We Are All Wonder Woman: Let’s Do This.

I was so thrilled about this Wonder Woman movie…I need to blog about this..
INCREDIBLE script..I am not sure if it follows the Comic books, but WOW.
For writers to create an Ultra feminine superhero, that sweetly smiles and gushes for a baby when she hears it cry, and then takes on the German army bullets and bombs is incredible. It truly defines the female nurturer energy IS both sensitive and strong, and has the potential to be anything and do anything. It is a feminist movie, because it empowers women to be caring, loving, wise, brave AND stronger than they can give credits to themselves.
My poor husband last night was at my mercy after the movie when this flame was turned on inside of me. I realized with my YouTube videos talking about very sensitive and controversial subjects, I am Wonder Woman…with my finger to type and mouth to speak. I had a steely look in my eyes and went to bed dreaming of stopping wars as an immortal.
ALL Women have a special gift designed during these days to create great change needed in the world. It may not be the immortality and strength of Princess Diana, but I ask you all to find yours and never give up hope-you can change the Old Systems that do dominate women around the world whether you see it or not.
This is our time to rise, and show Man’s inner Light and Love.
That being said…Gal Gadot, was an Israeli solider that was involved with the killing of people in Gaza in the Palestinian and Israeli conflict, I truly hope her beautiful role and superb acting in this film has opened her eyes to the plight of those of the suffering under occupation in the world.
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