Surah Al-Hijr (The Rock): Chapter 15 (line 1-10)

In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful.

1. Alif, Lam, Ra. These are the Verses of the Book; a Quran that makes things clear.

2. Perhaps those who disbelieve would like to become Muslims.

3. Leave them to eat, and enjoy, and be lulled by hope. They will find out.

4. We have never destroyed a town unless it had a set time.

5. No nation can bring its time forward, nor can they delay it.

6. And they said, “O you who received the message, you are insane.”

7. Why do you not bring us the angels, if you are truthful?”

8. We do not send the angels down except with reason, and they will not be held back.

9. Surely We revealed the Message, and We will surely preserve it.

10. We sent others before you, to the former communities.


My Interpretation: 

Alif, Lam, Ra are arabic letters that begin this Surah. In the English alphabet they mean “God” or close to the Hebrew words for “El God”. This is the most I have discovered about them. I believe they acted as a portal to Muhammad, in the mind, they seemed to have opened up the communication line for Gabriel to speak to Muhammad, sent by Allah.

Here Muhammad is told to understand that people will come to Islam in their own time and pace. Some disbelievers will actually come to Islam, and if they do not…then Muhammad is to leave them to enjoy their human activities and continue giving the messages to be lulled by hope inside.

Funny, because that is exactly what the Quran has done for me. It has given me great hope inside.

Muhammad is told that Allah and His Angels have never destroyed a nation through natural disasters, unless it was a set time to be destroyed. This is not because Allah is a destroyer or tyrant, it is because all life reaches a cycle of growth and maturation. And we learn in the Quran, that if a nation does not evolve or mature onto the path back towards Allah is then destroyed in order to bring about a new creation.

Interesting to think about is we know with energy, nothing is really destroyed by Einstein’s theory. So therefore, it may be safe to conclude that these nations are not destroyed but rather rebuilt and turned into a newer form.

Muhammad is being told that, Gabriel hears the people of his city call him insane for giving these revelations. But Muhammad is to know he is not insane at all. And what he is experiencing is the true reality.

Also the people seem to have been asking for Muhammad to show the Angels that have been messengers of God to prove their existence and God’s. But Muhammad is told to let them know that only Allah can decide when an Angel will intervene with humanity. And when they do, they will not be held back driven by the very forces of creation itself.

Muhammad is then told the secret about how after these messages are revealed, they find will make sure they are preserved so that they will last into the future as a guidance and warning for mankind.

Gabriel through the allowance of Allah, tells Muhammad that there has been other messengers and prophets before him, to the older civilizations.