Surah The Cave (al-Khaf’): Chapter 18 line 1-10

In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful.

1. Praise be to God, who revealed the Book to His servant, and allowed in it no distortion.

2. Valuable—to warn of severe punishment from Himself; and to deliver good news to the believers who do righteous deeds, that they will have an excellent reward.

3. In which they will abide forever.

4. And to warn those who say, “God has begotten a son.”

5. They have no knowledge of this, nor did their forefathers. Grave is the word that comes out of their mouths. They say nothing but a lie.

6. Perhaps you may destroy yourself with grief, chasing after them, if they do not believe in this information.

7. We made what is upon the earth an ornament for it, to test them as to which of them is best in conduct.

8. And We will turn what is on it into barren waste.

9. Did you know that the People of the Cave and the Inscription were of Our wondrous signs?

10. When the youths took shelter in the cave, they said, “Our Lord, give us mercy from Yourself, and bless our affair with guidance.”

My Interpretation: 

Very powerful start to this new message to Muhammad. Here Gabriel reveals the message from God in an untainted form that has no distortion. It holds the key to passing this life over obstacles set in place and gives hope to those downtrodden in life. When Muhammad revealed these messages, he brought a healing upon his people that can not even be described. They were suffering. Persecuted and tortured by the Mecca leaders that believed in the 300 gods and goddesses and forced this on their people. It pained many of the muslims who were awakening to believing in One unifying force of the entire universe. So the revelations were indeed a glad tiding and news to those suffering on earth.

Line 4 is VERY important and defines Islam as the monotheistic path. Here you see that Muhammad is learning of the state of God. God is no longer a deity with two arms and legs floating on a cloud, having children as the Greeks & Romans and many other Pagans created. No this was a single unifying force that was not a personality nor a being. Here Muhammad is learning the truth of why Allah is everywhere and everything all at once. As complex as this idea is, Muhammad was able to receive this revelation and take it to heart. Much as I am many other muslims do.

It is important to know, that this de-personifying of God was an important movement in the direction of unity for mankind. If God was no longer a God “father being” on a cloud, then God becomes more immense and infinite that sits above space and time. Here the idea of consciousness and Life starts to become more connected to humans and therefore brings a unity to all other beings in the entire universe. Too many years have paganism divided nations amongst other nations, and now it was time to see we are ALL equal under the eyes of God and God manifests matter, not little god babies to worship.

Line 6 is where you see the compassion from Gabriel, as the Messenger from God, you see Gabriel sees that Muhammad will teach this idea but not to destroy himself in doing so when others will not listen. Like the Catholics who have taken on Jesus as a Roman deity, Sun or Son God, after Constantine took over the Christian religion in Europe. This is why it is so hard for Catholics today to accept other religions as truth. Some do and became great friends with Muhammad as we know from historical documents. Some do not, as we know as well from histories Crusades.

Everything on earth was created for a beautiful purpose and a reason. Nature is here as a reflection to see who treats it best and replenishes it as charity. Treating nature kindly and the earth well is also a test to determine which souls are truly Good energy. This is why taking care of the earth is so important. It is tied to the human soul even if they do not see it. One day, Earth will turn into a barren waste, but in the meantime it is here to look after and take care of.

The people of the Cave and the Inscription within the caves, are Signs from Allah. The boys went into a cave to hide and they were able to stay there for many years unharmed and unbothered by the outside with their senses. This is very mysterious and here is one of those verses that talk about otherwordly technology or an event that took place unseen. The youths were put into a state of rest for many years, much like Rip Van Winkle. They may have entered another space time dimension inside of the cave, it is had to say and is not the moral of the story anyways…