Moving Forwards..

I know it is difficult for some muslims right now to wrap their head around what I meant with my last videos entitled “We Are All Allah”. Change is scary. I get it. I told you in one of my videos that I never wanted to see this or admit it because I thought it was “haram”, but the deeper I actually went into it, the deeper I realized actually it makes you a wiser person that doesn’t involve yourself in drama any longer and you also start seeing everyone as fragments of Allah as well-just at different levels of awareness of it.

I titled the series that way to really bring a SHOCK to the old system of thought about God and life. Also it would connect to the way non muslims are starting to see God, that don’t belong to a religious faith.

It is exactly as the gnostic Christians always knew about “the apotheosis of man”, in which they take the symbolism for Jesus ascending as becoming God. The Quran says the same thing, that Jesus was raised back to Himself. Not all gnostics are bad, you can’t judge them as they should not all judge muslims. I have learned this in my deeper studies.

Quran 4:158  But Allah took him up unto Himself. Allah was ever Mighty, Wise.

Now does this mean Jesus became a dominant force and ruled over others? No. It simply means that wherever Jesus FIRST came from, he went back to the same source, and now is one with the ALL.

That is all I was ever talking about. We emanate from Allah for a temporary time and that is it…then we go back to the same source we came from as energy. This is what we today know as CONSCIOUSNESS.

Nothing scandalous. Nothing blaspheme about it.  We are not God on our own, we are God only together in unity. It actually makes me even more of a muslim or servant, because I don’t worship the self or ego, I worship the ALL-Life itself.

As I am finished making videos about Islam and my perceptions, I am excited to move forwards. I am going to work on a book one day, and I am going to keep my blog going for others to read. I certainly am not stopping my work in showing new perspectives, but just moving onto a new medium to do so. YouTube commenters have become nothing but keyboard warriors -down voting before they listen to my full video and commenting. I saw you all.

I hope my videos help others who do listen see an unique perspective of Islam that other muslims may have, but few talk about out of fear or uncertainty in today’s world.

Thanks to all my subscribers! Stay tuned for the Quran interpretations written down.