Surah The Night Journey (al-Isra’): Chapter 17 line 70-80

70. We have honored the Children of Adam, and carried them on land and sea, and provided them with good things, and greatly favored them over many of those We created.

71. On the Day when We call every people with their leader. Whoever is given his record in his right hand—these will read their record, and they will not be wronged one bit.

72. But whoever is blind in this, he will be blind in the Hereafter, and further astray from the way.

73. They almost lured you away from what We have revealed to you, so that you would invent something else in Our name. In that case, they would have taken you for a friend.

74. Had We not given you stability, you might have inclined towards them a little.

75. Then We would have made you taste double in life, and double at death; then you would have found for yourself no helper against Us.

76. They almost provoked you, to expel you from the land. In that case, they would not have lasted after you, except briefly.

77. The tradition of the messengers We sent before you—you will find no change in Our rules.

78. Perform the prayer at the decline of the sun, until the darkness of the night; and the Quran at dawn. The Quran at dawn is witnessed.

79. And keep vigil with it during parts of the night, as an extra prayer. Perhaps your Lord will raise you to a laudable position.

80. And say, “My Lord, lead me in through an entry of truth, and lead me out through an exit of truth, and grant me from You a supporting power.”


My Interpretation: 

Once again, going back to line 70, we see this significant love towards humanity. Carried on land and sea also is talking about the way life moves and evolves, so Allah is the Spirit within that keeps the human species evolving. Evolution is designed perfectly to have all life come from water and some of it move onto the land, like the human species. Allah is always responsible for this evolution and it is not something that interferes with science. It needs to be looked at from a less structural way regarding time since time is not limiting to Allah, for Allah Himself is also “Father Time”.

Line 71 is the day in which all souls will be called together with their leaders of their nations. There are good leaders and have been in history, but many are corrupted as well. It is important to know that Muhammad was a revolutionist, just like Moses, Arjuna and Jesus. Good Souls are tested to see their devotion towards Goodness by having corrupt leaders. Given the record in their right hand is going to symbolize that side of their brain that does not deal with logic, but instead deals with the imagery and emotional side of the brain. Those who receive their Life Records through this mean have transcended the logic and material constructs of reality, they believed in the Messages sent down and followed them with Spirit and Soul-they will not be wronged, unless they themselves committed wrongs.

“They” in line 73 is the leaders of Mecca who have lived for thousands of years worshipping different gods and goddesses. Muhammad is asked to go up against these people and they are leaders of other people, so it is going to be a difficult road indeed. They will try to lure and tempt Muhammad away from the path of ONE, and bring him onto the path of their gods, but Muhammad now knows the truth that the leaders of Mecca are blind to.

Line 75 is proof Muhammad did not write this once again. It calls out to Muhammad with a warning that Muhammad himself would have been punished if he went back on the revelations given to him and threw them away while pursuing the path of the Mecca leaders. But Muhammad was chosen for a reason, known as “the Honest” around his village. Allah knew he would not back down on his duty to bring people together and ultimately bring GOD BACK TOGETHER in the minds of mankind. God is One Source of Creation and humanity is One family or Soul under that.

This  is a message given to every messenger from every nation to bring their people together again with other nations, when religions becomes the source of division. Gabriel is telling Muhammad as the Messenger of God, that there is no difference in the important messages of the revelations given to him that were also given to the other messengers.

These lines in 78 are for Muhammad and for any one who wants to be become a sincere messenger for God. This is not for the ordinary people, this is for Muhammad in order to infuse the Spirit of the Quran within and passionately believe in its messages. Today, muslims are able to feel the same sense of Passion without reciting the verses all night. Muhammad interconnects with all humanity and therefore acting out his role in becoming the physical vessel of the Quran so that others may know the messages in their own hearts.

Line 79 is a hopeful alluding to the idea that if Muhammad is able to pray like this and to be an example for others, he will be raised to the position of a Teacher, a Guide to others and to bring others back Home towards Allah.

Muhammad is to say the last line to the people letting them know that he has studied the verses of the Quran infused into his very being and he has experienced the transformational powers of the words inside of his Soul as he once was an orphaned boy and a honest illiterate merchant. He will be raised and has been raised into ascended master status over humanity as a teacher of the Quran revelations.