Mosques Really Need More Unity

My dear Muslims, Rumi would be so sad today…to see so much separation.

Islam really is a beautiful religion, but the traditions are outdated in many ways.

I went to a mosque the other day for my father in law to pray as it is part of the services of funerals. I expected it to be a beautiful experience.

But unfortunately it was not. I understand why they separate women and men, while bending down on the ground praying, almost doing sun salutations.

But as someone with a unity consciousness it was very hard for me to be there. In both mosques I went to that day, women were high up above men in a totally separate balcony behind a glass box or railing.

Women were not part of the sermon at all it seemed, we were so far away. Men shook hands down below and even hugged being very close to the imam. Women were forced to be with one another only and it was not the same feeling as the men for some reason. No handshakes or happy brotherly hugs.

How sad. My husband was down below me on the ground and I could not even be with him praying with him as husband and wife, as it is done in the Christian churches.

I am sorry to say, but that has got to end. It’s too separating for those who do not hold a perverted thought in their mind. It does make women feel like second class citizens.

I know in my heart the makers of the mosque thought it would be good for women to have a separate experience than men and to talk to one another only providing privacy, but it really does take the Unity out of the religion and makes it about sex and gender.

It’s very sad to see. I hope for the future of Islam, and all religions for that manner, that old customs and traditions will fall away and all that is left is some of the beautiful teachings.

The Matrix Movie Allegory

My personality is one to find patterns and symbols inside of things that some people may not stop to look for. On the quest to discovering unity to all things and beings in this life, it often leads you to looking into the symbolic meaning behind things. To me NOTHING does not serve a purpose in this simulated reality by the Collective Consciousness or Source of All Information, we muslims call beautifully in arabic… Allah.

In the Quran, it is explained as NOTHING exists outside of Allah, like in verse:

Quran 2:9  They [think to] deceive Allah and those who believe, but they deceive not except themselves and perceive [it] not.

When you look at one of the most famous movies to ever have graced the screens of this new age of technology and spiritual science, the Movie the Matrix, is full of allegory and wisdom.

The idea of us coming from the same source, the Architect, is Allah to Muslims. Neo is the messenger or prophet much like Muhammad or Jesus and many others. Neo awakens from his sleep as we all must strive to do in this lifetime and in the end, he offers up the ultimate sacrifice to save others.

He becomes blinded by agents of the Matrix, but he is not blind in the heart or spiritually. In the end he is able to see the robot city as a part of him and all other parts of the Matrix, so he sees nothing but golden lights everywhere symbolizing his perception changing his awareness of the robots connections to the human race. They are all from the same Consciousness, or Mind of the Matrix.

Neo meets with the ruler of the robot world and makes a deal of ultimate sacrifice to stop the killing of humans. He bears his life, he is the Jesus of the legends, and in doing so changes the “Dream” of the Architect, in which you see the Oracle and the Architect create a new Dream together.

This is how we all really are. We each have the choice to play as the agents (keeping others asleep) or waking others up like Neo. Even some have the choice to become martyrs for greater causes and create greater changes in the world.

But in the End, we learn in the Matrix, as we learn in the Quran-ALL souls eventually return to the Source, from their roles they played and choices they chose to experience. There lies the great judgement, what was done with the time given to you as a soul.


Where you an agent to keep discord, war and destruction going, or were you a Neo and others who have awakened to stop the wars and create peace?  At the very core that is really what this world is about. It is far more than money, sex, fun moments, and entertainment-it is a quest to return to the Source.

Will you do it this lifetime, or wait to see if you can in the next?

Wake up. You all are from Source.

Why I Am Against the Full Burqa Veil As A Muslim

Quran 2:7 Allah has set a seal upon their hearts and upon their hearing, and over their vision is a veil. And for them is a great punishment.

In the Quran, the word “veil” is symbolic for ignorance and darkness. Wearing a full black dark veil covering the “vision” to me symbolizes this very nature of being in the dark and ignorant of the unity and higher spiritual wisdom given in the Quran.

Many of these women wearing the full veil, may not themselves be ignorant and actually be very spiritual, but to have a full black veil on is to be a walking example of the “veil” Allah will put over people as a symbolism for their denial of the truth, and so they remain in darkness until their realizations.

I understand it is part of the custom and traditions of a particular muslim country, mostly in Saudi Arabia, or Iran you will see this form of dress, but it is not the normal look for Muslim women and it was not always part of tradition, but came about later on in a political change to a more austere form of governance and spiritual control of the people.

I really truly hope, these woman and men who support the black veil actually reflects on the usage of “veil” in the Quran to have deep spiritual significance to ignorance and spiritual darkness.

The Niqab is a bit different in that it shows a bit of the eyes, but the Burqa fully covers the face as a veil over the vision…as the Quran warns about.

Why would anyone feel this gets them closer to God, when Allah in the Quran speaks of the veil as needing to be removed in order to have Clear Sight of the Signs and messages for Life itself?



Dan Brown’s Recent Awakening.

Went to author (of Divinci Code) Dan Brown’s book release on his new book Origin.

Learned his mother was a devout Christian, his father a famous mathematician. He is the product of math/science meeting religion.

His new book is the quest to learn about where humanity is going and enters into the field of artificial intelligence.

Three years ago he told himself that humanity is done evolving. He today says 100% with certainty, humanity is on the starting point of a mountain of change and evolution.

He is excited and so am I.


An actual quote from him tonight:

“There are universal truisms, we are tapping into and can almost all agree on. Kindness over cruelty. Creation over destruction. Love over hate.” ~Dan Brown

We Are Allah/God: New Quran Law Updates

Transcript of my Youtube Video:  We Are Allah/God: New Laws

Talking about the Sharia laws, or laws that align to the Quran revelations in ways of synthesizing the material world with the immaterial spiritual or higher states of consciousness in today’s world of 2000s.

Laws discussed in order:

And of course murderers also should go to Jail. No human should kill another human. Two rights do not make a right. They should receive counseling within jail to help them reach spiritual enlightenment and achieve spiritual redemption and remain in jail or come out, based on case by case. They too will live with their guilty conscience.


1. Theft 

5:38 [As for] the thief, the male and the female, amputate their hands in recompense for what they committed as a deterrent [punishment] from Allah . And Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise.

Instead of physically cutting off hands or a hand as the Quran does suggest. Now in 2017 realize this means jail or prison time Their hands will be “cut off” metaphorically from society. They should be in jail till they learn from their mistakes determined by judge and prison counselor. Help the thief realize they don’t need to steal when they wake up to see they never lack of anything in the first place.

24:13 Bring four witnesses to prove any blame for any act. This is protecting the person accused by court. Slander will have to be treated as something that needs proof. Lawyers, witnesses, juries, judges and rape kits if it rape is involved. These are all ways we today can prove a slanderer.
3. When a Muslim Leaves Islam

A person who decides to not be labeled as a muslim any longer is not to be punished by death with human hands. But now can be left alone to see what their own fate will be. This is their spiritual journey, do not get involved. Only Truth can judge a person in the end what where their intentions  and reasons on leaving a faith. Humans leave all non-believers alone-except of course the ones harming you, oppressing you and trying to kill you. You have every right to defend your land and space.
4. Adultery-beating wives

STOP abuse of wives. The laws are changing. We are becoming civil humans now and many who are in flow of this evolution and growth of spirit and mind will not beat their wives. But instead by case by case basis leave the ones who cheated on them or work through it with marriage counseling if you judge the person as sincere and you really love them and want to give another chance.
5. Free All Slaves

As the Quran states the Right Path in Surah 90 is “it is always best to free the slaves” and please the Collective Consciousness of Higher Mind we are all a part of. Free ALL Slaves-No soul should be in bondage to serve another. Sex slaves, war captives need to be freed forever in humanity. Whoever works together right now to do this like Ashton Kutcher and others working on this. Everyone on earth should help to try to free all those made as slaves still in 2017.
6. War Captives of Right Hand

4:24 speaking about marrying a women you do capture from war can be obsolete. This law makes no sense and no longer do men and women who are soldiers need war captives. All war captives are turned into the state to be held for trial and charged with Crimes Against Humanity, when captured.
7. War “booty”

The Nazis did this to the Jews during the Holocaust in which they tried to do this to the Jews. They took their beautiful homes and valuables away from them and destroyed what they did not want. No longer can we do this. All left over war booty should be handed over to the state to feed their people and help refugees.
8. Gambling/Drinking

2:219 “They ask you, O’Prophet, concerning drinking and gambling. Say to them is a Great Sin and some profit, for men. Bit the Sin is Greater than the Profit. Today we can understand this with logic and intellect that these two things cause great issues in love and life. It hurts everyone around you when you go down these dark paths, when not checked and regulated within. You can become an alcoholic that is dependent on the alcohol which kills the body. You can gamble all your life savings away and end up destitute. But be wise in knowing there is some fun to be had in these as well. Do everything in moderation and balance. Don’t do anything in excess. Balance is key. If you are a person who easily becomes addicted to things, then stay away from these two. It is best.
9. Justice For All Actions

Quran in 5:45 says “life for a life, eye for eye, nose for nose, tooth for tooth, wounds equal for equal” can be applied metaphorically and in an immaterial way. This shows an energetic connection to one another. All energy is balanced by the Collective good in the created universe. Karma is real. What you do to another comes back to you in one form or another.
10. Adultery Of Both Parties

Quran 24:2 speaks about women and men severely whipped by 100 lashes should not happen in today’s society. Now Adultery Laws within marriage are in action and those hit people were it really counts-the wallet. Look into it further but adulterers know what they are doing deep down inside-its wrong to hurt another soul emotionally like this, but when it happens it causes much guilt in the guilty party, and that leads them to some form of redemption within. Leave all adulterers alone physically and let court and their own guilt take care of them and teach them lessons.
11.Women & Men Money Laws

Because men and women work now equally unless homeless or stay at home parent-all money and property shared should be 50/50 when divorced. Both women and men need the same amount of money to leave comfortably in society. There are times in which a lawyer can prove that one spouse worked harder for all the money earned but let the court decide this. Keep in mind that today, men and women need to earn and make the same amount of money in order to keep them living comfortably in their lives.
12. Siblings/Children Money Laws

Same 50/50 for men and women siblings. And if more siblings, then as equal as possible quarters, thirds-think in terms of math always. Keep it totally equal between men and women now.
13. Child Marriage

NO. STOP! This is Pedophilia. Back in the time when Muhammad was around this was a common practice because the life span was shorter for women and so they were becoming mother’s earlier to help procreate in society. Today we do not need this. Men marrying young girls are simply doing it for lust purposes or lack of using their empathy to know what repercussions the child will have being sexually active to a man at a young age. We know by Pedophilia cases that there is an emotional effect on children. STOP NO MORE. As the Quran explicitly states you should always check to see if the child is mature before anything. All Pedophiles should be prosecuted by the law and given treated to help cure them of this spiritual and emotional disease. They are blocked in their sacral chakra and can not have sex with normal adults their age. They need help. They are sick people. We should treat them for their illnesses today.

If I Was Allah- Part 1

If I was Allah…


I would want my creation to reflect myself and my ideals I am made of. 

I would like to demonstrate my own sense of Infinity, by giving a spiritual immortality to all my souls I create. 

I would want to demonstrate my own Freedom by giving each of my souls-Free Will and freedom to experience everything they create, in totality.

I would want to demonstrate my own knowledge of Love by allowing humans to experience one another in love. Also for humans to feel love towards animals, ideas, and places. Love would be infinitely felt and experienced throughout the Universe.

I would want to demonstrate my Giver Nature of Life in allowing my souls to feel good or best when giving to others and allowing them too the ability to create life. 

I would would want my Mindfulness of Eternity be reflected in my souls as well. They would be given the ability to be as self aware as I am. 

I would want my Selflessness or Service to Others be demonstrated in my souls who acted out their roles of becoming martyrs, activists, and messengers within History. These souls would stick out amongst others in order to inspire the same thing in them. 

I would want to demonstrate my Defender of Creation aspect by creating always the cycle of older and wiser beings and civilizations to help guard the younger ones, called the Angels. They would guard humanity, just as I do for all eternity until I remove the blockade against them-to bring in their Ending. 

I would want to demonstrate my Protectiveness of all my Creations by providing physical layers of space that protect planets from the other elements and celestial bodies I created as well. 

I would want to demonstrate my Ultimate Wisdom in making sure every time they made a good choice they would feel it in their six senses. Every time they made a bad choice they would sense it too. This area would be called the intuition to guide them to bring them closer to what it is I am looking for from them each. 

I would want to demonstrate my ability to know all things or Omniscience by allowing souls to learn as much as they want and expand their brain capacity any time they learn something brand new. 

I would want to demonstrate my ability to Discern by allowing souls to analyze and reason within themselves. 

I would want to demonstrate my Reflectiveness by allowing my souls to reflect within and to notice their outside reality also reflects them as a whole species. 

I would want to demonstrate my Infinite Experimental Nature by testing all my souls through their freedom of choices and observing what each soul chooses for itself. 

I would want to reflect my Goodness in the heart of my souls who choose the path of righteousness and being brave to stand up against evil choices of others. They will naturally love heroes in stories and in myths. 

I would like to demonstrate my Beauty in allowing souls to express their own beauty and to have the natural insight to recognize nature’s beauty around them. Beauty will be infinite in the eyes of the observer and depend on the soul’s choice to decide what is beautiful to them. 

I would want to show my Ultimate Oneness by allowing souls who feel connected to me to reach for Unity within and seek it with others. 

I would want to reflect my Diverse Nature in all my worlds to naturally grow a diverse species of plants, animals, and other intelligent life forms. I would also like to show a purpose for Diversity within a Society or Civilization. 

I would love to demonstrate my Highest Awareness by showing all levels of consciousness on planets, within souls. When a species all match up their consciousness levels they are then close to Realization and Manifestation of a New Dream. Also individuals will have their own journeys to reach enlightenment or aligning with me. Coming back Home. 

I would want to show my Ultimate Judging Nature within each soul’s death the ability for each soul to stand witness to their own life and judge their own lives. 

I would want my ability as the Dream Creator to reflect in all my souls to create their own Heaven or Hells that they decide to create for themselves by their deeds and choices. Also as they dream their subconsciousness will reveal many truths about their own inner states. 

If I were Allah…this is how I would create Life. This is how i would reflect my Oneness within the Many. 

The Truth On The Veil 

The “veil” in the Quran was a traditional desert headdress of Hebrew people. The Arab nation which is a mix of Hebrews also took this on as a protection against the sun.
The Quran commands women to “cover their jewels” not hair-BUT the hair was already covered as a desert protection.
The Muslim veil was to be wrapped around the neck to hide the breasts from unwanted attention from men. 
It was a very different time back then. It was helpful advice and not at all commanded. 
Piousness can today be demonstrated in many ways to keep the integrity of a woman. 
If you aren’t in the desert there is no need to wear it. You can dress modestly.
Different sects and even individuals will see the veil differently. Depending how material you are from more spiritual perhaps. 

Visions of Hell From An Empath

Taking in all the information and observations on this world and of people, I have figured out what Hell could most likely be.

We are told in the religious texts that Hell is a place of fire and stones, to burn men and women for all eternity. But WHAT does that truly mean in today’s level of wisdom?

If you take an individual like Hitler, or Stalin, they will have much more evil added to their conscience then other killers. There are different levels of Hell just as there are different levels of consciousness here on earth.

An individual soul like Hitler or Stalin’s could have a Hell that looks a little like this in order to cause the Learning and Growth it needs most:


Hitler wakes up to find the ground is dark and wet with blood. As he looks into the distance he sees a figure moving towards him. The figure is a little boy burned beyond recognition and a limb missing from his body. His eyes have been badly bleeding due to the gas emitted in the gas chambers. Hitler tries to get away, but can not, and has to face what he has done. Then another figure starts to walk towards him…and more and more decaying bodies in front of him to face. All that evil he has done has finally come back to haunt him. 

Those souls are not really there though. They are a reflection given to Hitler by God and based off of memories he had stored. Hitler covers his eyes, but the bodies keep coming and won’t let him be. They keep coming till all 2 million of them have appeared before him. Next they start to merge inside of him…and from there he FEELs their pain of what they endured when they were shot, tortured, starved, gassed and burned.

It feels like eternity of horror upon horror. Hitler is filled of fear and disgust for what he has done almost to the point of going mad. He screams out in mercy and in agony for what he has done to others, falling to the ground weeping.

“I am so sorry…I was so wrong and arrogant in my decisions I made on earth, God.” he weeps.

As Hitler says these words, a small light appears in the distance moving closer towards him. An angel of God appears and take his hand leading him away from the broken bodies around him. Hitler has a tear fall from his eye to show his gratitude towards this angel for removing him from these bodies. He is so filled of remorse and hates himself beyond a soul can take. He feels a heaviness in him that can not be described. 

The angel looks at him, with total love from their eyes and says, “you have learned well so far. There is more to show you of your life though first.”

Hitler feels completely humiliated and shamed for not thinking that his memories could be read on earth. He realizes how ignorant he really was to not believe in a higher power than his own ignorant ego making decisions based on politics and war. He realizes how wrong he was in so many ways and how his life lead him to that terrible experience he suffered through. 

Hitler is broken down. Stripped completely of his ego identity feeling one with everything now. Understanding finally everything.  As he breathes the final words within this dark realm, he realizes he has had the key to heaven always within reach.

Hitler disappears from that realm and awakens in a realm filled of Light to join the other souls.  

Those who do no harm towards others will not need to go through the pain of learning what they did wrong in the first place.

Please share this to save a soul.

Start Uniting In The Hearts

“We may know who we are or we may not. We may be Muslims, Jews or Christians but until our hearts become the mould for every heart we will see only our differences.”
~ Rumi
Quran 2:62 Verily! Those who believe and those who are Jews and Christians, and Sabians, whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day and do righteous good deeds shall have their reward with their Lord, on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve .

The Rohingya Muslim Genocide

2:27 Who break the covenant of Allah after its confirmation and cut asunder what Allah has ordered to be joined, and make mischief in the land; these it is that are the losers.


7:8-9 And the weighing [of deeds] that Day will be the truth. So those whose scales are heavy – it is they who will be the successful. And those whose scales are light – they are the ones who will lose themselves for what injustice they were doing toward Our verses.


10:61 And, [O Muhammad], you are not [engaged] in any matter or recite any of the Qur’an and you [people] do not do any deed except that We are witness over you when you are involved in it. And not absent from your Lord is any [part] of an atom’s weight within the earth or within the heaven or [anything] smaller than that or greater but that it is in a clear register.

Nearly 90,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled to Bangladesh in the last 10 days, uprooted by reported rapes, murders and acts of arson by the Myanmar army.

My concern is for not only the innocent muslims being killed. My concern also extends out to those who are killing them. My gosh..can you imagine the absolute horror that comes after this lifetime? NOTHING is ever lost in terms of energy. Every action you do does come back to you.

The absolute evil and ignorance being committed will always catch up to a soul. This universe works on cycles, scales, and balances. It is not naturally chaotic, but made chaotic by other’s actions. We can look at Nature and see examples of this.

So my message is really the last warning I can give to those committing and enabling these acts of evil. You may believe you can get away with it here, but there is a Divine Order that exists outside of the physical realm governed by Laws of Cause & Effect.

Your choices do have the power to haunt you forever…so make sure they are good ones.



To hear more of my deeper thoughts on this, you can go to my youtube: