Our Greatest Spiritual Decision.

the Apocalypse or the “Lifting of the Veil” in the Quran simply means learning the TRUTH of all things.

Quran 81:8-11

And when the girl [who was] buried alive is asked for what sin she was killed. And when the pages are made public, and the sky ripped away

THIS is the day of TRUTH, BEAUTY, JUSTICE, BALANCE of all events and things that have transpired on earth and possibly whole universe. THIS is the day when all things will be reflected back to each soul. Decide NOW do you want goodness reflected back to you, or do you want to see your evil, hate, racism, division, separation, corruption reflected back?

This is the day we see all things reflected back to us and all actions get an equal reaction earned.

This is our greatest spiritual decision. It does not matter what word you may label yourself with.