Surah Al-Nahl (The Bee): Chapter 16 (line 110-120)

110. But then your Lord—for those who emigrated after being persecuted, then struggled and persevered—your Lord thereafter is Forgiving and Merciful.

111. On the Day when every soul will come pleading for itself, and every soul will be paid in full for what it has done, and they will not be wronged.

112. And God cites the example of a town that was secure and peaceful, with its livelihood coming to it abundantly from every direction. But then it turned unappreciative of God’s blessings, so God made it taste the robe of hunger and fear, because of what they used to craft.

113. A messenger from among them had come to them, but they denounced him, so the punishment seized them in the midst of their wrongdoing.

114. Eat of the lawful and good things God has provided for you, and be thankful for God’s blessings, if it is Him that you serve.

115. He has forbidden you carrion, and blood, and the flesh of swine, and anything consecrated to other than God. But if anyone is compelled by necessity, without being deliberate or malicious, then God is Forgiving and Merciful.

116. And do not say of falsehood asserted by your tongues, “This is lawful, and this is unlawful,” in order to invent lies and attribute them to God. Those who invent lies and attribute them to God will not succeed.

117. A brief enjoyment—then they will have a painful punishment.

118. For those who are Jews, We have prohibited what We related to you before. We did not wrong them, but they used to wrong their own selves.

119. But towards those who do wrongs in ignorance, and then repent afterwards and reform, your Lord thereafter is Forgiving and Merciful.

120. Abraham was an exemplary leader, devoted to God, a monotheist, and was not of the polytheists.

My Interpretation: 

Divine Archangel Gabriel is trying to tell Muhammad that the innocent people who have humbled themselves to believing will be saved from this life of hardship, when they leave here, they will have no memories of their pain and being oppressed but only bliss in Heaven.

Line 111 is telling of the Last Day of Mankind that will reflect back ALL that each soul has done. This will create a natural law of consequences of actions. So anyone who truly wants to see Heaven, needs to clear their karma, and truly be a kind person to never leave anything unsaid, or undone that could have uplifted another soul. When you give bliss, you will see that bliss back to you, and that will be your Heaven you live in when you die.

112 is a story about a civilization that used to live harmoniously with God, and nature, but then overtime the people became ungrateful and started to fall to immorality. So God sent down hardship on the people so that they will be able to know by comparison what they used to have and to humble themselves. So they received a famine and other events to bring fear to them because of the things they used to evoke-possibly they started to human sacrifice or kill unjustly others within the community.

A messenger came to these people with the warnings and guidance to get back on track, but they denounced him as a liar, crazy or did not pay him any heed. So the people suffered more in their darkness of arrogance and unwillingness to be guided.

Next in Line 114, describes how humans may eat everything except for dead things, blood, the flesh of swine and anything killed or sacrificed to a smaller god or goddess. There are valid scientific reasons for each of these prohibitions that anyone can look up. Blood drinking for a human, can cause major sickness. Eating something dead will cause you to contract disease and be fatal. Eating pig is not healthy, and has scientific consequences because of the fat, and the eating habits of the pigs-they are cannibals and carnivores. We should never eat other carnivores or we are ingesting disease into our bodies, since that is basically indirectly ingesting other dead meat into our system. The only animals humans should eat are those who are herbivores. So we do not indirectly ingest other forms of meat into our system. Everything is connected. Pigs would eat humans if given the chance, and they have before-some old farmers have died at the hands of pigs when they fell into the pig pens. Be careful with pig meat, only in moderation if you have to eat it.

Perhaps the other god and goddess energy spoken over a killed animal is not good to ingest into the human soul? It somehow can make a person be swayed to believe in these deities that people worshiped instead of the ONE TRUE SOURCE of nature, space, and beyond.

Line 118, because of the broken commandments of many of the Jews before in the past that were to follow Moses’s tablets, some privileges were taken away from them. Since some of them (especially the Elders)  showed ungratefulness in the saving of their people from the bonds of slavery. But here we see that the Jews have a chance once again with the revelations from Muhammad to repent and to become brothers under the same God with the muslims, that Moses had visions from in the past.

God leads us to equality, truth, righteousness, love, brotherhood and sisterhood, fairness, and respect, and humility. Anything else opposite of these traits in humans has not been invoked by God and His Angels, but instead by the darker corners of the human ego-where Satan whispers.