The Muslim Awakening: Calling all Indigos

Only those truly knowledgable about Islam will understand this awakening that is going on around the world is connected to the words found in the Quran.

Archangel Gabriel told of a time when Allah would unveil the truth, and the real world would be revealed. The Indigo consciousness or chakra represents Intuition “sensing the truth beyond physical perception”. On one level, I believe this is happening NOW. I used to think it could only happen in death, but if you are paying attention you will see that humans have accelerated in thought extremely fast as of late.

Though the TRUTH is not something hidden from humans, it is already something natural and deep within.


And believe in that which I reveal, confirming that which ye possess already, and be not first to disbelieve therein, and part not with My revelations for a trifling price, and keep your duty unto Me.

The way to discover what the Quran really means is by walking up the ladder of consciousness.

I can tell you, when I read about the kingships chopping off heads and making alcohol illegal in muslim countries, not allowing women to drive and other foolishness, I was born into the consciousness state that allowed me to see the clear wrongs in these decisions. These actions are empty, and void of alignment with Allah. The men who created these laws may think they are doing Good Will, but every spiritual teacher will agree today that they have no basis in spirituality and interfere with another soul’s will. You know who also wished to interfere with Adam’s will? Satan.

Allah is the natural Law governing this universe, He is the Creative energy behind all the waves and vibrations set in motion to tell the story of mankind and watch it unfold. Angels are the piece of the evolutionary puzzle helping humans awaken when they become “stuck” in a cycle of ignorance, or trapped in this physical “dunya”. The Angels are giving messages all the time, are you listening?

What is going to start happening and already is, is the older generation of Muslims that have stayed asleep for SO long, will be dying out due to natural time on earth. We are going through a rebirth in Islam, and it is the young generations that have the all the power given to them now to rejoin the “ummah” together again, end the sects either physically or mentally, and bring Islam in to people’s reality as peaceful and devotional living towards Oneness. Uniting in mind and spirit, not conforming through laws and force as the NWO plans.

The New Muslims will be the ones to foster in the unity with their brothers and sisters from different languages, nations and cultures, as well as different religions. I am one of them and I am not alone.

The unification process is happening in EVERY subject of the human mind, and there are happy workers within each. Science is being united with religion by fields and studies of unseen, but detectable energy. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and all other world religions, are being connected together by spiritually awakened men and women, like the Dalia Lama, and Desmond Tutu, and happily although I am not famous….I am one of them working in this way. Math is being connected to God, with sacred geometry and learning about formulations found in the universe and world we live in. The list can go on and on. Whether people like it or not, the unification process is upon our doorstep.

Some may see this as a negative thing, but that is because they are living their life from a myopic view of one book, and not a very intelligent comprehension of that one book either! Their priest, imam, or rabbi must have taught them wrongly, and to somehow interpret the words “wrong way or mislead” for other religions started by the same God.

The world is awakening to the idea of what the Quran spoke about as the Last book to mankind:


And for every nation is a messenger. So when their messenger comes, it will be judged between them in justice, and they will not be wronged.
Guess what the WRONG path is who did not follow these messages given to other nations?
The path of:
So as you see with these “sins”, these qualities are NEVER found in one religion different from yours…they are found in individuals who have chosen to close their hearts and minds to the Signs from Allah.
We are the Indigo children, born with the Intuitive Third Eye chakra already opened in this life, and slowly ascending further up the ladder of consciousness and towards bliss with Allah and his Angels. We are the Indigo Muslims who will bring Islam back to its more subtle and beautiful esoteric meanings. We are the Indigo Muslims, the swift answer back to terrorism and war. We will spread only Love and Light wherever we walk.
All Indigo Muslims arise and take up your duty to spread the Good will towards men and women. Arise. Welcome 2017 😉