I Am Back-As a Mystic Muslimah Starseed

I am back to my blog!

My spiritual journey has been intense, and I equate it to the events of today’s world. What the HECK is going on in the Islam world? These attacks on London by those who shout “Allah Akbar” are getting out of control. If they feel Allah is so “great”, then why kill innocent bystanders whom all come from Him?

My heart and intuition knows deeply what is going on, though I can not prove it.

I know these men are not really servants to God/Allah-the Life Force of Everything, and they know it deep in their hearts as well. They are mercenaries and thugs bought out by those who plan wars and division in the world. This is a dark scheme created in the darker corners of military and government offices-I SEE it all clearly, though I can not prove it.

Anyways..I do hope the truth comes out and while the Divine Plan is unfolding, I as an individual soul have been on an interesting journey into the Cosmos and Nature.

I can not hide it anymore from myself. My interpretations of the Quran and Islam will not be understood by the mainstream sheik or iman who looks at the Quran through narrow eyes. I am a Sufi, not a branch or sect, but an adjective to describe the way I see the Quran and Islam and HOW I serve Allah. I am a follower of Rumi, as Rumi was a follower of Muhammad and the Quran.

I see the subtle truth deep within the Quran, knowing what is from manmade cultural verses and what is the profound truth deep within. It is a Book I will cherish forever and feel it course in my veins. I wish I could make all the people in the World see that the terrorists and muslim leader’s harsh laws are not congruent with the Quran, but I can not do the Soul growth for any Soul. Each Soul is responsible for its own learning. So I put out my words and my thoughts as a duty for God, and see what happens..

I am also awakening to the idea I am a Starseed which is why I am so strange. Allah creates all beings in the Universe and my Soul has never felt like it belonged to earth, but it was here for a mission. Starseeds are waking to the mission to fight against the darkness in wild, creative, and earth shattering ways, that goes beyond the violence of a Revolution. We are here to show Humanity their interconnection to Allah, the Divine, and all things in the cosmos. The Great Unification Process happening subtly and slowly…just on time.

I am not going to focus too much on my Starseed past or journey, but just keep it in mind to WHY I am so “alien”, and WHY you too may resonate with all that I say or write. There is a cosmic convergence going on and we all have our roles or parts in it. I am figuring out mine. Are you figuring out yours?

So my new focus, is to finish this blog and to bring in a state of Higher Awareness of Harmony and Nature into humans. People may think I am confused, but I am just openly embracing my multidimensional self these days. We are One. We are all from Allah and this is what Islam teaches. Nothing is outside our limits to what we can do, be and become in regards to as Servants to Allah and loaning beautiful loans with our physical lives.

I am ever so grateful for this journey and chance to watch humanity grow and evolve during this time.  I am going to live out the rest of my life showing humanity how connected they are to the entire Cosmos.

“I am the servant of the Qur’an as long as I have life. I am the dust on the path of Muhammad, the Chosen One.” ~ Rumi