Surah Al-Hijr (The Rock): Chapter 15 (line 30-40)

30. So the angels prostrated themselves, all together.

31. Except for Satan. He refused to be among those who prostrated themselves.

32. He said, “O Satan, what kept you from being among those who prostrated themselves?”

33. He said, “I am not about to prostrate myself before a human being, whom You created from clay, from molded mud.”

34. He said, “Then get out of here, for you are an outcast”.

35. “And the curse will be upon you until the Day of Judgment.”

36. He said, “My Lord, reprieve me until the Day they are resurrected.”

37. He said, “You are of those reprieved.”

38. “Until the Day of the time appointed.”

39. He said, “My Lord, since You have lured me away, I will glamorize for them on earth, and I will lure them all away.”

40. “Except for Your sincere servants among them.”

My Interpretation: 

Here Muhammad is told what happened that created chaos in the world. Iblis, as we learn in the Quran was a jinn that chose not to bow down in respect to Adam. Instead he saw Adam as a rival to him and mocked him to be made of the earth, while he was made of fire.

Allah saw this disrespect and took Iblis, now given the title of the Evil one, the Satan, out of the state of spiritual bliss and put onto earth, obviously in energy form, since Satan can tempt mankind in multiple ways throughout the ages.

Satan asked for mercy from Allah. Allah gave it to Satan till a time appointed. At the End Times, Satan will finally go to Hell, as was promised and all those who followed him instead of God, would follow.

The last line shows a hope for the humans who are able to discern fully between good and evil, and are not mislead or tempted away from God.

This part is something I do not think I will ever be able to wrap my head around fully. As a rational being, I understand the meaning and the warnings behind it. I also can see in this world today, the temptations from Satan, as he said he would tempt mankind.

Many people today laugh and mock others of belief, and truly have lost their abiltiy to sense any spiritual light at all. I am not sure what the End Times will be, but it seems as if Satan is only used as a servant to separate the good from the evil humans on earth.

And not only evil people, but arrogant ones to even believe that there could be no God or Intelligence behind this complex and fully orchestrated universe we are in. I wonder if the disbelievers know they have fell for Satan’s promise and trap to mankind, as the ultimate revenge against Allah.