Why I Deleted My Assimilation Video

I am sure a lot of progressive muslims types will agree with me, Islam needs a change and reformation. The term “assimilation” has been thrown around so much throughout the years that it does not mean the same in cultural references than to assimilation of knowledge spoken about by Jean Piaget.

I realized I was using a buzz word that is triggering people, and even though I meant it to be assimilation of knowledge, it will be taken into account I meant something more negative or demeaning about cultural values, which is never my intention.

I do not want to cause fights and arguments and add to the already tense environment of immigration and cultural assimilation. So I removed a video I thought would cause too much drama.

Dan Brown said “everyone’s religion is the religion of their father”, in a sense he is right. And nobody can ever change the perspective of a person unless they go through the experience themselves.

I actually never wanted to change the mindset of young muslims..maybe some older dogmatic ones, yes.

Really my target audience was non-muslims to see a new perspective of Islam with my IndigoVoice channel, but youtube doesn’t work on the algorithm of what a person should watch different than their tastes already. So I realize this.

I think its best to leave the fights about assimilation and not to assimilate to others who are ready to handle backlash on both sides. I have hit my wall, and I know inside that I did a lot of videos that already can help some see other perspectives of Islam.

I am a visionary, a philosopher, an artist, an empath, an intuitive, a healer, but I am not a fighter or a warrior ready to go deep into battle with other traditional muslims and non muslims who hate Islam.

 I know this about myself. Hence I deleted it after I realized that that would fuel the fire, and I don’t want to have to keep explaining I mean it only within the idea of assimilation of knowledge.

We all are so different and everyone takes in information differently so I am happy to leave on a more positive note with my channel.