We Are All Wonder Woman: Let’s Do This.

I was so thrilled about this Wonder Woman movie…I need to blog about this..
INCREDIBLE script..I am not sure if it follows the Comic books, but WOW.
For writers to create an Ultra feminine superhero, that sweetly smiles and gushes for a baby when she hears it cry, and then takes on the German army bullets and bombs is incredible. It truly defines the female nurturer energy IS both sensitive and strong, and has the potential to be anything and do anything. It is a feminist movie, because it empowers women to be caring, loving, wise, brave AND stronger than they can give credits to themselves.
My poor husband last night was at my mercy after the movie when this flame was turned on inside of me. I realized with my YouTube videos talking about very sensitive and controversial subjects, I am Wonder Woman…with my finger to type and mouth to speak. I had a steely look in my eyes and went to bed dreaming of stopping wars as an immortal.
ALL Women have a special gift designed during these days to create great change needed in the world. It may not be the immortality and strength of Princess Diana, but I ask you all to find yours and never give up hope-you can change the Old Systems that do dominate women around the world whether you see it or not.
This is our time to rise, and show Man’s inner Light and Love.
That being said…Gal Gadot, was an Israeli solider that was involved with the killing of people in Gaza in the Palestinian and Israeli conflict, I truly hope her beautiful role and superb acting in this film has opened her eyes to the plight of those of the suffering under occupation in the world.
#weareallwonderwomen #freepalestine #peace #stopisraelioccupation #peaceagreement #endmiddleseastwars #stopwars #speakout

Surah The Night Journey (al-Isra’): Chapter 17 line 100-111

100. Say, “If you possessed the treasuries of my Lord’s mercy, you would have withheld them for fear of spending.” The human being has always been stingy.

101. We gave Moses nine clear signs—ask the Children of Israel. When he went to them, Pharaoh said to him, “I think that you, Moses, are bewitched.”

102. He said, “You know that none sent these down except the Lord of the heavens and the earth—eye openers; and I think that you, Pharaoh, are doomed.”

103. He resolved to scare them off the land, but We drowned him, and those with him, altogether.

104. After him, We said to the Children of Israel, “Inhabit the land, and when the promise of the Hereafter arrives, We will bring you all together.”

105. With the truth We sent it down, and with the truth it descended. We sent you only as a bearer of good news and a warner.

106. A Quran which We unfolded gradually, that you may recite to the people over time. And We revealed it in stages.

107. Say, “Believe in it, or do not believe.” Those who were given knowledge before it, when it is recited to them, they fall to their chins, prostrating.

108. And they say, “Glory to our Lord. The promise of our Lord is fulfilled.”

109. And they fall to their chins, weeping, and it adds to their humility.

110. Say, “Call Him God, or call Him the Most Merciful. Whichever name you use, to Him belong the Best Names.” And be neither loud in your prayer, nor silent in it, but follow a course in between.

111. And say, “Praise be to God, who has not begotten a son, nor has He a partner in sovereignty, nor has He an ally out of weakness, and glorify Him constantly.”


My Interpretation:

Yes, the human being is stingy if they do not move beyond the material desires of this world. Here the Quran is revealing there is far more than the material treasures that await human souls, if they only believed in the Messages and lent Allah a beautiful Loan to be a good person on earth.

Moses was given the Signs to bring to Pharaoh to invite him to worship of ONE Creator unseen and not engraved in images. But Pharaoh was pulled into the Pagan mythology of Ancient Egypt and order that for his people while dividing people into classes. Moses was chosen to help free the nation of Hebrews that honored one God and were being oppressed for some time now by the Egyptian Pharaohs.

Eventually the Hebrews were freed and were meant to spread a new generation of believers under Moses’s guidance and teaching, until the End times.

Muhammad was chosen just like Moses to help deliver his own people from the clutches of the Mecca leaders. Muhammad is a warner and a deliverer and that is it. The Quran was given to him in small increments over a period of time in order to teach the messages to the people of Mecca.

Here Muhammad is getting a glimpse of how people who fall down in prostration when Muhammad speaks about the One God of all nations. Some will believe and some will not. This is not Muhammad’s responsibility to force any of this on anyone, he is only but the messenger of a Message that is there to help all who heed it.

Surah The Night Journey (al-Isra’): Chapter 17 line 90-100

90. And they said, “We will not believe in you unless you make a spring burst from the ground for us.

91. Or you have a garden of palms and vines; then cause rivers to gush pouring through them.

92. Or make the sky fall on us in pieces, as you claim, or bring God and the angels before us.

93. Or you possess a house of gold. Or you ascend into the sky. Even then, we will not believe in your ascension, unless you bring down for us a book that we can read.” Say, “Glory be to my Lord. Am I anything but a human messenger?”

94. Nothing prevented the people from believing, when guidance has come to them, except that they said, “Did God send a human messenger?”

95. Say, “If there were angels on earth, walking around in peace, We would have sent down to them from heaven an angel messenger.”

96. Say, “God is enough witness between you and me. He is fully aware of His servants, and He sees them well.”

97. Whomever God guides is the guided one. And whomever He leaves astray—for them you will find no protectors apart from Him. And We will gather them on the Day of Resurrection, on their faces, blind, dumb, and deaf. Their abode is Hell; whenever it abates, We intensify the blaze for them.

98. This is their repayment for having blasphemed against Our revelations, and having said, “Shall we, when we have become bones and fragments, be resurrected as a new creation?”

99. Do they not consider that God, Who created the heavens and the earth, is Able to create the likes of them? He has assigned for them a term, in which there is no doubt. But the wrongdoers persist in denying the truth.

100. Say, “If you possessed the treasuries of my Lord’s mercy, you would have withheld them for fear of spending.” The human being has always been stingy.

My Interpretation: 

Here Muhammad is being told that indeed the people of his nation will be testing him to see how “powerful” he is. Muhammad is to tell them, he is only a human messenger and not an Angel. An Angel would only be sent to earth when humanity reached the level of awareness that it would not harm or destroy the Angel in its quest to understand it. Think about the way the government is supposed to have aliens in their Area 51, and how they dissect and pull the aliens apart in movies and stories ALWAYS. I get so angry at the audacity for humans to treat another form of life in this way when they are trying to discover more about it. This is why Allah will not send down an Angel in its true form until humanity learns to contain itself to destroy things they fear or do not understand. For now, Angels remain hidden under the veil of looking like humans or other energies all together that can not be quantified with instruments.

Muhammad is always going to be questioned by the people he is bringing this information to. Especially about the Resurrection and the idea that Life continues on after death. It seems many of the leaders of Mecca were materialists. They wanted to receive blessing from their gods, but they did not believe in the continuation of life after death and thought nothing of consequences to their actions. So Muhammad is the one chosen to tell them and reach out to the people.

Muhammad in the last verse is supposed to chastise the human population a bit calling them “stingy” which really means a fearful nature to part with material and monetary assets they have acquired. But the strong Message Muhammad is supposed to give them is to tell them, that when they let go of their stinginess and fear, they gain everything in return.

Surah The Night Journey (al-Isra’): Chapter 17 line 80-90

80. And say, “My Lord, lead me in through an entry of truth, and lead me out through an exit of truth, and grant me from You a supporting power.”

81. And say, “The truth has come, and falsehood has withered away; for falsehood is bound to wither away.”

82. We send down in the Quran healing and mercy for the believers, but it increases the wrongdoers only in loss.

83. When We bless the human being, he turns away and distances himself. But when adversity touches him, he is in despair.

84. Say, “Each does according to his disposition. Your Lord knows best who is better guided in the way.”

85. And they ask you about the Spirit. Say, “The Spirit belongs to the domain of my Lord; and you were given only little knowledge.”

86. If We willed, We could take away what We revealed to you. Then you will find for yourself no protecting guardian against Us.

87. Except through a mercy from your Lord. His favors upon you have been great.

88. Say, “If mankind and jinn came together to produce the like of this Quran, they could never produce the like of it, even if they backed up one another.”

89. We have displayed for mankind in this Quran every kind of similitude, but most people insist on denying the truth.

90. And they said, “We will not believe in you unless you make a spring burst from the ground for us.


My Interpretation: 

What a beautiful call to God about asking for the ability to SEE the truth and the lies wither away. I have done this myself and believe this is why I have opened my third eye able to SEE what is going on in the world through my heart. Muhammad is told to ask for the same ability and is told that the Quran is a Mercy and a Healing to the People of the Arab nation, to deliver them from confusion, isolation, and lawlessness. But the wrongdoers, those who do wrong and harm towards others, it will act as a lie detector test and it will bring out the lies to surface of others.

Allah is trying to tell Muhammad that when a blessing comes to a human Soul many of the times, he turns away in denial it comes from Divine Order, and instead reaches out for Chaos and Disorder. This distances the Soul from the truth and Source from where he originally comes from-Allah, the ONE CREATOR of ALL.

If Allah willed for mankind to struggle without resolution to the Soul then He would have sent no messages and no angels to humanity. But because Allah has, there is great Love discovered by those who understand the messages and see their worth in bringing the Arab nation out of the darkness and into the Light.

Not another Soul can create such ethereal wisdom of the Quran. This is the untainted word from God through an Angel that visited Muhammad in vision, dreams, and materializing in front of him, in order to give Muhammad the answers that he sought to help his people.


Surah The Night Journey (al-Isra’): Chapter 17 line 70-80

70. We have honored the Children of Adam, and carried them on land and sea, and provided them with good things, and greatly favored them over many of those We created.

71. On the Day when We call every people with their leader. Whoever is given his record in his right hand—these will read their record, and they will not be wronged one bit.

72. But whoever is blind in this, he will be blind in the Hereafter, and further astray from the way.

73. They almost lured you away from what We have revealed to you, so that you would invent something else in Our name. In that case, they would have taken you for a friend.

74. Had We not given you stability, you might have inclined towards them a little.

75. Then We would have made you taste double in life, and double at death; then you would have found for yourself no helper against Us.

76. They almost provoked you, to expel you from the land. In that case, they would not have lasted after you, except briefly.

77. The tradition of the messengers We sent before you—you will find no change in Our rules.

78. Perform the prayer at the decline of the sun, until the darkness of the night; and the Quran at dawn. The Quran at dawn is witnessed.

79. And keep vigil with it during parts of the night, as an extra prayer. Perhaps your Lord will raise you to a laudable position.

80. And say, “My Lord, lead me in through an entry of truth, and lead me out through an exit of truth, and grant me from You a supporting power.”


My Interpretation: 

Once again, going back to line 70, we see this significant love towards humanity. Carried on land and sea also is talking about the way life moves and evolves, so Allah is the Spirit within that keeps the human species evolving. Evolution is designed perfectly to have all life come from water and some of it move onto the land, like the human species. Allah is always responsible for this evolution and it is not something that interferes with science. It needs to be looked at from a less structural way regarding time since time is not limiting to Allah, for Allah Himself is also “Father Time”.

Line 71 is the day in which all souls will be called together with their leaders of their nations. There are good leaders and have been in history, but many are corrupted as well. It is important to know that Muhammad was a revolutionist, just like Moses, Arjuna and Jesus. Good Souls are tested to see their devotion towards Goodness by having corrupt leaders. Given the record in their right hand is going to symbolize that side of their brain that does not deal with logic, but instead deals with the imagery and emotional side of the brain. Those who receive their Life Records through this mean have transcended the logic and material constructs of reality, they believed in the Messages sent down and followed them with Spirit and Soul-they will not be wronged, unless they themselves committed wrongs.

“They” in line 73 is the leaders of Mecca who have lived for thousands of years worshipping different gods and goddesses. Muhammad is asked to go up against these people and they are leaders of other people, so it is going to be a difficult road indeed. They will try to lure and tempt Muhammad away from the path of ONE, and bring him onto the path of their gods, but Muhammad now knows the truth that the leaders of Mecca are blind to.

Line 75 is proof Muhammad did not write this once again. It calls out to Muhammad with a warning that Muhammad himself would have been punished if he went back on the revelations given to him and threw them away while pursuing the path of the Mecca leaders. But Muhammad was chosen for a reason, known as “the Honest” around his village. Allah knew he would not back down on his duty to bring people together and ultimately bring GOD BACK TOGETHER in the minds of mankind. God is One Source of Creation and humanity is One family or Soul under that.

This  is a message given to every messenger from every nation to bring their people together again with other nations, when religions becomes the source of division. Gabriel is telling Muhammad as the Messenger of God, that there is no difference in the important messages of the revelations given to him that were also given to the other messengers.

These lines in 78 are for Muhammad and for any one who wants to be become a sincere messenger for God. This is not for the ordinary people, this is for Muhammad in order to infuse the Spirit of the Quran within and passionately believe in its messages. Today, muslims are able to feel the same sense of Passion without reciting the verses all night. Muhammad interconnects with all humanity and therefore acting out his role in becoming the physical vessel of the Quran so that others may know the messages in their own hearts.

Line 79 is a hopeful alluding to the idea that if Muhammad is able to pray like this and to be an example for others, he will be raised to the position of a Teacher, a Guide to others and to bring others back Home towards Allah.

Muhammad is to say the last line to the people letting them know that he has studied the verses of the Quran infused into his very being and he has experienced the transformational powers of the words inside of his Soul as he once was an orphaned boy and a honest illiterate merchant. He will be raised and has been raised into ascended master status over humanity as a teacher of the Quran revelations.

Surah The Night Journey (al-Isra’): Chapter 17 line 60-70

60. We said to you that your Lord encompasses humanity. We did not make the vision We showed you, except as a test for the people, and the tree cursed in the Quran. We frighten them, but that only increases their defiance.

61. When We said to the angels, “Bow down before Adam,” they bowed down, except for Satan. He said, “Shall I bow down before someone You created from mud?”

62. He said, “Do You see this one whom You have honored more than me? If You reprieve me until the Day of Resurrection, I will bring his descendants under my sway, except for a few.”

63. He said, “Begone! Whoever of them follows you—Hell is your reward, an ample reward.”

64. “And entice whomever of them you can with your voice, and rally against them your cavalry and your infantry, and share with them in wealth and children, and make promises to them.” But Satan promises them nothing but delusion.

65. “As for My devotees, you have no authority over them.” Your Lord is an adequate Guardian.

66. Your Lord is He who propels for you the ships at sea, that you may seek of His bounty. He is towards you Most Merciful.

67. When harm afflicts you at sea, those you pray to vanish, except for Him. But when He saves you to land, you turn away. The human being is ever thankless.

68. Are you confident that He will not cause a track of land to cave in beneath you, or unleash a tornado against you, and then you find no protector?

69. Or are you confident that He will not return you to it once again, and unleash a hurricane against you, and drown you for your ingratitude? Then you will find no helper against Us.

70. We have honored the Children of Adam, and carried them on land and sea, and provided them with good things, and greatly favored them over many of those We created.

My Interpretation: 

Muhammad is being told about the psychosis of the being known as Iblis, that became the Satan. Iblis could not understand why humans were next created after him made of fire, and Adam made of mud or earth. Iblis was already so caught up in his own ego and fear of losing Allah’s love, he created his own self fulfilling prophecy in which Allah casts him out of Creation and regarded him as a deviant till End Times.

But there is a Knowing of Allah, that all souls who deny the Ego and devote themselves to the ALL will not be swayed by their dark desires that Satan entices people to act on.

Muhammad is told that Allah is the force behind all movement of air, earth, water, and all of the other elements in the cosmos. Allah is the arranger of all matter in the universe and nature works within the Divine Plan of destruction and birth seen in nature.

I love this last verse in speaking about the Love Allah has for the Children of Adam and Eve and passing the wisdom to Muhammad to tell his people of his Arab nation that indeed they are being watched and delivered from suffering through Signs of Mercy from Allah throughout their life-they only need to be aware of it and SEE it.

Having humanity as a favored creation is an interesting concept, and it reminds me the theory that life once lived on Mars, but died out by the sputtering of the Sun. So it is a Miracle that humanity has survived so long and for a higher purpose that many of them are only awakening to now.

Surah The Night Journey (al-Isra’): Chapter 17 line 50-60

50. Say, “Even if you become rocks or iron.

51. Or some substance, which, in your minds, is even harder.” Then they will say, “Who will restore us?” Say, “The One who originated you the first time.” Then they will nod their heads at you, and say, “When will it be?” Say, “Perhaps it will be soon.”

52. On the Day when He calls you, you will respond with His praise, and you will realize that you stayed only a little.

53. Tell My servants to say what is best. Satan sows discord among them. Satan is to man an open enemy.

54. Your Lord knows you best. If He wills, He will have mercy on you; and if He wills, He will punish you. We did not send you as their advocate.

55. Your Lord knows well everyone in the heavens and the earth. We have given some prophets advantage over others; and to David We gave the Psalms.

56. Say, “Call upon those you claim besides Him. They have no power to relieve your adversity, nor can they change it.”

57. Those they call upon are themselves seeking means of access to their Lord, vying to be nearer, and hoping for His mercy, and fearing His punishment. The punishment of your Lord is to be dreaded.

58. There is no city but We will destroy before the Day of Resurrection, or punish it with a severe punishment. This is inscribed in the Book.

59. Nothing prevents Us from sending miraculous signs, except that the ancients called them lies. We gave Thamood the she-camel, a visible sign, but they mistreated her. We do not send the signs except to instill reverence.

60. We said to you that your Lord encompasses humanity. We did not make the vision We showed you, except as a test for the people, and the tree cursed in the Quran. We frighten them, but that only increases their defiance.


My Interpretation: 

Line 50 is when Gabriel is telling Muhammad exactly what to say, when he is teaching the other people among him. He is to teach them that this world is temporary and there will come a time when everyone is resurrected and raised again to life, energetically. And yes this is possible even if the human body is made of hard material because God is in control of ALL STATES OF MATTER. In the end it does not matter the state of matter you are in, God controls all transformations.

Line 52 is the talking about the Last Day of the individual’s life and the end to humanity. This is when all things are called back to Him and each soul is shown what they have earned with their deeds, thoughts, and intentions. And on this day, your whole existence will feel very tiny compared to the infiniteness of God/Allah. You life will feel like one dream and that is how temporary our lives really are in relativity to the big picture.

Here Muhammad is tapping into Prime Creation and is being shown that ultimately Satan is the Divider of humanity. Satan tears apart and divides humans through discord, war, arguments, and bickering. While God is the force that draws people together which we humans then experience as Love, brotherhood and unity. 

Line 54 shows that only Allah and the Angels know what is entirely in a soul. An empath and an aware person may be able to read people and foresee intentions, but only God is the ultimate judge because God can view a person’s life span like a movie. All events are played back in death and this determines the state of death you are in.

Line 55 suggests that Muhammad has a different purpose than other prophets and will either be in poverty or wealthy positions in society. Every prophet is unique and has a certain duty, but they are all equal spiritually working for the same force of God. Muhammad is not an advocate or a judger of people, he is supposed to be just a teacher and repeat back the ideas given to him and shared to him by the guiding forces from this universe.

Line 56 is telling Muhammad to call on those gods and goddesses and see that they do not bring unity unlike the ONENESS that Allah brings to the people. They also are beings or energies that come from the One Creator so they truly are powerless. Those beings that humans have called upon have also been seeking for Allah in some form or another, as all beings in the Universe answer to the call of the Divine and at some point question their existence.

Line 58 is solidifying the idea that all of the Universe will be destroyed on the Last Day of Judgement because all jinn souls and all human souls will be brought together. It is the folding up of the Universe in essence, where no city will be left behind and nothing left unpunished when the truth is revealed in the end.

There are many Signs from Allah that came to each nation and generation of people, and one came to Thamood in the form of a   She-camel. The She-camel was killed though instead of listening to the prophet of that nation. There is a purpose for these Signs. It is not to dazzle mankind, it is in order to help them and bring them back on track towards righteousness.

All these Signs need to be taken seriously when they come to each nation. Not doing so leads to their own damnation of their Souls, which really means living in a state of isolation and denial of Allah.


I Am Back-As a Mystic Muslimah Starseed

I am back to my blog!

My spiritual journey has been intense, and I equate it to the events of today’s world. What the HECK is going on in the Islam world? These attacks on London by those who shout “Allah Akbar” are getting out of control. If they feel Allah is so “great”, then why kill innocent bystanders whom all come from Him?

My heart and intuition knows deeply what is going on, though I can not prove it.

I know these men are not really servants to God/Allah-the Life Force of Everything, and they know it deep in their hearts as well. They are mercenaries and thugs bought out by those who plan wars and division in the world. This is a dark scheme created in the darker corners of military and government offices-I SEE it all clearly, though I can not prove it.

Anyways..I do hope the truth comes out and while the Divine Plan is unfolding, I as an individual soul have been on an interesting journey into the Cosmos and Nature.

I can not hide it anymore from myself. My interpretations of the Quran and Islam will not be understood by the mainstream sheik or iman who looks at the Quran through narrow eyes. I am a Sufi, not a branch or sect, but an adjective to describe the way I see the Quran and Islam and HOW I serve Allah. I am a follower of Rumi, as Rumi was a follower of Muhammad and the Quran.

I see the subtle truth deep within the Quran, knowing what is from manmade cultural verses and what is the profound truth deep within. It is a Book I will cherish forever and feel it course in my veins. I wish I could make all the people in the World see that the terrorists and muslim leader’s harsh laws are not congruent with the Quran, but I can not do the Soul growth for any Soul. Each Soul is responsible for its own learning. So I put out my words and my thoughts as a duty for God, and see what happens..

I am also awakening to the idea I am a Starseed which is why I am so strange. Allah creates all beings in the Universe and my Soul has never felt like it belonged to earth, but it was here for a mission. Starseeds are waking to the mission to fight against the darkness in wild, creative, and earth shattering ways, that goes beyond the violence of a Revolution. We are here to show Humanity their interconnection to Allah, the Divine, and all things in the cosmos. The Great Unification Process happening subtly and slowly…just on time.

I am not going to focus too much on my Starseed past or journey, but just keep it in mind to WHY I am so “alien”, and WHY you too may resonate with all that I say or write. There is a cosmic convergence going on and we all have our roles or parts in it. I am figuring out mine. Are you figuring out yours?

So my new focus, is to finish this blog and to bring in a state of Higher Awareness of Harmony and Nature into humans. People may think I am confused, but I am just openly embracing my multidimensional self these days. We are One. We are all from Allah and this is what Islam teaches. Nothing is outside our limits to what we can do, be and become in regards to as Servants to Allah and loaning beautiful loans with our physical lives.

I am ever so grateful for this journey and chance to watch humanity grow and evolve during this time.  I am going to live out the rest of my life showing humanity how connected they are to the entire Cosmos.

“I am the servant of the Qur’an as long as I have life. I am the dust on the path of Muhammad, the Chosen One.” ~ Rumi