Chakras In Islam

The Chakras are energy centers located in the Spiritual “Subtle” body of consciousness. They are located throughout the body to symbolize each level of consciousness experienced and over come. There are 7 that you can experience here on earth that correlate to the 7 earths and heavens in the Quran.

The colors correlate to the Rainbow of colors in the Light spectrum. R(ed).O(range).Y(ellow).G(reen).B(lue).I(indigo).V(iolet). Red is the lowest frequency and has the longest wave lengths created a denser reality. Moving all the way up to Violet which is the highest frequency color and the short wave lengths creating super fast “light less dense” reality-meaning the immaterial or spiritual world realm of consciousness of thought, not solid mass and longer.

Let me explain,

This was taught a long time ago:

Each chakra center is wheel of energy, given to the Ancient Indian nation by higher Dimensional beings who came from Source who were here to help guide humanity and give a little “boost” in consciousness. Knowing full well humanity would not understand the true purpose until they reached a level of intelligence that is now in most today.

The chakra centers can be blocked and they can be turning like a wheel. When they spin, it symbolizes that area of your life is in balance and you in short “you worked on your stuff” there governing that center. The goal is to move energy from the Root all the way up the subtle body to the Crown chakra, into Oneness with Allah and all things.

They stop moving when trauma and obstacles occur. Your job is to UNBLOCK them through awareness and repentance to move forwards into a better version of yourself tomorrow.

The Red Ray Consciousness-The Root Chakra or The Muladhara

The ROOT chakra symbolizes the need to establish grounding or your Roots on earth. Here people are when they are first born have this ROOT opened. It is the basic needs of a child of food, water, shelter, and feeling you can survive. If these needs are not met, the ROOT disappears and the soul dies from this material world. But the issue is when people get stuck in the ROOT as adults. They seek for only these things, and nothing OUTSIDE of themselves spiritually. This is why the Quran asks of humans to pray 5 times or more a day, to constantly keep that connection in tact. To be balanced, you must have your feet on the ground, all needs met, and start to think of matters outside of basic needs. This is Adam’s first step in finding food, water and things to build a house. This is Roots first from God.

Then you move into the next higher frequency of consciousness state….

ORANGE RAY CONSCIOUSNESS -The Sacral Chakra or the Svadhishthana

After you accomplish life beyond basic needs of the Root, you move into the Sacral chakra. Here is the Sexuality. In all children, they are born and start to play with their body parts discovering them. The problem is if this area becomes blocked if someone is raped, molested, or has sexually bad experiences or body self esteem. This is why the Quran makes a big deal of sex without love or commitment. Lust is an energy that blocks the flow of the Sacral chakra to receive Love from the Divine. So here the area needs to be unblocked in order to have children and procreate the human species and to to have sex in pure ways. Think of the next stage of Adam & Eve when they start to have children and multiply. This represents the Creation from God.

Then you move into the next higher frequency of consciousness into…..

YELOW RAY CONSCIOUSNESS-The Solar Plexus Chakra or The Manipura

After this area is worked on and intimacy with a person can be had. Then you unblock it moving energy up to the Solar Plexus area of Power. Power can be demonstrated in a lot of ways. When it is blocked you feel powerless to achieve anything in life. When it is also not yet open it is a reach for OTHER PEOPLE’S POWER like Cain did to Abel. This is the first murder of mankind. This is the area in which most of the world has been at for about the start of civilization after Cain’s act. Here wars for power, control, land, resources, and wealth are created. This is usually created by humans who are only in their 1st and 2nd and 3rd chakra consciousness. You need to move beyond your need to dominate others and balance this area by becoming loving and powerful at the same time. You know your own power, but you don’t seek to control others when it is freely spinning. This is showing the Power from God.

Then you move into the next higher frequency…..

GREEN RAY CONSCIOUSNESS-The Heart Chakra or The Anahata

Once you break free of the Power center within you, you move into the Heart & Soul Chakra. This is the place that opened up within all messengers and prophets in order to help their people. Muhammad’s chest was opened by Archangel Gabriel is it s said in a cave by him pushing down on his chest saying “read, read, read”. This symbolizes Muhammad’s heart opening up to help his people. He cared and loved his fellow beings establish equality. The Heart chakra can be blocked by bad relationships with those in the lower consciousness levels who not yet know themselves yet. Your job is to learn the truth of it and move beyond that experience to unblock that feeling of “unlovableness” once you do this center will open without fear. I imagine Muhammad got to the point of opening his heart and letting go of the past because he was abandoned as a child and was an orphan. He did it himself, allowing Allah to know he was ready to help his people regain justice, law and order, equality and unity with the other religions around them. This is showing the Love from God.

Next you move into the next higher frequency…..

BLUE RAY CONSCIOUSNESS-Throat Chakra or the Vishuddha 

After this area is unblocked and you have a rush of Love for many things, then you can start to COMMUNICATE all of this. After Muhammad received the revelations, he expressed them to his people to bring JOY to their hearts and faith to their minds. This area was also blocked for him, and Gabriel said that he was released from it from an injury from a hot coal as a child. So now he could give open talks and guidance to those coming to believe in ONE creator source. In you this area is your Self Expression center, you need to get past the idea you have nothing good to say and to allow your true thoughts to come forth. This area easily becomes blocked when you come up against others (in the lower states of consciousness) that say you are “stupid, a “fool”, or “don’t know what you talk about”. It is very hurtful and so you shut your true thoughts up and don’t say anything about what you observe in the world.  I promise if everyone actually said what they felt, there would be less misunderstanding than there is today. Expressing your true self allows you to truthfully communicate your needs, desires and wants to help you achieve them and help others. It also is Expressing the Will of God to spread the messages of peace, love, unity, and friendship for all.

*There is a doorway that opens up to the Angels here and so much communication happens to a person once they open this area. You start to receive divine thoughts and messages coming from Angels and other beings who wish to help humanity. These people are mediums and channel and give messages today as it has been done in the past with every single messenger or prophet.

INDIGO RAY CONSCIOUSNESS~Third Eye Chakra or The Ajna 

After you start to communicate more openly, then you move into the Etheric realms of consciousness which is the Unseen but felt 6th sense-the Intuition. Here is the tool to know the difference between evil and good, false from truth, illusion from reality. This is when you start to see beyond duality of war and peace, good and evil, and see it stemming all from either those who follow their Egos only (Satan) or those who are following the Creator (muslims). Here the battle gets more real. You start to actually SEE the evil in the world, as unconscious thought forms that choose to serve Destruction rather than Creation of a species. In this area it is not blocked, it simply needs to be opened and it is only opened once you go through all the other levels to really SEE what is going on in the world. You unlock empathy here where you feel the states of others across the world, and you have telepathy where you can read other’s minds more easily. You can start to see, hear and feel things just beyond the physical veil of the earth.

*Here is where you start to notice demons or bad jinns, Satan, and evil men and aliens start to play a game with humanity. The game is called “pull the wool over the masses eyes from God and Love”. You yourself can SEE it, but you can not make others see. All you can do is warn others and start to pass on information. You may become a conspiracy theorist here and research so much on aliens, demons, and the elite in charge. Once you feel you KNOW what is going on the Quran, Bible, and other Holy books were right…you move on. You know there is a Spiritual Battle and you choose your side and become a Warrior for God. Here is when you get the Sight from God and see all the Signs.  You can spend many years here-Muhammad spent the rest of his life until his last day here fighting the evil in the world from masking God from the people.

But then he eventually moved from here….

VIOLET RAY CONSCIOUSNESS -The Crown Chakra or The Sahasrara

Finally, my friends, I have the most beautiful and best news possible for you. This is the place where you disappear from this earth in a spiritual way. You literally vibrate above the other lower states of consciousness and those issues are beneath you now. You enter into Divine Connection with Allah. This means you finally realize it is all a test. It is a test of your soul to see if you choose the side of evil or you choose good. You have learned to be a warrior for God in a way and what is called a Light worker in Indigo Consciousness. Once you decide to STOP physically fighting and start to promote LOVE, EQUALITY, FRIENDSHIP, UNITY, JUSTICE, ONENESS, you life starts to change.

You are in LOVE with Allah, and Allah is in LOVE with you. You feel it and you know it. You have entered into a state of Understanding and Wisdom and you learn that there is no such thing as evil, and Iblis is a sad lonely symbol of the need to feel special over others. Iblis hated Adam for being Created. He wanted to be the only beautiful creation out of Spirit of Fire. And in comes a new one of the Spirit of Earth. It made Iblis/Satan HURT. Enough to loose his spiritual self and enter into Ego, representing the Ego in us all. There he vowed to play the role of the adversary to God in order to prove that humans were a terrible idea.

When you realize that you can be special and so can others, this is when you let go of your selfish ego and this is True Charity. A Zakat to purify the soul. To remove the need to want to always be the ONLY one special to God. When you realize ALL beings are special in the entire universe, you merge with them, you love them, you enter into the mindset of the Creator. You are ONE with ALLAH/GOD AND LOVE ALL THINGS. 

From here you can walk on earth as Jesus, Moses, Muhammad, and all other loving beings who shared the wisdom to help them ascend. And your life is a grand party in which you surpass all evil and nothing phases your immortal spirit. This is how Jesus was not killed spiritually but the Pharisees and Romans…you can not kill a soul that learns of its immortality under God.

Here you have the power of manifestation (ask and you shall receive happens here) and transformation of evil and dark happens easily. You have the forgiveness, and understanding in you to truly love your enemies and the enemies of this Creation. Here is where people would be able to break from the slavery of prison and Say NO. We Love you men in charge, but your decisions are not for the greater good anymore. Let us make a new earth that will be peaceful for all.

That is how humanity will have a lasting revolution and a whole new way of living together on earth.

After experiencing enlightenment  of being One with all things on earth and loving all beings here on earth and in the multiverse under Allah…

When you die…you are One with Allah and Allah is You. You match the frequency of the Creator in LOVE.

You will all keep living out lives of that you create either as Heaven or Hell until you learn this and enter into what is called the last incarnation in which your soul is allowed to finally REST and move beyond the physical world of both suffering and joy. You enter into a state of just Joy where all your dreams and desires come true. You have earned it at this point. Moving through all layers of the 7 earths (hells), and heavens.


Figure out where you are today and use this message to help you ascend further up your own ladder of consciousness till you…


Allah will say, “This is the Day when the truthful will benefit from their truthfulness.” For them are gardens [in Paradise] beneath which rivers flow, wherein they will abide forever, Allah being pleased with them, and they with Him. That is the great attainment.

Peace (Salam) to you and may you find your Heaven.