Our Greatest Spiritual Decision.

the Apocalypse or the “Lifting of the Veil” in the Quran simply means learning the TRUTH of all things.

Quran 81:8-11

And when the girl [who was] buried alive is asked for what sin she was killed. And when the pages are made public, and the sky ripped away

THIS is the day of TRUTH, BEAUTY, JUSTICE, BALANCE of all events and things that have transpired on earth and possibly whole universe. THIS is the day when all things will be reflected back to each soul. Decide NOW do you want goodness reflected back to you, or do you want to see your evil, hate, racism, division, separation, corruption reflected back?

This is the day we see all things reflected back to us and all actions get an equal reaction earned.

This is our greatest spiritual decision. It does not matter what word you may label yourself with.

Allah is not a “being”.

I just had a follower write me telling me that Allah is a physical being. He also called me a Hadith rejector, so I can tell what his intentions are already…

Let me say right now, THIS is the limited thinking that has destroyed religion. If Allah is a physical being that created all the galaxies, and everything in the entire multiverse then my gosh we are all screwed.

I do say this very seriously because now we get into Descartes claim that if you believe in the WRONG physical God being, you can go to Hell. How unbelievably limited in thinking that Allah/God is inside of one particular box instead of an energy or consciousness that transcends all time and space.

Does this being have arms, legs, an actual color to the skin, a body? Does it fly or talk? Does it move around from galaxy to galaxy or just sit on a throne as this one man suggested.

How disturbingly limited of thinking this person has to say Allah is ONE kind of being. That means in his mind he is not thinking about the unity of all religions or spiritual people, because if you do not see Allah as a particular being (like he does) well then you are a “disbeliever” to him and don’t believe in the same God as he does, therefore you are wrong.

My interpretation or perspective of God is FAR more open and infinite than thinking Allah is a being. I believe Allah is the word for the energy that moves through all things, and brings consciousness to all things. And this energy can take infinite forms or remain static in the middle of an inky black darkness or a blinding room of white light. I have no specific form in my mind, therefore nobody is wrong or I judge others as not wrong in my mind.

As long as you move in flow with this energy, in union with the love, unity, morality, integrity, and truth that this consciousness or energy gives, I believe you are following the Light and this leads you back to the whole consciousness of Allah rather than remaining outside of it, which could be Hellish realms of consciousness of a soul experienced.

My head literally hurts right now to even think of Allah as a small “alien” God somewhere or a large one floating in space creating things with a magic wand or a hand. This thinking is contradictory to the Quran and flies in the face of the logical and scientific explanation of Allah being able to be EVERYWHERE above space and time, found in nature and all things.

The old pagan traditions and religions were to see gods and goddesses as specific beings, which as we know brought further divide and hardship to the people. When you see God as one physical being rather than ONE energy form, you put God in a box and therefore you put yourself in a box, that is hard to get out of, unless Allah guides you out of it.

May Allah guide us all to unity consciousness where we see each other as equal and in truth, which ultimately will bring peace.



Surah Al-Nahl (The Bee): Chapter 16 (line 1-10)

In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful.

1. The command of God has come, so do not rush it. Glory be to Him; exalted above what they associate.

2. He sends down the angels with the Spirit by His command, upon whom He wills of His servants: “Give warning that there is no god but Me, and fear Me.”

3. He created the heavens and the earth with justice. He is exalted above the associations they attribute.

4. He created the human being from a drop of fluid, yet he becomes an open adversary.

5. And the livestock—He created them for you. In them are warmth and benefits for you, and of them you eat.

6. And there is beauty in them for you, when you bring them home, and when you drive them to pasture.

7. And they carry your loads to territory you could not have reached without great hardship. Your Lord is Clement and Merciful.

8. And the horses, and the mules, and the donkeys—for you to ride, and for luxury. And He creates what you do not know.

9. It is for God to point out the paths, but some of them are flawed. Had He willed, He could have guided you all.

10. It is He Who sends down for you from the sky water. From it is drink, and with it grows vegetation for grazing.

My Interpretation: 

What important words this is for Muhammad to hear! How otherworldly of advice to give to him to teach him these wisdoms, but not to RUSH the people. In many churches, mosques, and other places of worship, the feeling of “rush” is apparent in some. As an empath, I feel this deeply and it is an overwhelming energy not connected to God at all, but is man made. God knows there is all the time in the world for the Divine Plans to unfold, and you know deep inside when you really take the time to stop and reflect on this nature of time.

So Muhammad is being told to not rush the people, and to allow doubt to linger, and to remain an outward example of one who worships ONE Creator, not many as the pagans in Mecca do at this point.

Line 4 is showing a bit of medical knowledge in what we know today. We know that humans come from sperm (drop of fluid) from the male. This sperm then meets an egg and that egg slowly develops in a thinking and breathing living being! And they say there is no God or intelligent designer who set the laws of Life to exist! That is just silly. And humans often in their doubt become an open adversary to God, and mock and insult those who have faith.

Look at the world we live in today!

And the livestock is there for benefit of mankind. I get the whole vegan/vegetarian movement, but something is not quite equal with farm animals. They should never be kept in cages or in a factory, that part of farming has become all wrong and is a mortal wound upon the farmer’s soul who is selling his farms to become factories. But cows, chickens, lambs, and other farm animals are not at the same level of emotional awareness as a dog or cat. A cow does not need you to play with them like a cat or a dog does. Please keep this in mind as the subject of food because unclear.

Animals have several purposes: to teach about natural beauty felt in the heart, to help sustain energy, and to teach humility and kindness in caring for another being seemingly more helpless. Some animals teach humans about danger even and to always be on their toes.

It is clear in the religious texts, including the Quran that there are some animals that have been created for the benefit of food and sustainability for larger (or more mentally complex) animals (us). It is the circle of Life. We should treat animals humanely and slaughter only in kosher/halal ways to alleviate pain and suffering and make a quick death, but  not live in self denial of their obvious uses on the farms and in the old ways of transportation.

Line 9 is a bit more interesting. While I do not believe Allah is creating “booby trapped” roads, there is this idea of Free Will, and within Free Will are for people to choose different spiritual and emotional paths back to God.

Some paths lead you astray because they lead you towards earthly temptations and entrapment in the physical world (gambling, alcohol addiction, sexual addiction with sexual magick, drug addiction to reach outta body experiences, co-dependency, anger addiction). There are so many ways that a person can get easily lost in this world. BUT I have found people of ALL different types of religious nature and spiritual alignment will find the Straight Path if their endeavors are sincere.

This Straight Path is not a particular religion, it is a way of life to be described as “Islam” to the Arabs at this time. The Straight Path can be, but not limited to:

~love for the Divine and the Angels, and respect of their messages passed down to us

~connection to all beings and things, even if they are on a different level of awareness of God

~helpful nature, not hindering to others

~energized to use gifts or abilities to help in a positive way in the world

~a balance of both human enjoyments and spiritual ones in order to produce both gratitude and humility. The Ascetic way is NOT the Path.

~A path that is paved through seeking and wisdom, and educating oneself

~the equal treatment of all people on a spiritual level (a king is no better than a slave)

~unity focus or drive to help unite people together not divide them with malice in the heart

These are just a few examples of the ways one can walk the path back to God. Like I said, God will lead those astray will choose to lead themselves a stray, and will uncover the ground you walk on more clearly as you make that definite choice to walk the path of being a submitter to God-a muslim.


Surah Al-Hijr (The Rock): Chapter 15 (line 90-99)

90. Just as We sent down to the separatists.

91. Those who made the Quran obsolete.

92. By your Lord, we will question them all.

93. About what they used to do.

94. So proclaim openly what you are commanded, and turn away from the polytheists.

95. We are enough for you against the mockers.

96. Those who set up another god with God. They will come to know.

97. We are aware that your heart is strained by what they say.

98. So glorify the praise of your Lord, and be among those who bow down.

99. And worship your Lord in order to attain certainty.

My Interpretation: 

The major takeaway from this is the idea that Muhammad is being prepared for a battle of the mind, he has never encountered yet. There were those given the Quran revelations before Muhammad, in another nation, but the messages were twisted and manipulated to be written with a subjective intention instead of taken for their natural source of information.

Muhammad will be going up against the Pagans who have worshipped hundreds of different gods for thousands of years. He is told to not fear this task and to know that the Angels and Allah are behind him as he puts forth effort to spread the messages.

Gabriel is telling Muhammad that the Angels of Allah understand how Muhammad is under a lot of stress to overtake such a duty or burden on his shoulders and try to change the Arab world, but he is on the right path and has Divine support.

Do you notice that as seekers of God? Do you notice that when you set out to help spread the messages, with TRUE intention to not hurt, judge, or create division, you are somehow supported to do so? Notice that next time you set your heart on a spiritual mission and duty.


Surah Al-Hijr (The Rock): Chapter 15 (line 80-90)

80. The people of the Rock also rejected the messengers.

81. We gave them Our revelations, but they turned away from them.

82. They used to carve homes in the mountains, feeling secure.

83. But the Blast struck them in the morning.

84. All they had acquired was of no avail to them.

85. We did not create the heavens and the earth, and what lies between them, except with truth. The Hour is coming, so forgive with gracious forgiveness.

86. Your Lord is the All-Knowing Creator.

87. We have given you seven of the pairs, and the Grand Quran.

88. Do not extend your eyes towards what We have bestowed on some couples of them to enjoy, and do not grieve over them, and lower your wing to the believers.

89. And say, “I am the clear warner.”

90. Just as We sent down to the separatists.


My Interpretation:

The People of the Rock are a group of ancient people that lived in the mountainous regions of the world. They were also given the same messages or similar to the ones Muhammad receives, but they did not follow them. In this way, I could interpret this as having no lawful structure to their society, living immorally with one another through the cardinal sins, and possibly worshipping entities that separated them from the WHOLE of Allah.

They were destroyed through natural disaster that demolished their cities they carved out of stone. In today’s world, we still can see evidence of this being true of ancient peoples that one time lived in the mountains that are no longer here.

Gabriel then switches to focus on Muhammad to tell how Allah created all of the heavens, and earth and everything in between, out of Truth and total justice or balance in the universe. I see this as meaning that IF a species outlives its purpose to evolve in the right way, the moral way, it is then found “useless” or a “hinderance” to the universe, and is destroyed so that a new creation can come in its place. Everything is with purpose, everything is Fair and Just.

There is need for Muhammad to know that the Hour of Judgement will soon be on him one day, so to show forgiveness towards others and mercy in his heart for those innocent and not knowing these messages till now.

Line 87 talks about how 7 important things were given to Muhammad, plus the Quran revelations. This could be 7 important verses or prayers. It could be spiritual knowledge about seven different key elements in Life. There are 7 chakras, it could be the 7 tools to unlock each consciousness part of the self.  Seven is a powerful number that appears a lot in the Quran along in other religious texts, such as the Bible today.

Muhammad is told to not take heed about the others who did not listen to the wisdom shared, and to give solace and be a comforter of those who believe and affirm to the people of his nation that he is a clear warner. He is only repeating the same messages that came down to the people before him, that are considered “separatists”  because they have separated God into many little ones in their minds. As well as separating themselves in classes from one another, i.e the elite class treating the lower class cruelly.



The Muslim Awakening: Calling all Indigos

Only those truly knowledgable about Islam will understand this awakening that is going on around the world is connected to the words found in the Quran.

Archangel Gabriel told of a time when Allah would unveil the truth, and the real world would be revealed. The Indigo consciousness or chakra represents Intuition “sensing the truth beyond physical perception”. On one level, I believe this is happening NOW. I used to think it could only happen in death, but if you are paying attention you will see that humans have accelerated in thought extremely fast as of late.

Though the TRUTH is not something hidden from humans, it is already something natural and deep within.


And believe in that which I reveal, confirming that which ye possess already, and be not first to disbelieve therein, and part not with My revelations for a trifling price, and keep your duty unto Me.

The way to discover what the Quran really means is by walking up the ladder of consciousness.

I can tell you, when I read about the kingships chopping off heads and making alcohol illegal in muslim countries, not allowing women to drive and other foolishness, I was born into the consciousness state that allowed me to see the clear wrongs in these decisions. These actions are empty, and void of alignment with Allah. The men who created these laws may think they are doing Good Will, but every spiritual teacher will agree today that they have no basis in spirituality and interfere with another soul’s will. You know who also wished to interfere with Adam’s will? Satan.

Allah is the natural Law governing this universe, He is the Creative energy behind all the waves and vibrations set in motion to tell the story of mankind and watch it unfold. Angels are the piece of the evolutionary puzzle helping humans awaken when they become “stuck” in a cycle of ignorance, or trapped in this physical “dunya”. The Angels are giving messages all the time, are you listening?

What is going to start happening and already is, is the older generation of Muslims that have stayed asleep for SO long, will be dying out due to natural time on earth. We are going through a rebirth in Islam, and it is the young generations that have the all the power given to them now to rejoin the “ummah” together again, end the sects either physically or mentally, and bring Islam in to people’s reality as peaceful and devotional living towards Oneness. Uniting in mind and spirit, not conforming through laws and force as the NWO plans.

The New Muslims will be the ones to foster in the unity with their brothers and sisters from different languages, nations and cultures, as well as different religions. I am one of them and I am not alone.

The unification process is happening in EVERY subject of the human mind, and there are happy workers within each. Science is being united with religion by fields and studies of unseen, but detectable energy. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and all other world religions, are being connected together by spiritually awakened men and women, like the Dalia Lama, and Desmond Tutu, and happily although I am not famous….I am one of them working in this way. Math is being connected to God, with sacred geometry and learning about formulations found in the universe and world we live in. The list can go on and on. Whether people like it or not, the unification process is upon our doorstep.

Some may see this as a negative thing, but that is because they are living their life from a myopic view of one book, and not a very intelligent comprehension of that one book either! Their priest, imam, or rabbi must have taught them wrongly, and to somehow interpret the words “wrong way or mislead” for other religions started by the same God.

The world is awakening to the idea of what the Quran spoke about as the Last book to mankind:


And for every nation is a messenger. So when their messenger comes, it will be judged between them in justice, and they will not be wronged.
Guess what the WRONG path is who did not follow these messages given to other nations?
The path of:
So as you see with these “sins”, these qualities are NEVER found in one religion different from yours…they are found in individuals who have chosen to close their hearts and minds to the Signs from Allah.
We are the Indigo children, born with the Intuitive Third Eye chakra already opened in this life, and slowly ascending further up the ladder of consciousness and towards bliss with Allah and his Angels. We are the Indigo Muslims who will bring Islam back to its more subtle and beautiful esoteric meanings. We are the Indigo Muslims, the swift answer back to terrorism and war. We will spread only Love and Light wherever we walk.
All Indigo Muslims arise and take up your duty to spread the Good will towards men and women. Arise. Welcome 2017 😉

The OA: How It Connects All Religions.

I just finished the most amazing Netflix series called the OA. You can say it affirmed my belief we are entering into a new paradigm shift or have been in one now, for those who are aware of it. While watching it, I realized that it had several religious components all in one series:

Christianity: Had one of the characters sacrificed for the others, kept in the cage to try to escape, and he was laying down in a way Jesus was said to lie down on the cross with his hands and feet placed in the way of the crucifixion.

Judaism & Islam: In Judaism it is said to have a well of souls that is used to give birth to souls and then they come to earth. When the well has no more souls, that is when the Last Day for mankind is. When the OA comes back to the Well of souls, she is then in a space that is filled of galaxies greeted by an Angel who speaks Arabic. We see this as galaxies to denote that Allah is known as Lord of the Worlds, so there are multi universes, and we also see an Angel speaking Arabic, named Khatun, which is Turkish meaning “noble woman”.

Buddhism: The premise of having compassion for all beings, even the evil ones is where the dance comes from. The movements are showing a move towards compassion towards those who are asleep spiritually and do evil to others. Buddhist believe that peace towards others, is the act of being water putting out the fire.

And then there are a few nods to other ancient spiritual paths,  the Slavic god of the Underworld is the wolf that appears on the hoodies of the two angels, and even the religious rites of the ancient people which is why the dance is very tribal like and early human like.

This show brings all paths together under a very important premise: We all can choose to be angels in the moments needed, specifically when we need to save someone we see in pain or about to do evil. She is the OA “Original Angel”, but she is not the only one. She travels to dimension after dimension opening hearts and minds, to show the angelic selfless nature that they too can possess. They become copies of her, as she is the original, she turns them into angels that then do heroic deeds and stop great evil from happening.

In Islam, the moral integrity is high. Allah expects much out of humans, enough goodness where a person is full of pure intentions towards others. This is the only way that the gates of Heaven open up for a soul and the angels welcome them. It does not matter how many mistakes you make and ask for forgiveness, you just have to be awakened and conscious as a person to always have the best intentions carried in your heart for others. Allah will SEE that.

We see this through the different characters. Steve is a troubled teen that is violent and lashes out angrily in the world when he feels rejected or hurt. And the OA teaches the audience, Steve’s teacher and Steve, that all he needed was for someone to believe in his “invisible self”. His inner goodness is his invisible self, his true nature that gets hurt and hurts back in defense. His visible self is what he chooses to show the world. This very much is a subject of Ego vs. the Authentic Soul.

I loved this show, because I am someone who believes as a muslim, since we all come ONE source of Creation, we are all parts of this creation and are connected in ways we can not see. I also believe that love, beauty, and truth will always defeat the evil in the world. The dance opened not only higher dimensions, but it was used to open up hearts and minds fostering higher dimension of thought. Watch the terrorist’s eyes at the end, how mesmerized he is by the beauty of the selfless act of this dance.

I studied this amazing last scene and figured out the dance is five steps to a new dimension as a group because each move is a stage of awareness that we as a people need to have in order to stop any evil in the world and move forwards:

1st move: There is evil, I see your evil…I attack or defend back.

2nd move: There is evil in you because of your pain.

3rd move: I am aware of your pain, I feel it too. Let me help. Let me take it away.

4th move: I am aware of my strength to protect others as well as you and I will as an Angel.

5th move. I send forth love and light to bring free your chains of darkness, open your heart and mind to stop the evil, and open a new path of opportunity for joy to you. I SEE you.

Sounds like these steps can take earth into a new paradigm of peace and understanding as the Quran was constantly trying to usher into humanity. But the interpretations became messed up and ego got in the way, instead of authentic souls trying to bring people together.

The message of this show is:

Even though we are individual souls on a journey, we are all in this world together. When we open our hearts and minds to one another, we remember this and our “wings” of joy can carry us into higher life experiences together. We then create peace, not war, which is more authentic to who we are. Which is what all religions and the Angels have tried to guide us towards. 

The last scene sent chills of splendor and happiness down my spine. If you like pure spiritual beauty and experiencing it, I highly recommend this show.



Surah Al-Hijr (The Rock): Chapter 15 (line 70-80)

70. They said, “Did we not forbid you from strangers?”

71. He said, “These are my daughters, if you must.”

72. By your life, they were blundering in their drunkenness.

73. So the Blast struck them at sunrise.

74. And We turned it upside down, and rained down upon them stones of baked clay.

75. Surely in that are lessons for those who read signs.

76. And it is on an existing road.

77. Surely in that is a sign for the believers.

78. The people of the Woods were also wrongdoers.

79. So We took revenge upon them. Both are clearly documented.

80. The people of the Rock also rejected the messengers.


My Interpretation: 

Muhammad is being told how Lot pleaded with the people of Lot to leave these “strangers” alone, and marry his daughters instead. But these men were so far gone in their drunkenness and lust, that they were so far from any self redemption of their actions.

They were all destroyed by sunrise. Their cities were destroyed by an asteroid rainfall of burning rocks from the sky. There is science involved in this description of what happened. As the stones entered the earth’s atmosphere, they turned into fireballs of stones that destroyed their town and reduced it to rumble and ash.

There is a lesson in all of this to Muhammad and his nation of people, and this is why these stories of old events are being recounted to him. They are lessons, not entertainment or folklore. They are powerful messages to explain, how when civilizations of people become so corrupted and worthless to creation, they are destroyed. People of the Wood, Rock, and other parts of ancient civilizations have all met their end eventually after they rejected the Signs of God given to them.

Surah Al-Hijr (The Rock): Chapter 15 (line 60-70)

60. “Except for his wife.” We have determined that she will be of those who lag behind.

61. And when the envoys came to the family of Lot.

62. He said, “You are a people unknown to me.”

63. They said, “We bring you what they have doubts about.”

64. “We bring you the truth, and we are truthful.”

65. “Travel with your family at the dead of the night, and follow up behind them, and let none of you look back, and proceed as commanded.”

66. And We informed him of Our decree: the last remnant of these will be uprooted by early morning.

67. And the people of the town came joyfully.

68. He said, “These are my guests, so do not embarrass me.”

69. “And fear God, and do not disgrace me.”

70. They said, “Did we not forbid you from strangers?”


My Interpretation:

Line 60 is what the Angels’s told Abraham at the time. And then Muhammad is shown what actually happened when the Angels came to Lot and his family. Interesting to see the word “envoy” in this line, which means a “minster of a government system”. I would agree with this idea of translation to english from Arabic. To me, Angels are minsters of this divine order that exists in the universe, and they are here to help keep the order and life moving forwards. So this makes perfect sense to me on a deep spiritual level.

Here Muhammad is shown the events that took place. The Angels appeared to Lot and his family, and told them they would destroy this town and they needed to move out of the city at night time before the destruction would take place in the early morning.

When the people of Lot saw these Angels that were in the form of human beings, they desired them and showed just how full of lust and greed they have become. Line 70 shows Muhammad a glimpse of just how selfish these people have become. They literally viewed these strangers as objects to possess and they unrighteously justified their actions with the idea that strangers to their towns were “fair game” for them to do what they wanted.