The Secret to Bliss: An Empathic Perspective

I am not “fighting” the evil anymore. I am not wracking my brains  trying to get rid of the world’s sufferings, pain and evil deeds. I realized that they are going to happen regardless of my efforts. But a deeper realization hit me last night, while watching the “King’s Speech”movie.

It was not really a large detail of the movie, but it was enough to give me that sudden realization and elevation into my newer awareness. When the King was meeting with the private council of elite men to give a speech, I noticed on the bottom left hand side that the council was called the “Ascension Council”, and it hit me at that moment.

To those who are rich and powerful, their idea of soul ascension is to become King, or President, CEO of huge corporations, and even in charge of large militia, etc..

While it is not MY idea of soul ascension, it is very much the perspective of those in power. To become a king or govern over people is the pinnacle of human experience to them, and aides in their ascension. This fact made me realize that we are ALL just trying to achieve ascension. The Light and the Dark side are together racing towards this in their own different ways, but it is a race where everyone is a winner and nobody is left without a reward.

Where are they ascending to? It is hard to explain in human terms, so I will do it through my emotions as best. Ascension is the idea of reaching the peak of human achievement, both spiritually and physically, leading to emotional and subconscious bliss. This is the place of karmic cleansing where they can simply bask in their material rewards of this earth and perhaps in the next.

The reward of the Darker path to ascend is not as good as the Light Side, I will tell you that. Because ascension through the Dark path is by using others. Ascension of the Light path is using only the self and improving the strength of the soul.

Am I mad at these people for being rich and powerful, and thinking it is their ascension? No. I actually understand it, even though I don’t share their view. In a way, I forgive them. They may think creating wars, and using the masses to bring them to a higher state of social status, and wealth is their ticket to “heaven”.  It is only sad to me, not angering me anymore. Because I have not as much as them materially, but understand that the true ascension isn’t through social status, or wealth, or power.

So, now using this change of perspective on the rich and powerful in the world, I can also see the perspective of serial killers, gang members, drug peddlers, sex traffic ring leaders, etc. I think they are cowards for choosing the choices they made in this world, but I understand where it comes from: A need to survive, gain material wealth, feel important, release anger and repressed feelings, deal with pain, and many other reasons. I do not condone evil actions. I just know where they come from is a feeling of LACK somewhere in their life. They aren’t even aware of it and even maybe only subconsciously, otherwise they would go get help and stop hurting themselves and others. This is why I am a huge advocate of criminal rehabilitation  to give people time to make different choices to change and redeem themselves. I have always been a huge fan of redemption.

2:37 Then Adam received from his Lord [some] words, and He accepted his repentance. Indeed, it is He who is the Accepting of repentance, the Merciful.

Furthermore, what I realized is, if I can see any person’s actions and if I look deeply enough and know where they come from, I won’t fear them or hate them. I simply UNDERSTAND and can forgive even, if they are seeking forgiveness. This is where empathy can become a saving grace for mankind, if we all started to develop this in order to understand where each other came from. If we really took the time to understand WHERE the evil stems from in the world, we may be able to see another’s point of view, that leads to more peaceful living.

I don’t know…I am an idealist, and this is a dream. I am starting to see it could happen with a shift in consciousness taking place in the the human psyche, but I am not so sure if everyone WANTS to be an active participant in this journey in human ascension. Or if we all do, we all have different ideas of what ascension really is.

I am not even mad at the secret illuminati group any longer that is peddling their books and society by tempting people with wealth, and power. I get it. They believe they have reached the highest echelon of mankind by acquiring their position of power in the world.

I just take a moment in understanding and reflection, and remember what the Quran tells me:

99:7-8 So whoever does an atom‘s weight of good will see it, and whoever does an atom‘s weight of evil will see it.

I will not stop writing, talking about, thinking about what is going on in the world and the unfairness or atrocities against human life, but I am not going to fight it any longer through my  personal anger and resentment. I am moving passed this emotion and into a different perspective of things perhaps into my own personal ascension. Only God knows.

Another form of ascension may be being knighted through the ritual of acquiring  “Knighthood” by the king or queen.





What Humans Are Evolving Into & God’s Plan.



Today I am in flow with the universe and in connection to God, and being part of the millions of spiritual and religious groups on facebook, I saw this meme above, grace my news feed. But what really made me have a sudden realization is the amount of people who commented, “that’s so me!” on the meme.

At that moment, I figured the secret out that the spiritual teachers and Angelic messengers have been trying to tell us all along….when we are aligned with the Plans of God, we are evolving into higher paradigms of thought and experiences. We become more aware of everything around us and in tune to others. It is not just a few who have been chosen to be born as empaths realizing this…it is ALL of us who have been created with this intent in mind from God and those who choose to align themselves to this plan.

We were created after the Angels, to be a free willed creation that has the same potential to be of service to God. But the only difference is we are on the physical dimension and not the spiritual one as the Angels are. We are moving in a direction more beautiful than we can ever imagine and when the plan became clear in mind, I saw it as the most amazing idea. Humans are actually evolving into more empathic and psychic beings! We are actually feeling the needs, desires, and thoughts of each other reaching a new realization of unity from the same Creator.

Truly if we lived in this way purely all the time, we would have heaven on earth. Earth is a beautiful paradise and it is the few who is making it hell for others, that are holding us back. We must keep moving towards this plan of God’s to keep reaching these benchmarks of human evolution and together we will be able to create earth as a temporary space as the gift of the “Gardens of Eden” it was always meant to be.

But perhaps even that is part of the plan….to be able to evolve past the corruption of Satan on earth. How good of servants to God we become, if we refused Satan’s corruption of this beautiful space and instead evolved towards God! We live in such exciting times!

Earth is not heaven, but in living together in the state of empathic awareness, we can create a home very close to the one we originally came from when God first created the first human. I am ready to do this…are you?!


The Good and Bad about the New Age.

Being born an Indigo child, makes me aware of the subtle realities around me. Born in a time of great change and evolution of the human mind, it is hard to discern from the truth of what is really light and what is really dark.

There is so many new teachings that talk about how darkness and light are really one in the same, but they really aren’t and nothing in today’s world events should be ok because you are being taught to “let the negative thoughts go…go with the flow, man”.

I will say there are some wonderful ideas of the new age that all religious people should embrace, because it allows a marriage between spirituality and religion to coexist. It is wonderful that people are starting to understand how frequency and vibration works and how we are all interconnected as Jesus was even try to tell us we are brothers and sisters at the core.

There is a fabulous revival of ancient Vedas and Gita wisdom about the centers of the body that hold different chakra centers allowing balance or imbalance to happen.

But HERE are the negatives of the New Age teachings:

While our world is under a very tight control in the economic, political and religious arena by people who really were never given the authority to do so…they are bleeding the masses dry to make themselves richer and live in luxury.

I see it. Africa’s starving children is not because of God, as atheist love to claim. It is because of a corrupt system of government in many of the countries. They think of the people as lesser than them and have their wealth and fortunes while dying children just want a drink of water.

It’s not right. It’s not love.

And what the New Age teachings are about, is not human activism and coming together in love to stand up for what is right. It is about meditating alone or with a group with you eyes closed, thinking everything will be alright. But do they not feel a deeper ping of guilt for not getting up from their pillows and actually forming together?

Praying and repenting is actually very active. Because after doing so, you find the guidance you need or Signs that move you onto the next phase of solution. It doesn’t just calm the self, it is then a gift or a message to share to others.

I have discovered that we are more powerful in groups, than we can ever be as single individuals. God made us this way, in order to learn of our unity and dependency to be kind to one another and help this planet thrive. For some reason, those in charge have been able to manipulate the spiritual arena of society and have told others that everything is ok as long as you think it.

This is a lie. It is something the faithful are aware of and that is why there is an agenda against them. They don’t want the sleeping masses to wake up and see around them the corruption from within the controlled systems.

I don’t have any fear, because I know in the end after this battle between good and evil, everything gets rebalanced once again. I know I am on the side of the angels.

I advocate for people to start to come together and not let just let poor Anonymous do all the work. Maybe it is illegal to protest without a permit and you can get arrested these days, but if we all started to speak out on the internet in a massive wave of numbers with poetry, songs, stories, posts, memes, letters etc….there could be no more doubting for those who can’t SEE things yet.

We are not creators alone, we are co-creators with God. Let’s start to physically build peace. I know you aren’t really happy inside…telling yourself this lie.


Lesson In Empathy #2: Questioning Vs. Accusing About Cultures.

Let’s get one thing straight. We will not get rid of culture in people. If we did, it would strip everyone of self identity and as a formless spirit-that’s great. As a human in a body in the physical world-that’s dystopian society.

Just imagine for a second a place where all humans were made to wear the same clothes (probably a neutral color), not be able to hold festive cultural celebrations, (no more Day of the Dead taco celebrations, or pub crawls for St. Patrick’s Day). We would look possibly different, but our accessories and clothes would be stripped away to stop any feelings of separation. It sounds a bit like the Giver, Big Brother, etc. This to me is not unity, this is oppression of the human spirit.

Quite possibly there could be a positive idea, but it may also cause a bit of a dullness and not a “zest” in life that we have today.

What I advocate for is to be able to rise above perceptions of different cultures and traditions and start to see all mankind as One. The Quran teaches that, and so do many other religious texts. It is time we start living this way. We do not have to look the same, or even think the same. But we do have to SEE the same things with our spiritual minds and hearts.

Example 1: People on the internet, or in person like to say things about other people’s cultures and religions..WITHOUT being knowledgeable about them. Now, there is no way that we can be knowledgeable about ALL cultures, traditions and customs. We don’t have enough time on the clock for that, but we can stop ourselves from saying anything definite without knowledge. We can start to ask more questions, than accuse people of things.

The wrong way of speaking:

Person unknowledgeable about Hindus: “All Hindus hate Jesus! I heard that from somewhere…”

*notice keyword is: heard. That means this person does not have direct knowledge about the subject and this is as accusatory statement with the exclamation point versus a question mark.

So here is what a conversation would have to look like from a person more aware to prevent wars:

Person unknowledgeable about Hindus:  “Do all Hindus hate Jesus? I believe I heard that from somewhere, but not sure if it is true or not. Can you explain your beliefs more?”


Do you see the incredible difference in humbling oneself to ask another to give them knowledge about something unknown to them, so that they can learn the truth and bring it forwards?  It really makes a difference how you speak to people. If you are not sure about a subject, or don’t have firsthand experience with it, please ask people if you have concerns, stop accusing and causing anger on the web or on the street. I am confident this behavior happens MORE on the web, that is why there is a lesson in punctuation here for writing.

We need to start to explore each other’s worlds more and in turn find many different dimensions to earth with its people. This is having empathy for others as well as stopping yourself from looking like the fool.

If you don’t know. Ask. Don’t make accusations first. The Quran teaches that you can never judge unjustly and I consider making accusing statements even judging, so please be mindful of this and watch what you say or write about people different from you. Try to look at things from their point of view.




A Lesson In Empathy #1: Manners In Public Spaces

This is of course not for those following my blog, they resonated with the words I have wrote so you are aware of this level of empathy. I thank you for taking time to read and to hold my hand energetically. 🙂

This is for those who have forgotten that part of themselves and feel a bit distant from others. They can not quite see the connection, but they happened to stumble upon my blog and are reading it right now in whatever time and place that they are at.

This lesson is not to condemn, nor ridicule. It is to REMIND you of what you are as a human and what you have the potential to create on this planet. I understand that most humans want peace and love. But many don’t know HOW to get it. I like to teach using personal examples since I find people connect ideas more to their own life to really take it in.

Example 1:

I was at the movies last night to watch The 5th Wave,  and I noticed that at a 9:55pm movie there were two babies in the theater crying. There were people talking loudly, not whispering to each other, texting with the light blinding others views. I was not the only one unhappy. I could here several times “hushes” from the audience to quiet the others down. My unrest happened most when I felt others at unrest. The rudeness of others was impeding on everyone’s experiences to relax and escape into a 2 hour film. The babies at the movies that late at night, is unacceptable. The movie was about aliens invading the world. Loud noises. bright lights. scary sounds were evading their little ear drums making them cry out for their mothers. One of the mother’s had her baby sitting on the stair in the dark, asking to be tripped over or stepped on by another. It took everything in my power not to run to that child seat and bring that baby to the mother and tell her not to keep him on the stair for others to step on in the dark. It was strange to see so many people unaware of others at the same time. Talking loudly was a couple sitting next to me about their dinner, and not the movie. Please wait and know there is a time for everything. If you have a small child please think about how the crying will affect other’s experiences when you bring them to an adult movie. I know others can relate, this is not an alien story to many.

When we share a shared space as humans, we need to start to see them as having the same need as ourselves. So thoughts have to literally become like this:

“If I bought a ticket to see a movie and spent my hard earned cash, then others have too and I need to be respectful and quiet to ensure that they enjoy themselves just as much as I do.”

I know it may seem like a little thing, but empathy starts this way. It is a seed that grows into a global awareness of others that rushes forwards.

So next time you are in a public space with others, try to imagine what YOU would like to get out of the experience and treat others in this way. Maybe you don’t care about your own experience and are wasting time and money, but then you need to go even further outside yourself to create peace for others.

When we start to see each other in this way in the public spaces we share in our communities, this will start to extend outwards towards others NOT in our public space and we will in turn will come together against injustices and stand up for what is impeding on other’s experiences.

Please share this not as a scolding, but a reminding of the empathic creations we were created to be. I am not perfect and need this reminding too. We are not inherently selfish, this is a choice we make. We know this because acting in this way once we become aware does not feel good. Emotions are a thermometer for how our path is aligning towards truths or falsehoods.



I Am Here To Stop The Wars: There Are Many…Join Us?

In a world torn apart by greedy geopolitical agendas that kill innocent people and leave cities in ruins, I am passionate for unity. I am so passionate about showing the religious unity within Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, because THESE are the factions that are warring together. I am not trying to out the pagans, or those other 4,000 religions created by split consciousness and personal ideologies. I am talking about the BIG ones that have millions of people involved in each and have had some sort of guide book presented from otherworldly sources. None of their books have told them to kill without consent from God..and yet their human nature has taken over their spiritual one. They have been taken over by Satan.

Not everyone, mind you, is warring together from these sects. If you look closely you will see the wise, polarized to good, experienced souls sitting back and reflecting on the “children’s” mess. Some of these souls have decided to take on the duty to alleviate the world of pain and suffering by teaching others about changing perspectives, forming unity with diverse communities, activism towards events unjust, and even protest against tyrannical leaders. Some of these souls know it is time to teach the younger ones some manners through peaceful means.

Let’s face it. The people in charge do not hold God’s honor or will in their hearts. They hold their own. They want the money, power, and control and are more likened to King Nimrod than ever a spiritual monk or yogi. This is not God’s fault. These men have took hold of the seats of power throughout history by oppression, threats, and fear using religion as a device. Machiavelli’s, The Prince, is all about using fear to control people and they have all used this. Pharaohs of Egypt did it. Hitler did it. Stalin did it. The Bolsheviks did it. It is what has been chastised by God for ages through burning bushes, and angels of Light inspiring the divine thought that this is wrong!

Wars are not created by those with God in their hearts. Their hearts are closed off from seeing the unity and feeling empathy for their fellow beings. Wars are about survival because they don’t have the faith to see God has a great plan and just trust….and let God. When you act in opposition to this plan of goodness and growth, you are going to experience resistance from those who are in alignment to the plan.

Yes, my soul is not new. It is connected to the others of the past who have wanted to put an end to the injustices, godless cruelty of the few in charge. If you look really deeply you will see all human activists who stood up for others had faith in God, and they allowed this sense of community work through them to preserve others. I am an Indigo child, born already with this “mission” to help get humanity back on track to unity and loving one another, living out the rest of our days in peace. God created me this way for the Divine Plan. I am not the only one, it is time to figure out and discover if you too were created to stop the wars and suffering.

Ask yourself, do you resonate with my words of unity? Do you see what I SEE? This isn’t about a secret society forming. This is about all our heads lifting to the sky and then around to each other, then down at our weapons we hold, and making that final and permanent choice to drop them.

I was an Indigo Child born with the DNA structure to be aware of this in the world at an early age, but it only has become more stronger and now I am an Adult Indigo, and I will tell you there are many. We just need to start using our gifts of sight, empathy, and alignment towards the truth together.  We will inspire the rest to follow by doing our duties and jobs on earth as servants to God. The rest will follow, and if they don’t they made a choice. I am confident that there are MANY Indigos out there…and so WE are going to be the saviors of humanity together bringing a new awareness in, born from the source of infinity. Are you ready?

If you are…then start to blog, write posts on facebook, create a website, make videos, write a book, talk to friends, heck…even stand on the street.

But here is what to “preach”. Don’t preach about condemnation or people going to Hell, people close their minds and ears off to that and it is not right to judge a soul…you have NO IDEA where that soul has traveled to on their journey and amends they have made. What you can do is teach about peace, unity, love, and oneness not as an idea, but as a teacher teaching the student new skills. That is why you are here. God created you to help humanity…you volunteered possibly…who knows…all I know is IF this is your mission and you felt it to be more than make money, have a family and die, then you know I am talking to you.

You are a teacher and a guide for other young souls. Start NOW. We don’t have that much time those in power are blind, and we must become the light that shines SO BRIGHTLY that all will open their eyes.

I am not affiliated with the illuminati or any group. I am an individual soul that decided to help humanity in times of great need. I know I am not alone and there have been many through history. It has been lonely until now. Do not look at me as a leader, please look at me as an “awakener” and rub those sleepy eyes, in the name of God and all things Good and worth fighting for on this earth.


Will you join this invisible community that is growing?



Socrates Was a Man of Understanding: So They Poisoned Him.


Be of good hope in the face of death. Believe in this one truth for certain, that no evil can befall a good man either in life or death, and that his fate is not a matter of indifference to the gods. ~Socrates

Having the fewest wants, I am nearest to the gods. ~ Socrates


While many people believe Socrates to be a pagan Greek, cause he said “Gods” in his writings and teachings. I believe that he was wise enough to understand that all ideals, virtues, traits of God are a myriad and so when Socrates said “gods” he meant really One such as seen in this quote here:

The hour of departure has arrived, and we go our ways I go to die, and you to live. Which is the better, God only knows. ~Socrates

He was against the government’s Athenian view of religion, power, and control and that is why it is well known that he was poisoned by hemlock put to death for corrupting the minds of the youth of Athens and of impiety (“not believing in the gods of the state”). He rejected the notion of human like Gods, that bestowed grace on leaders and he was well known to call out the notion of human oracles who were somehow given rulings over other’s life. As he suggests in the above comment, nobody had a right to judge others cause only the one perfect consciousness knows, that created all of this, and only His plan can He know.

As a teacher, I am inspired by Socrates who taught people that wisdom and knowledge was not anything to gain by others, but to delve into the mind themselves and discover. He gave full power and freedom to the individual to understand morale and God’s laws that are higher than man’s. The people in charge hated him the more for it, and so they put him to trial not understanding that he was truly a Man of Understanding  in the nature of God.

Socrates was at the very essence a “muslim”, a servant towards the highest Good of God, to help others enlighten their souls and to bring them to a morally righteous path. When the Quran talks about messengers from other nations that Muhammad was never given names to because there have been so many as the beginning of time of men, I believe that Socrates was one of these messengers.

Quran 3:144

Muhammad is not but a messenger. [Other] messengers have passed on before him. So if he was to die or be killed, would you turn back on your heels [to unbelief]? And he who turns back on his heels will never harm Allah at all; but Allah will reward the grateful.


And We had certainly sent [messengers] before you, [O Muhammad], among the sects of the former peoples.

I know it in my heart the Socrates was one, because of the wisdom he shared that comes from a higher place. He was killed for it, but he lives in a dimension of bliss where other souls can connect to his consciousness that the world was not ready for, until now.





Messengers of God Were Empaths: It’s Time We All Became One Too.

There is much evidence in the religious texts to show that each unique messenger and prophet are empaths. An empath is someone who is not just “sympathetic” to others although compassion has a strong role in being one. It is about actually being so sensitive to the feelings and experiences of others that you FEEL it within yourself. It comes from the place of higher intuition.

I believe that the messengers of God were not just randomly picked. As Einstein said, “God does not throw dice”.  They were global empaths that extended their “feelers” beyond their family and villages…they felt for the WHOLE world and humanity. God used them for their gifts, or they were given the gifts in the first place in order to be a tool for change.

I believe in the year 2016, we are going to need to alter the way we see religious men and examples. They are not to be idols or worshipped. They are not to be put on a high pedestal and looked up to from a distance. They are to be look towards as an example of being, and a benchmark to reach.

They had empathy and it is something that more and more people are cultivating today. When humanity taps into this part of ourselves, they will no longer harm one another because they will FEEL that harm back to them. They will stand up against injustice against others because they will FEEL that strongly within. Being an empath is where society needs to go and what these brave and courageous men were.

Empaths can go by other terms today, “highly sensitive adults or children”, “Indigos or Crystal children and adults”, but they all represent the same ability to be in touch with the potential to understand each other at the core.

Part of the reason why humans yawn when they see other beings yawn is because of this hidden connection within. If one person’s brain says there isn’t enough oxygen in the atmosphere, then the other person involuntarily feels this too and it signals a yawn to gasp for more oxygen themselves. It is because we are empathic creatures designed this way by God. Some have repressed this part of nature, and society and those who run it have done a good job of helping keep this trait in dormant mode because of the power of unity it can create.

Remember there is always a power in opposition of unity. The Quran says it in the first chapter, that minions of Satan work hard to keep us divided mentally and spiritually to keep the world in chaos.

If you research about aliens and advanced beings you may learn that they live in accordance to this way on their own planets-so they have said. I read a book about a farmer in Switzerland that had contact with aliens called Pleiadians that said they live in complete telepathy and empathy of each other so their civilizations are very peaceful. If interested, then read the “Bringers of Dawn” or about Billy Meier and his experience.

Empathy is not something that is alien to the rest of us, it is innately human, possibly innate in non humans too, and the way we were created to be in touch with reality of each other and God. We just now must get to the point where we can all tap into this DNA encoded potential that the other messengers had.


Discover if you are already an empath here and what kind you may be: