Did You Know Muslim Elves Exist?

  Why yes. Yes, they do. You see…ANYTHING that you think of can exist in this universe. That is because ALL thoughts are energy and ALL energy comes from Allah. There is no getting around it, all infinite possibilities exist from the multidimensional reality of Allah.

My true soul is actually quite Elven like from Tolkien’s vision of a distant race. I am a bit reclusive from humanity, yet I love humans deeply and am committed to offer up any wisdom I have to help them. At 35, I am finally coming to terms that Allah has indeed made my divine blueprint as an Elf, with the drive to help the earth and its habitants heal. A love of all animals, nature, and a warrior of Light for people is my calling.

Instead of a bow, I use my mind, pen, and my speech as my sword to fight the darkness that threatens the world. We have truly evil people in charge, unfortunately over time this is what wealth does without charity. It corrupts the mind which is why the Quran guides mankind to always give of yourself, so you are in flow of Creation.

The moment you horde gold in your caverns below the earth in vaults of stone, you enter into the abyss of the Ego and void of Spirit. Much of the elite class who run the corporations and financial institutions of this world are now corrupted so much they see the masses as completely separate from themselves. They see themselves as God, but ONLY them.

There lies the crux of the deepest issues within the world today. Allah is the Collective Consciousness which means not one single blade of grass is left out of the equation. Yet, the ones in charge do not see the starving people in Africa as fragments of God and they certainly do not see the muslims of the Middle East as them either, today. This is a massive issue that will need to become addressed in the future since a planet can not sustain itself ran by this type of evil for too much longer. There is a breaking point and I am patiently awaiting the fall out in order to help those transition into the new earth without the evil in charge.

So now you know. Elves are on the side of Angels, and service the Creator as “muslims” as well as Humans. Now let me say, though I have a slight point in my ear naturally..it is about my Soul Essence that makes one an Elf, not looks. Remember everything is pass the physical matter state and is truly energy that Allah creates.

I share this so it expands minds to include all beings in the Cosmos under Allah, as the Quran reveals. It is very important muslims truly take this information in. If they do not believe in the Angels, (Good) Jinn or Fae who have been trying to help mankind for ages, then they certainly will not receive the help. You must believe in the Angels as much as Allah, since Angels are the thought forms brought down to the lower physical states of earth to guide humans.

I have a secret to tell you which is not so secret to those paying attention. Your earth is becoming more DENSE in vibration by those in charge. It is becoming more physical and material. Creating money, cars, physical jobs and routines more important than the unseen matters of the heart. This is why it is my duty to bring forth the Unseen realities the Quran speaks about. Muslims must not fall trapped into materialism and keep their eye on the other side of the veil. This is why praying 5 times a day was asked of you. It keeps the connection strong to Allah. One day, humans will get to the point where their connection will be so strong they will no longer need to pray since they will automatically ALWAYS be connected with God, and appreciative of Him.

When this happens, your society will upgrade to a peaceful Utopian Earthly paradise, much like the one given in the Quran. You will have best of both realities. An earthly paradise here as well as in the Afterlife. Would you like that? Well it is a possibility.

So stay with me…and let me lead you out of the material world and into the realms unseen, but felt by those who are not blind in the hearts.

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