What Humans Are Evolving Into & God’s Plan.



Today I am in flow with the universe and in connection to God, and being part of the millions of spiritual and religious groups on facebook, I saw this meme above, grace my news feed. But what really made me have a sudden realization is the amount of people who commented, “that’s so me!” on the meme.

At that moment, I figured the secret out that the spiritual teachers and Angelic messengers have been trying to tell us all along….when we are aligned with the Plans of God, we are evolving into higher paradigms of thought and experiences. We become more aware of everything around us and in tune to others. It is not just a few who have been chosen to be born as empaths realizing this…it is ALL of us who have been created with this intent in mind from God and those who choose to align themselves to this plan.

We were created after the Angels, to be a free willed creation that has the same potential to be of service to God. But the only difference is we are on the physical dimension and not the spiritual one as the Angels are. We are moving in a direction more beautiful than we can ever imagine and when the plan became clear in mind, I saw it as the most amazing idea. Humans are actually evolving into more empathic and psychic beings! We are actually feeling the needs, desires, and thoughts of each other reaching a new realization of unity from the same Creator.

Truly if we lived in this way purely all the time, we would have heaven on earth. Earth is a beautiful paradise and it is the few who is making it hell for others, that are holding us back. We must keep moving towards this plan of God’s to keep reaching these benchmarks of human evolution and together we will be able to create earth as a temporary space as the gift of the “Gardens of Eden” it was always meant to be.

But perhaps even that is part of the plan….to be able to evolve past the corruption of Satan on earth. How good of servants to God we become, if we refused Satan’s corruption of this beautiful space and instead evolved towards God! We live in such exciting times!

Earth is not heaven, but inĀ living together in the state of empathic awareness, we can create a home very close to the one we originally came from when God first created the first human. I am ready to do this…are you?!


Surah Hud: Chapter 11 (line 50-60) Hud

50. And to Aad, their brother Hud. He said, “O my people, worship God, you have no other god besides Him. You do nothing but invent lies.”

51. “O my people, I ask you no wage for it; my wage lies with Him who originated me. Do you not understand?”

52. “O my people, ask forgiveness from your Lord, and repent to Him. He will release the sky pouring down upon you, and will add strength to your strength. And do not turn away and be wicked.”

53. They said, “O Hud, you did not bring us any evidence, and we are not about to abandon our gods at your word, and we are not believers in you.”

54. “We only say that some of our gods have possessed you with evil.” He said, “I call God to witness, and you to witness, that I am innocent of what you associate.

55. Besides Him. So scheme against me, all of you, and do not hesitate.

56. I have placed my trust in God, my Lord and your Lord. There is not a creature but He holds it by the forelock. My Lord is on a straight path.

57. If you turn away, I have conveyed to you what I was sent to you with; and my Lord will replace you with another people, and you will not cause Him any harm. My Lord is Guardian over all things.”

58. And when Our decree came, We saved Hud and those who believed with him, by a mercy from Us, and We delivered them from a harsh punishment.

59. That was Aad; they denied the signs of their Lord, and defied His messengers, and followed the lead of every stubborn tyrant.

60. And they were pursued by a curse in this world, and on the Day of Resurrection. Indeed, Aad blasphemed against their Lord-so away with Aad, the people of Hud.


My interpretation:

Hud was the warner of an ancient people of a nation called Aad. He was trying to tell them that the sky would come pouring down on them and destroy them all if they did not stop worshipping others gods and practicing in polytheism. They only thought he was possessed by one of their gods that they worshipped. But Hud said he was innocent of the crime that they associated with him and he only believed in ONE Creator of the world and universe.

Line 57 shows exactly what happens and how evolution moves forwards. When one group of people grow to a point of where they can no longer spread messages of unity and one creator it seems then they are replaced by a new creation. Hud was given this wisdom to pass on to his people, but they did not listen to him as they did not listen to Noah.

Gabriel goes on to tell them that the people of Aad were destroyed and Hud and only the people that believed in him remained from that civilization. Till the day of resurrection when all the truth comes out they will be held accountable for not believing in Hud’s warnings.

Quite possibly where Aad was and were archeologists find few remains of a past civilization.



A Childhood’s End and Islam’s Parallels.


A rare interview with Arthur C. Clarke, the writer of the Space Odyssey series and a Childhood’s End in the 40’s, shows an interest in Islam at its  basic core. After reading the book “A Childhood’s End”, ( now recently made into a show on the Syfy channel Dec. 14th ), I am more than convinced that Clarke read the Quran and was inspired to write how the end of the Universe happens pertaining to the revelations given to Muhammad by Gabriel.

FI: Do you see any value at all in the various religions?

Clarke: Though I sometimes call myself a crypto-Buddhist, Buddhism is not a religion. Of those around at the moment, Islam is the only one that has any appeal to me. But, of course, Islam has been tainted by other influences. The Muslims are behaving like Christians, I’m afraid.

FI: What appeals to you in Islam?

Clarke: Historically, Islam had a great deal of tolerance for other views and offered the world its priceless wisdom in the form of astronomy and algebra. And, as you know, Islam helped rescue Western civilization from the Dark Ages by preserving classical texts and transmitting them to the West. We, on the other hand, burned the library at Alexandria. If Islam hadn’t fallen into internecine warfare and had gone on to conquer the rest of Europe, we’d have avoided a thousand years of Christian barbarism.

To see more of the interview, please go here: http://www.arthurcclarke.net/?interview=4

*Warning!! Spoiler Alert For Those Who Want To Watch The Show or Read the Book!!

When you get towards the later chapters of the Quran, the time and space of God’s realm starts to appear as something inconceivable to humans at our level of understanding that only the Angel Gabriel and God know.  Written down in words was just a small glimmer of the mysteries of God revealed to Muhammad.

In the book and movie, time stands still often with the overlords able to manipulate time. In the Quran, the End Days will appear to people as if their whole life was a dream because our relativity to time disappears when this earth starts to:


It will be, on the Day they see it, as though they had not remained [in the world] except for an afternoon or a morning thereof.

Also the idea of the End of the World happening in a column of fire that destroys everything in site lifting everything back to God, is seen in the Quran, just as much as it is envisioned in the book:


[They will be told], “Proceed to that which you used to deny.Proceed to a shadow [of smoke] having three columns. Neither shading, nor of any use against the fierce flame of the Fire.”

And the way that Heaven and Hell will be presented as different realities to divide the people who go peacefully with faith and those who fight against the Plan of God, and worship this life, not embracing the next is shown here:


For them who have done good is the best [reward] and extra. No darkness will cover their faces, nor humiliation. Those are companions of Paradise; they will abide therein eternally.


And how all matter disappears when the world is destroyed at the end of mankind’s journey in the book, certainly parallels to the Quran:


And the heaven is opened and will become gateways. And the mountains are removed and will be [but] a mirage.



I have to be honest, ever since I converted to Islam and found my true path to God…I have no fears of life ending. I imagine that is how Christians may feel when they read their Bible and the revelations, or any other person of faith.

When I read the Quran, I know that all of THIS is from God, and if it is not and it is from energy that rebels against its nature and creator (like Satan), it is removed or rebalanced in the end. Life is a journey and what you make out of it determines where you end up in the afterlife. Heaven is a state of being that you bring yourself to by what you do and the memories you hold.


Everything is always at the core level all good at its original source, because God is.


Surah Al-A’raf : Chapter 7 (line 50-60) the Elevations

50. The inmates of the Fire will call on the inhabitants of the Garden, “Pour some water over us, or some of what God has provided for you.” They will say, “God has forbidden them for the disbelievers.”

51. Those who took their religion lightly, and in jest, and whom the worldly life deceived. Today We will ignore them, as they ignored the meeting on this Day of theirs, and they used to deny Our revelations.

52. We have given them a Scripture, which We detailed with knowledge-guidance and mercy for people who believe.

53. Are they waiting for anything but its fulfillment? The Day its fulfillment comes true, those who disregarded it before will say, “The messengers of our Lord did come with the truth. Have we any intercessors to intercede for us? Or, could we be sent back, to behave differently from the way we behaved before?” They ruined their souls, and what they used to invent has failed them.

54. Your Lord is God; He who created the heavens and the earth in six days, then established Himself on the Throne. The night overtakes the day, as it pursues it persistently; and the sun, and the moon, and the stars are subservient by His command. His is the creation, and His is the command. Blessed is God, Lord of all beings.

55. Call upon your Lord humbly and privately. He does not love the aggressors.

56. And do not corrupt on earth after its reformation, and pray to Him with fear and hope. God’s mercy is close to the doers of good.

57. It is He who sends the wind ahead of His mercy. Then, when they have gathered up heavy clouds, We drive them to a dead land, where We make water come down, and with it We bring out all kinds of fruits. Thus We bring out the dead-perhaps you will reflect.

58. As for the good land, it yields its produce by the leave of its Lord. But as for the bad, it produces nothing but hardship and misery. Thus We explain the revelations in various ways for people who are thankful.

59. We sent Noah to his people. He said, “O my people! Worship God; you have no god other than Him. I fear for you the punishment of a tremendous Day.”

60. The dignitaries among his people said, “We see that you are in obvious error.”

My interpretation: 

Muhammad is still being given a terrible glimpse of what is to happen in the future to those who do not follow the guidance found in these revelations and in the original Gospel, and Torah given to Moses. When the inmates of Hell call to the people in Heaven above them, they will ask for water, AND other provisions that God has given the believers. But by that time it will be too late for them.

The ones who ignored God, mocked the messengers and took the afterlife in jest are the ones who will get the consequences of being ignored by God. I have always felt that God will not be a direct punisher of those in Hell, but it will be a place of isolation and neglect from God. The way I have heard it and it’s a beautiful expression, is that the ones furthest from God’s light will be in a void or vacuum from any of God’s Love only cause they pushed it away when alive.

Gabriel is telling Muhammad that God created everything in 6 days and rested on the 7th. This is the same as been told by the other messengers and if you are an evolutionist like me, you may be able to see that time is relative to God. 6 days to God, could be millions of years to humans who live a speck of the infinity, that God does. I have always believed in a God that creates us to evolve.

Muhammad is told that just by the idea of land being able to have water rained down on them to help the crops and grow food, is a Sign from this guiding force that creates life. Muhammad is told to tell the pagans, this is from One God, and they are better guided to practice worship to this One God.

Noah was a man who was a chosen messenger of God, trying to bring truth to his people he lived with. But they sadly did not listen and called Noah in obvious error.