Surah Al-Nahl (The Bee): Chapter 16 (line 80-90)

80. And God has given you in your homes habitats for you, and has provided for you out of the hides of livestock portable homes for you, so you can use them when you travel, and when you camp; and from their wool, and fur, and hair, furnishings and comfort for a while.

81. And God has made for you shade out of what He has created, and has given you resorts in the mountains, and has given you garments to protect you from the heat, and garments to protect you from your violence. Thus He completes His blessings upon you, so that you may submit.

82. But if they turn away, your only duty is clear communication.

83. They recognize God’s blessing, but then deny it, as most of them are ungrateful.

84. On the Day when We raise up a witness from every community—those who disbelieved will not be permitted, nor will they be excused.

85. When those who did wrong see the punishment, it will not be lightened for them, nor will they be reprieved.

86. And when the idolaters see their associates, they will say, “Our Lord, these are our associates whom we used to invoke besides You.” They will strike back at them with the saying, “Surely you are liars.”

87. On that Day they will offer their submission to God, and what they had invented will abandon them.

88. Those who disbelieve and obstruct from God’s path—We will add punishment to their punishment, on account of the mischief they used to make.

89. On the Day when We raise in every community a witness against them, from among them, and bring you as a witness against these. We have revealed to you the Book, as an explanation of all things, and guidance, and mercy and good news for those who submit.

90. God commands justice, and goodness, and generosity towards relatives. And He forbids immorality, and injustice, and oppression. He advises you, so that you may take heed.

My Interpretation: 

Gabriel is communicating to Muhammad about Allah/ God’s ability to provide for the human species. Some are grateful for the shelter, clothing, food, etc., but many are not. Muhammad’s only duty is to clearly communicate these messages and leave them alone if they turn away. The people were in denial of the Signs from God back then and will be today.

It is said here that on the Last Judgement Day, a messenger from every community will be raised to become a witness and those who believed will be saved because they were not arrogant nor ungrateful as others.

Line 86 is a very interesting moment when ALL images and visions from the collective mind of the people will be made to appear in front of them. So the gods and goddesses that people are evoking and praying to will be shown to be CREATIONS of Allah, or creations of mankind, but they will not exist as gods or creators and the truth will be shown to the people, that is was only ONE Creator. Also there is this idea that IF these deities are aliens or other creation, they will say that people were lying about them putting themselves as gods of humans.

On the Last Day of mankind, all gods, goddesses and deities imagined will abandon the ones who worshiped them in error.

Line 88 is for those who were disbelievers, but ALSO oppressed others to believe in ONE God. Those leaders of the people who swayed people from a One God source will be punished double.

Muhammad is being told that every messenger has been chosen in every community or nation to be a witness among the people and to know the people enough to understand who is against God and who is a follower of the messengers.

God only inspires us to live a good and righteous life, while forbidding injustice and immorality creating more evil in the world.

This is is proof that we come from a Good Source…there is no evil in God. There is no darkness if God. The evil and darkness only exist as shadows of what the Light is not.