Surah Al-Hijr (The Rock): Chapter 15 (line 60-70)

60. “Except for his wife.” We have determined that she will be of those who lag behind.

61. And when the envoys came to the family of Lot.

62. He said, “You are a people unknown to me.”

63. They said, “We bring you what they have doubts about.”

64. “We bring you the truth, and we are truthful.”

65. “Travel with your family at the dead of the night, and follow up behind them, and let none of you look back, and proceed as commanded.”

66. And We informed him of Our decree: the last remnant of these will be uprooted by early morning.

67. And the people of the town came joyfully.

68. He said, “These are my guests, so do not embarrass me.”

69. “And fear God, and do not disgrace me.”

70. They said, “Did we not forbid you from strangers?”


My Interpretation:

Line 60 is what the Angels’s told Abraham at the time. And then Muhammad is shown what actually happened when the Angels came to Lot and his family. Interesting to see the word “envoy” in this line, which means a “minster of a government system”. I would agree with this idea of translation to english from Arabic. To me, Angels are minsters of this divine order that exists in the universe, and they are here to help keep the order and life moving forwards. So this makes perfect sense to me on a deep spiritual level.

Here Muhammad is shown the events that took place. The Angels appeared to Lot and his family, and told them they would destroy this town and they needed to move out of the city at night time before the destruction would take place in the early morning.

When the people of Lot saw these Angels that were in the form of human beings, they desired them and showed just how full of lust and greed they have become. Line 70 shows Muhammad a glimpse of just how selfish these people have become. They literally viewed these strangers as objects to possess and they unrighteously justified their actions with the idea that strangers to their towns were “fair game” for them to do what they wanted.