Allah is not a “being”.

I just had a follower write me telling me that Allah is a physical being. He also called me a Hadith rejector, so I can tell what his intentions are already…

Let me say right now, THIS is the limited thinking that has destroyed religion. If Allah is a physical being that created all the galaxies, and everything in the entire multiverse then my gosh we are all screwed.

I do say this very seriously because now we get into Descartes claim that if you believe in the WRONG physical God being, you can go to Hell. How unbelievably limited in thinking that Allah/God is inside of one particular box instead of an energy or consciousness that transcends all time and space.

Does this being have arms, legs, an actual color to the skin, a body? Does it fly or talk? Does it move around from galaxy to galaxy or just sit on a throne as this one man suggested.

How disturbingly limited of thinking this person has to say Allah is ONE kind of being. That means in his mind he is not thinking about the unity of all religions or spiritual people, because if you do not see Allah as a particular being (like he does) well then you are a “disbeliever” to him and don’t believe in the same God as he does, therefore you are wrong.

My interpretation or perspective of God is FAR more open and infinite than thinking Allah is a being. I believe Allah is the word for the energy that moves through all things, and brings consciousness to all things. And this energy can take infinite forms or remain static in the middle of an inky black darkness or a blinding room of white light. I have no specific form in my mind, therefore nobody is wrong or I judge others as not wrong in my mind.

As long as you move in flow with this energy, in union with the love, unity, morality, integrity, and truth that this consciousness or energy gives, I believe you are following the Light and this leads you back to the whole consciousness of Allah rather than remaining outside of it, which could be Hellish realms of consciousness of a soul experienced.

My head literally hurts right now to even think of Allah as a small “alien” God somewhere or a large one floating in space creating things with a magic wand or a hand. This thinking is contradictory to the Quran and flies in the face of the logical and scientific explanation of Allah being able to be EVERYWHERE above space and time, found in nature and all things.

The old pagan traditions and religions were to see gods and goddesses as specific beings, which as we know brought further divide and hardship to the people. When you see God as one physical being rather than ONE energy form, you put God in a box and therefore you put yourself in a box, that is hard to get out of, unless Allah guides you out of it.

May Allah guide us all to unity consciousness where we see each other as equal and in truth, which ultimately will bring peace.