Surah Al-Hijr (The Rock): Chapter 15 (line 80-90)

80. The people of the Rock also rejected the messengers.

81. We gave them Our revelations, but they turned away from them.

82. They used to carve homes in the mountains, feeling secure.

83. But the Blast struck them in the morning.

84. All they had acquired was of no avail to them.

85. We did not create the heavens and the earth, and what lies between them, except with truth. The Hour is coming, so forgive with gracious forgiveness.

86. Your Lord is the All-Knowing Creator.

87. We have given you seven of the pairs, and the Grand Quran.

88. Do not extend your eyes towards what We have bestowed on some couples of them to enjoy, and do not grieve over them, and lower your wing to the believers.

89. And say, “I am the clear warner.”

90. Just as We sent down to the separatists.


My Interpretation:

The People of the Rock are a group of ancient people that lived in the mountainous regions of the world. They were also given the same messages or similar to the ones Muhammad receives, but they did not follow them. In this way, I could interpret this as having no lawful structure to their society, living immorally with one another through the cardinal sins, and possibly worshipping entities that separated them from the WHOLE of Allah.

They were destroyed through natural disaster that demolished their cities they carved out of stone. In today’s world, we still can see evidence of this being true of ancient peoples that one time lived in the mountains that are no longer here.

Gabriel then switches to focus on Muhammad to tell how Allah created all of the heavens, and earth and everything in between, out of Truth and total justice or balance in the universe. I see this as meaning that IF a species outlives its purpose to evolve in the right way, the moral way, it is then found “useless” or a “hinderance” to the universe, and is destroyed so that a new creation can come in its place. Everything is with purpose, everything is Fair and Just.

There is need for Muhammad to know that the Hour of Judgement will soon be on him one day, so to show forgiveness towards others and mercy in his heart for those innocent and not knowing these messages till now.

Line 87 talks about how 7 important things were given to Muhammad, plus the Quran revelations. This could be 7 important verses or prayers. It could be spiritual knowledge about seven different key elements in Life. There are 7 chakras, it could be the 7 tools to unlock each consciousness part of the self.  Seven is a powerful number that appears a lot in the Quran along in other religious texts, such as the Bible today.

Muhammad is told to not take heed about the others who did not listen to the wisdom shared, and to give solace and be a comforter of those who believe and affirm to the people of his nation that he is a clear warner. He is only repeating the same messages that came down to the people before him, that are considered “separatists”  because they have separated God into many little ones in their minds. As well as separating themselves in classes from one another, i.e the elite class treating the lower class cruelly.