The List of Things I Would Love to See Before the World Ends.

  1. Me have a family with the man I love as well as mend relations with my father
  2. To see Israel and Palestine coexist
  3. To see America stop nation building around the world
  4. To see America become more green and recycle, on a nation wide scale
  5. To drive a flying car
  6. To live in a vertical green house
  7. To see food given to all the hungry through these vertical greenhouses with gardens on the roofs
  8. To watch mankind shift in awareness of one another and respect each other
  9. To see all mankind look towards the religious books in appreciation and wisdom
  10. To witness the first movement of things using only our mind
  11. To see us go back to farming animals naturally instead of factorization
  12. To see us start to clean up Guatemala’s water, and the India’s Gange’s water source
  13. To stop all nuclear threats, and disarm all bombs of all nations
  14. To end the military spending and only use military on our own soil in direct defense
  15. To see cancer cured and viruses not manufactured
  16. To replenish the trees and forests we have cut down
  17. I hope to see women take an important part in Islam now, and become leaders of muslim nations to bring intuition and empathy in 
  18. To see all kingships, and oligarchies turned into true democracy or intelligent councils

19. For humans to have more of an open relationship with the Angels who are watching over us

20. To stop using so much oil and gas resources, and revert to using the wind, sun, and ether to power our world. Also stop geo-engineering

21. The Green Party to become our next form of government system


What would you like to see? I hope this inspires you to make your own list!