Coraline: the REAL Devil

Watched the extremely creepy cartoon movie “Coraline” and realized it was about the devil’s temptations….

The devil creates this illusion in the world that the bad is good, and that the matrix around is JUST for us. Like Buddha who turned away from the temptations of Mara, we are always being tempted by what we desire the most and sometimes we have to make the choice to not have it so in turn we can help others and be of service to God…and live within truth (God), not falsehood (the Devil). Only the brave and courageous actions of Coraline awakens her to the truth.

Many satanists today are actually being lead this way, like the pied piper with children out of the town, and the Belldam Witch of Coraline….many are being led away from God. It is important to know that Coraline in the beginning is not a nice little girl to others, and so this is what attracts the witch to her..

In the beginning of this movie, it shows the witch sewing Coraline together and she floats out into space in an alternate dimension. The devil knows what you most desire before you realize it yourself, and there the internal battle begins to stay a good person. The great thing is if you already desire good things for others and for God, then there really is no attack on you…the devil knows it can not attain you cause you are already there close to God. These are what the messages were trying to teach people. The devil is the ego and when you live only by it, it can lead you wrongly. 

the last sura of the Quran:


In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful.

Say, “I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind.

The King of mankind.

The God of mankind.

From the evil of the sneaky whisperer.

Who whispers into the hearts of people.

From among jinn and among people.”




Satan Can No Longer Be Blamed.

Satan is not here on earth in physical form-not one physical form that is. Satan is not in an anti-christ baby or person right now alive on earth. Satan is inside people who allow “him” to be. Satan is inside the person who trolls the internet and gets joy out of bullying people. Satan is inside of a person who chooses to be greedy over sharing with others. Satan is inside of a person who is so angry that they have to lash out at others without thought-killing or injuring others. Satan is inside those who seek revenge instead of forgiveness. Satan is inside those who seek sexual gratification without love or care for the other person. Satan is inside those who delve into the excess of life in money, drink, gambling, and drugs, bringing more attachment to this earth. Satan is most certainly in the dictators and corrupt leaders of the earth creating loss for their own gain.

It is the dark side of our human nature that we must learn to overcome. In year 2016, we can no longer look for the creature with horns and a red body that does evil things to our world. We must now evolve to see that God guided us to realize the truth of Satan as the “prince of Air”. Air is everywhere and yet nowhere in physical shape or form. This is what the religious texts were trying to tell us. Satan is the desires and egos that get us off the straight path.

This should actually be comforting news to you. It means you have the power over Satan! It is all in you and the people whether evil reigns on earth or not. No longer can we blame an unknown entity for the evils and wrongs, now it is time to admit to our mistakes to our own selves and start to evolve as a species. The story of Adam and Eve in the Garden with the snake is symbolism with deep inner truths to our nature. We must take these ideas now and learn from them.

Yes, we still will be punished in the consciousness of hell if we follow Satan’s footsteps. It is karma and a consequence to being out of connection with God. Hell could very much could be the reliving of the pain given to others and feeling that same suffering back. Our punishment will not be dealt by God with a paddle and a bunch of demons, it will be by the balancing forces of God that create realizations and hard lessons to learn from-if you are not willing to learn from them at first.

Please stop blaming the devil on the evil in the world and start to be an active force to fight against the hate and evil. YOU are responsible. We are all responsible for allowing evil to happen on earth. If every human stopped listening to the whispers of their ego and selfish desires, there would no longer be a devil…and only God would be left to see shining out of people.



In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful.

 Say, “I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind.

 The King of mankind.

The God of mankind.

 From the evil of the sneaky whisperer.

 Who whispers into the hearts of people.

 From among jinn and among people.”








Surah al-Anfal: Chapter 8 (line 40-50) the Spoils

40. And if they turn away, know that God is your Protector. The Best Protector, and the Best Supporter.

41. And know that whatever spoils you gain, to God belongs its fifth, and to the Messenger, and the relatives, and the orphans, and the poor, and to the wayfarer, provided you believe in God and in what We revealed to Our servant on the Day of Distinction, the day when the two armies met. God is Capable of everything.

42. Recall when you were on the nearer bank, and they were on the further bank, and the caravan was below you. Had you planned for this meeting, you would have disagreed on the timing, but God was to carry out a predetermined matter, so that those who perish would perish by clear evidence, and those who survive would survive by clear evidence. God is Hearing and Knowing.

43. God made them appear in your dream as few. Had He made them appear as many, you would have lost heart, and disputed in the matter. But God saved the situation. He knows what the hearts contain.

44. When you met, He made them appear as few in your eyes, and made you appear fewer in their eyes, so that God may conclude a predetermined matter. To God all matters revert.

45. O you who believe! When you meet a force, stand firm, and remember God much, so that you may prevail.

46. And obey God and His Messenger, and do not dispute, lest you falter and lose your courage. And be steadfast. God is with the steadfast.

47. And do not be like those who left their homes boastfully, showing off before the people, and barring others from the path of God. God comprehends what they do.

48. Satan made their deeds appear good to them, and said, “You cannot be defeated by any people today, and I am at your side.” But when the two armies came in sight of one another, he turned on his heels, and said, “I am innocent of you; I see what you do not see; I fear God; God is severe in punishment.”

49. The hypocrites and those in whose hearts is sickness said, “Their religion has deluded these people.” But whoever puts his trust in God-God is Mighty and Wise.

50. If only you could see, as the angels take away those who disbelieve, striking their faces and their backs: “Taste the agony of the Burning.”


My interpretation: 

Muhammad is being told exactly what happened during the “spoils of war”, which is why this surah is named “the Spoils”. Spoils of war refer to the winnings of the defeated population in ancient times and this is when Muhammad triumphed over the pagans of Mecca, prescribed by God. These winnings are shared with those that need it most-the poor, needy, travelers, orphans, and relatives of the messenger.

God has allowed for the odds to be in Muhammad’s army favor. Those that survived in this battle survived for a reason that only God can know. Gabriel even suggests that God made the men appear less than they were to the army and Muhammad so that they would not lose their courage while in battle. Goes to show  how God is all encompassing and the story that unfolds from God’s Will is one that we are subject to in our roles as believers. Believers must always be brave in the face of evil.

The less arguing and boasting coming from a community of believers is best for people. Those who followed Satan into disbelief that drove them to do immoral things will be punished for their actions in this life and in death as the angels drag them away to the place where they belong for what they have done to others.

It is an interesting picture of Satan being painted in these lines. Satan knows and fears the power of God and runs away from the punishment he brings to his own  evil followers, but yet he always chooses to lead mankind astray because it is all he wills to do, as God’s oldest rebel without love in his entire being after jealousy for Adam took over him. In these lines we get to see how much of a coward the devil really is. We should never fear the devil, only God’s anger at us of what he allow ourselves to become.

Love for God drives us forward in positives ways pure fear never can. 






Surah An-Nisa : Chapter 4 (line 110-120) Women

110. Whoever commits evil, or wrongs his soul, then implores God for forgiveness, will find God Forgiving and Merciful.

111. And Whoever earns a sin, earns it against himself. God is Aware and Wise.

112. And whoever commits a mistake, or a sin, and then blames it on an innocent person, has taken a slander and a clear sin.

113. Were it not for God’s grace towards you, and His mercy, a faction of them would have managed to mislead you. But they only mislead themselves, and they cannot harm you in any way. God has revealed to you the Scripture and wisdom, and has taught you what you did not know. God’s goodness towards you is great.

114. There is no good in much of their private counsels, except for him who advocates charity, or kindness, or reconciliation between people. Whoever does that, seeking God’s approval, We will give him a great compensation.

115. Whoever makes a breach with the Messenger, after the guidance has become clear to him, and follows other than the path of the believers, We will direct him in the direction he has chosen, and commit him to Hell-what a terrible destination!

116. God will not forgive that partners be associated with Him; but will forgive anything less than that, to whomever He wills. Anyone who ascribes partners to God has strayed into far error.

117. They invoke in His stead only females. In fact, they invoke none but a rebellious devil.

118. God has cursed him. And he said, “I will take to myself my due share of Your servants.”

119. “And I will mislead them, and I will entice them, and I will prompt them to slit the ears of cattle, and I will prompt them to alter the creation of God.” Whoever takes Satan as a lord, instead of God, has surely suffered a profound loss.

120. He promises them, and he raises their expectations, but Satan promises them nothing but delusions.

My  Interpretation: 

As always expressed God is Forgiving and Merciful, and whomever comes to God with a sincere heart will always be forgiven.

Slander or blaming your crime on an innocent person is a major sin, Muhammad is told. And the victory that has been given to Muhammad’s followers is by the Mercy only of God to not allow their enemies to win. Gabriel is telling Muhammad this, so he can then relay the message to others to show the proof of existence of God and His angels as a guiding force that works for the good people on earth.

Muhammad is being explained how those leaders who hold secret  meetings are not doing much good, except those who give in charity, are kind,  generous and try to unite people together. Those are the people in God’s good graces.

Whoever makes a contract with Muhammad in peace, but then breaks it will experience a terrible punishment from God cause it shows an aggressive disbelief. The leaders that have ascribed gods and goddesses as having power are in the wrong. There is only one God, and any of the female goddesses, they have evoked, have only been Satan that promised that he would mislead humans from the beginning.

Slitting the ears of the cattle is to hang earrings from, which was an ancient pagan practice to worship the cow-the Golden Calf worship is still continuing from the times of Moses. Altering the creation of God could be anything from altering the body for spiritual and ritual purposes. We should not surgically alter the body form to represent our faith. In doing so, it is only representing deities and partners ascribed to God.