Surah Al-Hijr (The Rock): Chapter 15 (line 40-50)

40. “Except for Your sincere servants among them.”

41. He said, “This is a right way with Me.”

42. “Over My servants you have no authority, except for the sinners who follow you.”

43. And Hell is the meeting-place for them all.

44. “It has seven doors; for each door is an assigned class.”

45. But the righteous will be in gardens with springs.

46. “Enter it in peace and security.”

47. And We will remove all ill-feelings from their hearts—brothers and sisters, on couches facing one another.

48. No fatigue will ever touch them therein, nor will they be asked to leave it.

49. Inform My servants that I am the Forgiver, the Merciful.

50. And that My punishment is the painful punishment.


My Interpretation: 

This is where Muhammad is told how Allah allowed Satan to exist only to tempt mankind through the “seven” doorways to Hell. I would say these are the seven sins, logically. Let’s look at these seven sins closely and see how they could be the gateway that leads a person into Hell:

Pride-The reason why Satan did not bow to Adam in respect, was for pride. Pride is something that often times, sneaks up on a person and it does not allow them to make the best choices in arguments and in life. When someone is prideful, they are closed off to the needs of others and simply are thinking about their own ego. Being prideful is something that is seen in great dictators and mass murderers in history. Hitler was prideful, thinking that his way to a better Germany was the only way. These moments of pride in our history is when we can find some of the greatest crimes committed against the human species. When there is pride, there is no room for empathy.

Envy-Envy is often times a dangerous emotion that creates a feeling of lack and depression in yourself, and then a hatred in another person. You look at the person you envy with malice in your heart. You want to harm them, and you want them to suffer, because you lack what they have, or perceive to lack what they have. Envy has caused crimes of passion in this world where many have died because of the inability to control their envy of someone. Thinking they lack something and another has it, can destroy your sense of self and appreciation for God.

Wrath-Wrath is an anger force that is out of control, and wishes to destroy without mercy in the heart. Wrath is born from a closed heart and mind about other people. Some of the biggest massacres in war and scheming have been created through wrath. We know from Charles Manson’s interviews that he got these women to kill for them, filling their heads with feelings of “wrath” towards others. Much crime and murder has been done through anger and revengeful spirits.

Gluttony-the overconsumption of anything on earth, in selfishness and not replenishment. We can see a gluttony occurring on earth in terms of paper products, constantly cutting down our trees and not replanting them. This is a form of gluttony. As well as the over indulgence of food of course, that leaves the body unhealthy and the food source scarce for others. This is a sin of imbalance.

Lust-The desire to obtain someone purely for sexual gratification. There is no love in this emotion. It is purely lust. I would wager to say this is why Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. There was no love in that city, only pure adulterated lust for pure beings such as Angels, showed that this civilization was hopeless in terms of changing. Lust can cause rape, and other forms of crimes of passions. Yes, rape is not normally about lusting over someone, but it is about objectivity of the person as a play toy or a thing to use and abuse. This is a loveless sin…that shows a devoid of love in a person’s heart.

Sloth-Laziness. This is a gateway to Hell because it is about being a lazy person when you can help someone or others out. Many of our fellow human beings would be considered full of sloth, as innocent people are dying in immoral wars, and not many people speak out about it or make a physical action to stop it. It can cause great inaction in the world, and this in turn, never allows the good people to act, leaving our world static and not moving forwards.

Greed-Taking of wealth in excessive way that leaves others without it. This is another form of overindulgence, but it deals specifically with our form of commerce that allows people to survive and live on this earth. When people are living in greed, while others are dying in need…this is a major sin.

If people can stay away from these dark temptations to do evil in the world, then they enter into a peaceful state in death. Muhammad is the bringer of both good news, and warner to those who will not listen and change their ways.

I would say, that nobody is perfect. I have even felt these temptations in my life. But to live and STAY in them is a different story. We must always be aware of when we see the “doorway” of these sins and choose to walk right out or not even open these doors. Repenting is key in keeping these doors shut forever and walking the other way…back onto the right path.