The True Importance Of Charity or Zakat

It is the wisdom of the ancient mystics to regard the material world as the “devil” part of humanity that whispers into the hearts of mankind, and the immaterial part as the “God” part. This is why in all the holy books and teachings around the world it is taught to release yourself from the material “coveting” you may feel tempted to have. Once humanity does this, they can not be enslaved by this material reality in a way and then are free to experience a spiritual journey that does not require all the physical “stuff”. It is ok to have things, but balance is needed and discernment is a must to know what you truly need to be happy. It is free to acquire inner peace and is one of the most valuable things you can have on earth.

Giving away to someone else in need who does not have what you have, will not only be an example of how loving and caring you have grown to be as a soul, but also it helps you learn about the depth and beauty of God. 

May you all find the balance between the immaterial and spiritual to acquire that peace you desire and deserve.