The OA: How It Connects All Religions.

I just finished the most amazing Netflix series called the OA. You can say it affirmed my belief we are entering into a new paradigm shift or have been in one now, for those who are aware of it. While watching it, I realized that it had several religious components all in one series:

Christianity: Had one of the characters sacrificed for the others, kept in the cage to try to escape, and he was laying down in a way Jesus was said to lie down on the cross with his hands and feet placed in the way of the crucifixion.

Judaism & Islam: In Judaism it is said to have a well of souls that is used to give birth to souls and then they come to earth. When the well has no more souls, that is when the Last Day for mankind is. When the OA comes back to the Well of souls, she is then in a space that is filled of galaxies greeted by an Angel who speaks Arabic. We see this as galaxies to denote that Allah is known as Lord of the Worlds, so there are multi universes, and we also see an Angel speaking Arabic, named Khatun, which is Turkish meaning “noble woman”.

Buddhism: The premise of having compassion for all beings, even the evil ones is where the dance comes from. The movements are showing a move towards compassion towards those who are asleep spiritually and do evil to others. Buddhist believe that peace towards others, is the act of being water putting out the fire.

And then there are a few nods to other ancient spiritual paths,  the Slavic god of the Underworld is the wolf that appears on the hoodies of the two angels, and even the religious rites of the ancient people which is why the dance is very tribal like and early human like.

This show brings all paths together under a very important premise: We all can choose to be angels in the moments needed, specifically when we need to save someone we see in pain or about to do evil. She is the OA “Original Angel”, but she is not the only one. She travels to dimension after dimension opening hearts and minds, to show the angelic selfless nature that they too can possess. They become copies of her, as she is the original, she turns them into angels that then do heroic deeds and stop great evil from happening.

In Islam, the moral integrity is high. Allah expects much out of humans, enough goodness where a person is full of pure intentions towards others. This is the only way that the gates of Heaven open up for a soul and the angels welcome them. It does not matter how many mistakes you make and ask for forgiveness, you just have to be awakened and conscious as a person to always have the best intentions carried in your heart for others. Allah will SEE that.

We see this through the different characters. Steve is a troubled teen that is violent and lashes out angrily in the world when he feels rejected or hurt. And the OA teaches the audience, Steve’s teacher and Steve, that all he needed was for someone to believe in his “invisible self”. His inner goodness is his invisible self, his true nature that gets hurt and hurts back in defense. His visible self is what he chooses to show the world. This very much is a subject of Ego vs. the Authentic Soul.

I loved this show, because I am someone who believes as a muslim, since we all come ONE source of Creation, we are all parts of this creation and are connected in ways we can not see. I also believe that love, beauty, and truth will always defeat the evil in the world. The dance opened not only higher dimensions, but it was used to open up hearts and minds fostering higher dimension of thought. Watch the terrorist’s eyes at the end, how mesmerized he is by the beauty of the selfless act of this dance.

I studied this amazing last scene and figured out the dance is five steps to a new dimension as a group because each move is a stage of awareness that we as a people need to have in order to stop any evil in the world and move forwards:

1st move: There is evil, I see your evil…I attack or defend back.

2nd move: There is evil in you because of your pain.

3rd move: I am aware of your pain, I feel it too. Let me help. Let me take it away.

4th move: I am aware of my strength to protect others as well as you and I will as an Angel.

5th move. I send forth love and light to bring free your chains of darkness, open your heart and mind to stop the evil, and open a new path of opportunity for joy to you. I SEE you.

Sounds like these steps can take earth into a new paradigm of peace and understanding as the Quran was constantly trying to usher into humanity. But the interpretations became messed up and ego got in the way, instead of authentic souls trying to bring people together.

The message of this show is:

Even though we are individual souls on a journey, we are all in this world together. When we open our hearts and minds to one another, we remember this and our “wings” of joy can carry us into higher life experiences together. We then create peace, not war, which is more authentic to who we are. Which is what all religions and the Angels have tried to guide us towards. 

The last scene sent chills of splendor and happiness down my spine. If you like pure spiritual beauty and experiencing it, I highly recommend this show.



The Movie Risen: A Muslim’s Perspective.

Just came back from Risen, and I am a little out of it, it was beautifully done in my eyes, and I feel a bit spiritually “high” I guess you can say. I am not sure how it did in the box offices in terms of money, but there were only 10 people in the theater…sad times indeed, when so many need to hear the message.

I liked this movie, I saw the unity in the idea that Yes, Jesus was a product of divine manifestation to teach important messages and ways of salvation to the people. They showed him in an interesting light. Jesus never asked to be worshiped, but only told his followers to worship God above. One particular scene was when Jesus was sitting on a rock gazing at the stars, and told Clavius the Roman, to get to know Him in order to reach peace…the power that created the Universe they were both staring up at.

I want to do more research on this, but the movie showed Jesus literally popping in and out of dimension and then at the end gone in a flash of light, which looked as if he entered a portal of some sort…

It really makes you think, was Jesus an advanced being from another reality or dimension able to visit us, and become our Mercy from God?

I don’t know the answer, but because of my faith in his existence and historical significance, I can sleep easy tonight knowing there is indeed a loving power guiding us always.

I recommend it.


Jesus in Islam was more than a man: He was an example.

29. So she pointed to him. They said, “How can we speak to an infant in the crib?”

30. He said, “I am the servant of God. He has given me the Scripture, and made me a prophet.

31. And has made me blessed wherever I may be; and has enjoined on me prayer and charity, so long as I live.

32. And kind to my mother, and He did not make me a disobedient rebel.

33. So Peace is upon me the day I was born, and the day I die, and the Day I get resurrected alive.”

34. That is Jesus son of Mary-the Word of truth about which they doubt.


In a world torn apart by violence it is important to revisit the ancient texts to see actually WHAT each religion teaches. No longer can we just go by the priests, imams, and rabbi’s words-we must search for our own truth.

Each person has a filter, and personal intention behind their teaching people. I guess, my personal intention is to get people to see the interconnection and stop fighting. This is not every religious leader’s unfortunately and hasn’t been in the past. There is nothing special about me. I sit here at home just wanting to prove with the use of studying life connections to the scriptures the evidence of God’s unity. So I decide to do that with my time to help inspire others. I am not sure what goes through the head of a pastor of a Sunday church in Georgia, or an imam in an Islamic Institution, but I can say I have PROOF that Christians and Muslims believe in the same Jesus, but just have been interpreting his life and death differently.

As you can see in the above verses, Jesus DID die. He was raised UP alive. Christians think the same thing. But they were taught to believe that this made him God. Muslims are taught to see that God made Jesus His servant, as part of the Godhead, and allowed him to live again in a place we all long for and will ALSO return to.

It’s extremely complicated, but when you start to see your fellow beings as part of the same family under God and guided by the same light and love of God, it is easy to start to see the connection.

Let’s face it Muslims: Some of you have been too “literal”, too “logical” with your interpretations of Jesus as a messenger or prophet. He was never “just” one like Muhammad or Noah was. He was CREATED specifically with a purpose to talk as a baby with wisdom-what other messenger did this? None.

Jesus was also designed as Adam was to “be” and so he “became”. Jesus was born from a virgin Mary, and was made uniquely unlike any other human being on earth. To be a muslim, you must admit that.

The fork in the road between Christianity and Islam happens during the tale of Jesus’s death. In the Quran, he was plotted against by the Romans and Pharisees, but saved by God. To many Christians, this is blasphemy cause it means then that Jesus did not die for our sins. However, as we can see in the above verses that Jesus absolutely did die and was resurrected alive. We are not sure about the timing, since the Quran suggests that his death happened a little after the Romans killed him when there was a substitution to look like him. It is a mystery how this worked. How could Jesus die, but then also be saved by God?

In one way we can see a parallel is in the resurrection of Jesus in Christianity and Islam. Jesus was raised alive. So in my interpretation and way I would like to teach both Christians and Muslims to see, is that the corrupted actions of the Romans killing Jesus did not taint his spirit or “kill” his soul. When a person dies unjustly they do not really die. Their body may be gone, but they are then brought to a new place. Perhaps a new dimension that can appreciate a soul like that.

Yes, Jesus did die because the sins of man. He died cause he kept teaching spiritual wisdom in a world ruled by blind leaders.

This is how I have come to see Jesus’s death: It was a great teaching about the meaning of Life. When you die in service of being a good person, a servant of God. You are never dead. Physically you may be, but you are resurrected into something new. I believe God was trying to show this to human beings. But somewhere the idea that ONLY Jesus could be raised like this cause he was God in the flesh, got too heavy handed. A less severe approach to include all others is to see that Jesus’s resurrection was not about his specialness-although he was very special. It’s about all of ours, and how the evils of the world can not taint a pure soul that devotes their life to God and to helping others SEE him.

If you are Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, still looking, but not labeling yourself….and you are a good person who devotes themselves to putting more good in the world than bad energy-then you are saved from the black void of death, like Jesus was.