Why I Deleted My Assimilation Video

I am sure a lot of progressive muslims types will agree with me, Islam needs a change and reformation. The term “assimilation” has been thrown around so much throughout the years that it does not mean the same in cultural references than to assimilation of knowledge spoken about by Jean Piaget.

I realized I was using a buzz word that is triggering people, and even though I meant it to be assimilation of knowledge, it will be taken into account I meant something more negative or demeaning about cultural values, which is never my intention.

I do not want to cause fights and arguments and add to the already tense environment of immigration and cultural assimilation. So I removed a video I thought would cause too much drama.

Dan Brown said “everyone’s religion is the religion of their father”, in a sense he is right. And nobody can ever change the perspective of a person unless they go through the experience themselves.

I actually never wanted to change the mindset of young muslims..maybe some older dogmatic ones, yes.

Really my target audience was non-muslims to see a new perspective of Islam with my IndigoVoice channel, but youtube doesn’t work on the algorithm of what a person should watch different than their tastes already. So I realize this.

I think its best to leave the fights about assimilation and not to assimilate to others who are ready to handle backlash on both sides. I have hit my wall, and I know inside that I did a lot of videos that already can help some see other perspectives of Islam.

I am a visionary, a philosopher, an artist, an empath, an intuitive, a healer, but I am not a fighter or a warrior ready to go deep into battle with other traditional muslims and non muslims who hate Islam.

 I know this about myself. Hence I deleted it after I realized that that would fuel the fire, and I don’t want to have to keep explaining I mean it only within the idea of assimilation of knowledge.

We all are so different and everyone takes in information differently so I am happy to leave on a more positive note with my channel.



Moving Forwards..

I know it is difficult for some muslims right now to wrap their head around what I meant with my last videos entitled “We Are All Allah”. Change is scary. I get it. I told you in one of my videos that I never wanted to see this or admit it because I thought it was “haram”, but the deeper I actually went into it, the deeper I realized actually it makes you a wiser person that doesn’t involve yourself in drama any longer and you also start seeing everyone as fragments of Allah as well-just at different levels of awareness of it.

I titled the series that way to really bring a SHOCK to the old system of thought about God and life. Also it would connect to the way non muslims are starting to see God, that don’t belong to a religious faith.

It is exactly as the gnostic Christians always knew about “the apotheosis of man”, in which they take the symbolism for Jesus ascending as becoming God. The Quran says the same thing, that Jesus was raised back to Himself. Not all gnostics are bad, you can’t judge them as they should not all judge muslims. I have learned this in my deeper studies.

Quran 4:158  But Allah took him up unto Himself. Allah was ever Mighty, Wise.

Now does this mean Jesus became a dominant force and ruled over others? No. It simply means that wherever Jesus FIRST came from, he went back to the same source, and now is one with the ALL.

That is all I was ever talking about. We emanate from Allah for a temporary time and that is it…then we go back to the same source we came from as energy. This is what we today know as CONSCIOUSNESS.

Nothing scandalous. Nothing blaspheme about it.  We are not God on our own, we are God only together in unity. It actually makes me even more of a muslim or servant, because I don’t worship the self or ego, I worship the ALL-Life itself.

As I am finished making videos about Islam and my perceptions, I am excited to move forwards. I am going to work on a book one day, and I am going to keep my blog going for others to read. I certainly am not stopping my work in showing new perspectives, but just moving onto a new medium to do so. YouTube commenters have become nothing but keyboard warriors -down voting before they listen to my full video and commenting. I saw you all.

I hope my videos help others who do listen see an unique perspective of Islam that other muslims may have, but few talk about out of fear or uncertainty in today’s world.

Thanks to all my subscribers! Stay tuned for the Quran interpretations written down.


The Matrix Movie Allegory

My personality is one to find patterns and symbols inside of things that some people may not stop to look for. On the quest to discovering unity to all things and beings in this life, it often leads you to looking into the symbolic meaning behind things. To me NOTHING does not serve a purpose in this simulated reality by the Collective Consciousness or Source of All Information, we muslims call beautifully in arabic… Allah.

In the Quran, it is explained as NOTHING exists outside of Allah, like in verse:

Quran 2:9  They [think to] deceive Allah and those who believe, but they deceive not except themselves and perceive [it] not.

When you look at one of the most famous movies to ever have graced the screens of this new age of technology and spiritual science, the Movie the Matrix, is full of allegory and wisdom.

The idea of us coming from the same source, the Architect, is Allah to Muslims. Neo is the messenger or prophet much like Muhammad or Jesus and many others. Neo awakens from his sleep as we all must strive to do in this lifetime and in the end, he offers up the ultimate sacrifice to save others.

He becomes blinded by agents of the Matrix, but he is not blind in the heart or spiritually. In the end he is able to see the robot city as a part of him and all other parts of the Matrix, so he sees nothing but golden lights everywhere symbolizing his perception changing his awareness of the robots connections to the human race. They are all from the same Consciousness, or Mind of the Matrix.

Neo meets with the ruler of the robot world and makes a deal of ultimate sacrifice to stop the killing of humans. He bears his life, he is the Jesus of the legends, and in doing so changes the “Dream” of the Architect, in which you see the Oracle and the Architect create a new Dream together.

This is how we all really are. We each have the choice to play as the agents (keeping others asleep) or waking others up like Neo. Even some have the choice to become martyrs for greater causes and create greater changes in the world.

But in the End, we learn in the Matrix, as we learn in the Quran-ALL souls eventually return to the Source, from their roles they played and choices they chose to experience. There lies the great judgement, what was done with the time given to you as a soul.


Where you an agent to keep discord, war and destruction going, or were you a Neo and others who have awakened to stop the wars and create peace?  At the very core that is really what this world is about. It is far more than money, sex, fun moments, and entertainment-it is a quest to return to the Source.

Will you do it this lifetime, or wait to see if you can in the next?

Wake up. You all are from Source.

Why I Am Against the Full Burqa Veil As A Muslim

Quran 2:7 Allah has set a seal upon their hearts and upon their hearing, and over their vision is a veil. And for them is a great punishment.

In the Quran, the word “veil” is symbolic for ignorance and darkness. Wearing a full black dark veil covering the “vision” to me symbolizes this very nature of being in the dark and ignorant of the unity and higher spiritual wisdom given in the Quran.

Many of these women wearing the full veil, may not themselves be ignorant and actually be very spiritual, but to have a full black veil on is to be a walking example of the “veil” Allah will put over people as a symbolism for their denial of the truth, and so they remain in darkness until their realizations.

I understand it is part of the custom and traditions of a particular muslim country, mostly in Saudi Arabia, or Iran you will see this form of dress, but it is not the normal look for Muslim women and it was not always part of tradition, but came about later on in a political change to a more austere form of governance and spiritual control of the people.

I really truly hope, these woman and men who support the black veil actually reflects on the usage of “veil” in the Quran to have deep spiritual significance to ignorance and spiritual darkness.

The Niqab is a bit different in that it shows a bit of the eyes, but the Burqa fully covers the face as a veil over the vision…as the Quran warns about.

Why would anyone feel this gets them closer to God, when Allah in the Quran speaks of the veil as needing to be removed in order to have Clear Sight of the Signs and messages for Life itself?



Dan Brown’s Recent Awakening.

Went to author (of Divinci Code) Dan Brown’s book release on his new book Origin.

Learned his mother was a devout Christian, his father a famous mathematician. He is the product of math/science meeting religion.

His new book is the quest to learn about where humanity is going and enters into the field of artificial intelligence.

Three years ago he told himself that humanity is done evolving. He today says 100% with certainty, humanity is on the starting point of a mountain of change and evolution.

He is excited and so am I.


An actual quote from him tonight:

“There are universal truisms, we are tapping into and can almost all agree on. Kindness over cruelty. Creation over destruction. Love over hate.” ~Dan Brown