Becoming a Hermit for God.

I can finally say that at age 35, I do not have any close friends. My only friend is God. I am at peace with this. I know that I am experiencing life on a different level. I am truly happy with being on my own, and having my inner life.

I will always be there for my friends, and family if they need me. I will try so hard to be there for them if they ask for my help, but I am truly detached from this world now. I don’t know when it happened, but my need for outside friendship with a few, has been replaced with feeling a deeper inner connection to all things in the universe.

Given the opportunity to go out and enjoy time with friends, I usually will, but I do not seek for these experiences. I stay at home with my husband or I go out and venture in nature and the world, but I really truly love to be on my own to THINK and reflect on ways to help the world. I understand where Muhammad’s head was at when he went into the cave. He stepped away from society, like I have. I understand why Jesus seemed to love everyone and yet have no other friends than God. I understand why Buddha sat alone for 40 days not missing anyone else, because he had his inner peace.

At Violet Chakra consciousness…you will feel this too. I don’t know what would happen to all of mankind if everyone reached this place of extreme introversion. I don’t suggest it for all people, but I wanted to let you know that this type of experience can exist and you are not alone if you are a hermit who loves to be on their own and think of ways to help the world. And then emerges back into the world from time to time, to help others when you see the need to. You may feel physically alone and enjoy it, but you are not alone energetically or spiritually by any means.