any person’s actions and if I look deeply enough and know where they come from, I won’t fear them or hate them. I simply UNDERSTAND and can forgive even, if they are seeking forgiveness. This is where empathy can become a saving grace for mankind, if we all started to develop this in order to understand where each other came from. If we really took the time to understand WHERE the evil stems from in the world, we may be able to see another’s point of view, that leads to more peaceful living.

I don’t know…I am an idealist, and this is a dream. I am starting to see it could happen with a shift in consciousness taking place in the the human psyche, but I am not so sure if everyone WANTS to be an active participant in this journey in human ascension. Or if we all do, we all have different ideas of what ascension really is.

I am not even mad at the secret illuminati group any longer that is peddling their books and society by tempting people with wealth, and power. I get it. They believe they have reached the highest echelon of mankind by acquiring their position of power in the world.

I just take a moment in understanding and reflection, and remember what the Quran tells me:

99:7-8 So whoever does an atom‘s weight of good will see it, and whoever does an atom‘s weight of evil will see it.

I will not stop writing, talking about, thinking about what is going on in the world and the unfairness or atrocities against human life, but I am not going to fight it any longer through my  personal anger and resentment. I am moving passed this emotion and into a different perspective of things perhaps into my own personal ascension. Only God knows.

Another form of ascension may be being knighted through the ritual of acquiring  “Knighthood” by the king or queen.