We Are Allah/God: New Quran Law Updates

Transcript of my Youtube Video:  We Are Allah/God: New Laws

Talking about the Sharia laws, or laws that align to the Quran revelations in ways of synthesizing the material world with the immaterial spiritual or higher states of consciousness in today’s world of 2000s.

Laws discussed in order:

And of course murderers also should go to Jail. No human should kill another human. Two rights do not make a right. They should receive counseling within jail to help them reach spiritual enlightenment and achieve spiritual redemption and remain in jail or come out, based on case by case. They too will live with their guilty conscience.


1. Theft 

5:38 [As for] the thief, the male and the female, amputate their hands in recompense for what they committed as a deterrent [punishment] from Allah . And Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise.

Instead of physically cutting off hands or a hand as the Quran does suggest. Now in 2017 realize this means jail or prison time Their hands will be “cut off” metaphorically from society. They should be in jail till they learn from their mistakes determined by judge and prison counselor. Help the thief realize they don’t need to steal when they wake up to see they never lack of anything in the first place.

24:13 Bring four witnesses to prove any blame for any act. This is protecting the person accused by court. Slander will have to be treated as something that needs proof. Lawyers, witnesses, juries, judges and rape kits if it rape is involved. These are all ways we today can prove a slanderer.
3. When a Muslim Leaves Islam

A person who decides to not be labeled as a muslim any longer is not to be punished by death with human hands. But now can be left alone to see what their own fate will be. This is their spiritual journey, do not get involved. Only Truth can judge a person in the end what where their intentions  and reasons on leaving a faith. Humans leave all non-believers alone-except of course the ones harming you, oppressing you and trying to kill you. You have every right to defend your land and space.
4. Adultery-beating wives

STOP abuse of wives. The laws are changing. We are becoming civil humans now and many who are in flow of this evolution and growth of spirit and mind will not beat their wives. But instead by case by case basis leave the ones who cheated on them or work through it with marriage counseling if you judge the person as sincere and you really love them and want to give another chance.
5. Free All Slaves

As the Quran states the Right Path in Surah 90 is “it is always best to free the slaves” and please the Collective Consciousness of Higher Mind we are all a part of. Free ALL Slaves-No soul should be in bondage to serve another. Sex slaves, war captives need to be freed forever in humanity. Whoever works together right now to do this like Ashton Kutcher and others working on this. Everyone on earth should help to try to free all those made as slaves still in 2017.
6. War Captives of Right Hand

4:24 speaking about marrying a women you do capture from war can be obsolete. This law makes no sense and no longer do men and women who are soldiers need war captives. All war captives are turned into the state to be held for trial and charged with Crimes Against Humanity, when captured.
7. War “booty”

The Nazis did this to the Jews during the Holocaust in which they tried to do this to the Jews. They took their beautiful homes and valuables away from them and destroyed what they did not want. No longer can we do this. All left over war booty should be handed over to the state to feed their people and help refugees.
8. Gambling/Drinking

2:219 “They ask you, O’Prophet, concerning drinking and gambling. Say to them is a Great Sin and some profit, for men. Bit the Sin is Greater than the Profit. Today we can understand this with logic and intellect that these two things cause great issues in love and life. It hurts everyone around you when you go down these dark paths, when not checked and regulated within. You can become an alcoholic that is dependent on the alcohol which kills the body. You can gamble all your life savings away and end up destitute. But be wise in knowing there is some fun to be had in these as well. Do everything in moderation and balance. Don’t do anything in excess. Balance is key. If you are a person who easily becomes addicted to things, then stay away from these two. It is best.
9. Justice For All Actions

Quran in 5:45 says “life for a life, eye for eye, nose for nose, tooth for tooth, wounds equal for equal” can be applied metaphorically and in an immaterial way. This shows an energetic connection to one another. All energy is balanced by the Collective good in the created universe. Karma is real. What you do to another comes back to you in one form or another.
10. Adultery Of Both Parties

Quran 24:2 speaks about women and men severely whipped by 100 lashes should not happen in today’s society. Now Adultery Laws within marriage are in action and those hit people were it really counts-the wallet. Look into it further but adulterers know what they are doing deep down inside-its wrong to hurt another soul emotionally like this, but when it happens it causes much guilt in the guilty party, and that leads them to some form of redemption within. Leave all adulterers alone physically and let court and their own guilt take care of them and teach them lessons.
11.Women & Men Money Laws

Because men and women work now equally unless homeless or stay at home parent-all money and property shared should be 50/50 when divorced. Both women and men need the same amount of money to leave comfortably in society. There are times in which a lawyer can prove that one spouse worked harder for all the money earned but let the court decide this. Keep in mind that today, men and women need to earn and make the same amount of money in order to keep them living comfortably in their lives.
12. Siblings/Children Money Laws

Same 50/50 for men and women siblings. And if more siblings, then as equal as possible quarters, thirds-think in terms of math always. Keep it totally equal between men and women now.
13. Child Marriage

NO. STOP! This is Pedophilia. Back in the time when Muhammad was around this was a common practice because the life span was shorter for women and so they were becoming mother’s earlier to help procreate in society. Today we do not need this. Men marrying young girls are simply doing it for lust purposes or lack of using their empathy to know what repercussions the child will have being sexually active to a man at a young age. We know by Pedophilia cases that there is an emotional effect on children. STOP NO MORE. As the Quran explicitly states you should always check to see if the child is mature before anything. All Pedophiles should be prosecuted by the law and given treated to help cure them of this spiritual and emotional disease. They are blocked in their sacral chakra and can not have sex with normal adults their age. They need help. They are sick people. We should treat them for their illnesses today.