God Isn’t Homophobic

Isn’t it time we aren’t either?

I wouldn’t say God is homophobic. I wouldn’t say God even dislikes Gays. That’s attributing human characteristics to a force so great that the universe was created by it. 
I do think that God or Source is interested in preserving Good and Life, and what was going on at Soddom and Gomorah was becoming a nest for greed, sex without love, rape, lawlessness and a people who forgot what it means to be “good” to each other. We know because they wanted to have sex with the first new people to come into their town, clawing at the Angels like wolves…

It’s not just about the men being homosexual, it was about no real or pure love left in that city…only lust. There is a difference in one is selfish to satisfy the one person, and love is mutual. 

If two men honestly love each other for companionship reasons, I think God has bigger fish to fry in this world. 

How about the leaders whose ego and greed has created such chaos and destruction on this earth? How about men in charge of finance that have hoarded all the money to themselves by playing with the market and starting wars? 

Yes, then I think God will have much more guilty people to deal with on this world….than two men (or women) who truly want to be with eachother.