Visions of Hell From An Empath

Taking in all the information and observations on this world and of people, I have figured out what Hell could most likely be.

We are told in the religious texts that Hell is a place of fire and stones, to burn men and women for all eternity. But WHAT does that truly mean in today’s level of wisdom?

If you take an individual like Hitler, or Stalin, they will have much more evil added to their conscience then other killers. There are different levels of Hell just as there are different levels of consciousness here on earth.

An individual soul like Hitler or Stalin’s could have a Hell that looks a little like this in order to cause the Learning and Growth it needs most:


Hitler wakes up to find the ground is dark and wet with blood. As he looks into the distance he sees a figure moving towards him. The figure is a little boy burned beyond recognition and a limb missing from his body. His eyes have been badly bleeding due to the gas emitted in the gas chambers. Hitler tries to get away, but can not, and has to face what he has done. Then another figure starts to walk towards him…and more and more decaying bodies in front of him to face. All that evil he has done has finally come back to haunt him. 

Those souls are not really there though. They are a reflection given to Hitler by God and based off of memories he had stored. Hitler covers his eyes, but the bodies keep coming and won’t let him be. They keep coming till all 2 million of them have appeared before him. Next they start to merge inside of him…and from there he FEELs their pain of what they endured when they were shot, tortured, starved, gassed and burned.

It feels like eternity of horror upon horror. Hitler is filled of fear and disgust for what he has done almost to the point of going mad. He screams out in mercy and in agony for what he has done to others, falling to the ground weeping.

“I am so sorry…I was so wrong and arrogant in my decisions I made on earth, God.” he weeps.

As Hitler says these words, a small light appears in the distance moving closer towards him. An angel of God appears and take his hand leading him away from the broken bodies around him. Hitler has a tear fall from his eye to show his gratitude towards this angel for removing him from these bodies. He is so filled of remorse and hates himself beyond a soul can take. He feels a heaviness in him that can not be described. 

The angel looks at him, with total love from their eyes and says, “you have learned well so far. There is more to show you of your life though first.”

Hitler feels completely humiliated and shamed for not thinking that his memories could be read on earth. He realizes how ignorant he really was to not believe in a higher power than his own ignorant ego making decisions based on politics and war. He realizes how wrong he was in so many ways and how his life lead him to that terrible experience he suffered through. 

Hitler is broken down. Stripped completely of his ego identity feeling one with everything now. Understanding finally everything.  As he breathes the final words within this dark realm, he realizes he has had the key to heaven always within reach.

Hitler disappears from that realm and awakens in a realm filled of Light to join the other souls.  

Those who do no harm towards others will not need to go through the pain of learning what they did wrong in the first place.

Please share this to save a soul.

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