The Secret to Bliss: An Empathic Perspective

I am not “fighting” the evil anymore. I am not wracking my brains  trying to get rid of the world’s sufferings, pain and evil deeds. I realized that they are going to happen regardless of my efforts. But a deeper realization hit me last night, while watching the “King’s Speech”movie.

It was not really a large detail of the movie, but it was enough to give me that sudden realization and elevation into my newer awareness. When the King was meeting with the private council of elite men to give a speech, I noticed on the bottom left hand side that the council was called the “Ascension Council”, and it hit me at that moment.

To those who are rich and powerful, their idea of soul ascension is to become King, or President, CEO of huge corporations, and even in charge of large militia, etc..

While it is not MY idea of soul ascension, it is very much the perspective of those in power. To become a king or govern over people is the pinnacle of human experience to them, and aides in their ascension. This fact made me realize that we are ALL just trying to achieve ascension. The Light and the Dark side are together racing towards this in their own different ways, but it is a race where everyone is a winner and nobody is left without a reward.

Where are they ascending to? It is hard to explain in human terms, so I will do it through my emotions as best. Ascension is the idea of reaching the peak of human achievement, both spiritually and physically, leading to emotional and subconscious bliss. This is the place of karmic cleansing where they can simply bask in their material rewards of this earth and perhaps in the next.

The reward of the Darker path to ascend is not as good as the Light Side, I will tell you that. Because ascension through the Dark path is by using others. Ascension of the Light path is using only the self and improving the strength of the soul.

Am I mad at these people for being rich and powerful, and thinking it is their ascension? No. I actually understand it, even though I don’t share their view. In a way, I forgive them. They may think creating wars, and using the masses to bring them to a higher state of social status, and wealth is their ticket to “heaven”.  It is only sad to me, not angering me anymore. Because I have not as much as them materially, but understand that the true ascension isn’t through social status, or wealth, or power.

So, now using this change of perspective on the rich and powerful in the world, I can also see the perspective of serial killers, gang members, drug peddlers, sex traffic ring leaders, etc. I think they are cowards for choosing the choices they made in this world, but I understand where it comes from: A need to survive, gain material wealth, feel important, release anger and repressed feelings, deal with pain, and many other reasons. I do not condone evil actions. I just know where they come from is a feeling of LACK somewhere in their life. They aren’t even aware of it and even maybe only subconsciously, otherwise they would go get help and stop hurting themselves and others. This is why I am a huge advocate of criminal rehabilitation  to give people time to make different choices to change and redeem themselves. I have always been a huge fan of redemption.

2:37 Then Adam received from his Lord [some] words, and He accepted his repentance. Indeed, it is He who is the Accepting of repentance, the Merciful.

Furthermore, what I realized is, if I can see any person’s actions and if I look deeply enough and know where they come from, I won’t fear them or hate them. I simply UNDERSTAND and can forgive even, if they are seeking forgiveness. This is where empathy can become a saving grace for mankind, if we all started to develop this in order to understand where each other came from. If we really took the time to understand WHERE the evil stems from in the world, we may be able to see another’s point of view, that leads to more peaceful living.

I don’t know…I am an idealist, and this is a dream. I am starting to see it could happen with a shift in consciousness taking place in the the human psyche, but I am not so sure if everyone WANTS to be an active participant in this journey in human ascension. Or if we all do, we all have different ideas of what ascension really is.

I am not even mad at the secret illuminati group any longer that is peddling their books and society by tempting people with wealth, and power. I get it. They believe they have reached the highest echelon of mankind by acquiring their position of power in the world.

I just take a moment in understanding and reflection, and remember what the Quran tells me:

99:7-8 So whoever does an atom‘s weight of good will see it, and whoever does an atom‘s weight of evil will see it.

I will not stop writing, talking about, thinking about what is going on in the world and the unfairness or atrocities against human life, but I am not going to fight it any longer through my  personal anger and resentment. I am moving passed this emotion and into a different perspective of things perhaps into my own personal ascension. Only God knows.

Another form of ascension may be being knighted through the ritual of acquiring  “Knighthood” by the king or queen.





Joining Isis Is Really Joining the Devil:A Muslim’s Perspective

I am a bit wary these days with media coverage saying all these young muslims are joining ISIS. Especially when they are killing innocent civilians at this very minute in  Syria, what kind of muslim would really  want to be part of this nonsense? But let me offer my services to the angry and hurt muslims who may be out there thinking that joining a militant branch of Islam is the way towards God’s rewards.

Although we learn in the Quran that Muhammad’s need for his people to arm themselves and fight off the Mecca pagans who were oppressing them, I see ISIS as transgressors. When you read the Quran, you see a different energy than anger involved in the defense of Islam. It is a strong one that is backed by the angels and God of Creation. Muhammad was used as a tool to help take down the system of pagan child and human sacrifice and inequality in people not part of the elite class. Muhammad’s people would go about their normal lives as muslims and spend their time absorbing the revelations given to Muhammad and at the same time were prepared for war.

They would either march forward into Mecca when provoked by caravan attacks on the people of Medina, or they would stand their ground and defend their own land and places of worship. It was not done out of anger or revenge, it was done out of necessity to help spread a powerful message of Islam to the pagan Mecca leaders that did not hear or care to take seriously the words of messengers before.

That was in year 600AD. Now we are in year 2016, and we have the ability to see new ways of achieving peace. ISIS may be upset with the choices of others, but threatening, kidnapping and cutting off heads as scare tactics is not the Muslim way. It is actually against the laws of Islam to attack those that have not directly attacked you. It is not an open war fought against oppressors, it is scare tactics of terror to exact revenge and express anger. I see their disgusting videos on youtube, and I just get the instant vibe that these are very mistaken and mislead men. Some muslims have been wrongly lured that this violence is what God wants. But those muslims with understanding and heart know the difference between a honorable war fought against evil, and these terror tactics.

We are in a complicated situation these days. It is not WHOLE states or nations against others as it has been in the past. In Mecca around the 600s AD, in smaller civilizations to control,  people where manipulated to be against the new forming muslims. When ISIS attacks a whole nation, they are not rightfully judging who dies and who lives. Innocent people are killed in the cross fire today, and it seems they are far more concerned with exacting revenge than doing the right thing for God.


And do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden, except by right. And whoever is killed unjustly – We have given his heir authority, but let him not exceed limits in [the matter of] taking life. Indeed, he has been supported [by the law].


Because of that, We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land – it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely. And our messengers had certainly come to them with clear proofs. Then indeed many of them, [even] after that, throughout the land, were transgressors


And as far as suicide bombers here is what the Quran has to say about those who take their lives, to take other lives.


O you who have believed, do not consume one another’s wealth unjustly but only [in lawful] business by mutual consent. And do not kill yourselves [or one another]. Indeed, Allah is to you ever Merciful.

So really joining a militant rogue group is not really an army of God, it is dishonorable and cowardly. When you follow the darker side of anger and revenge, you follow Satan into the fire. Use the force for good, not evil. Remember Heaven is not a place, it is a space or dimension our souls can occupy if our consciousness is clear enough to do so. Do you really think ISIS men and women will have the cleared consciousness to achieve such a higher state? Not according to what I see in the news.

As I said before, it is hard to know the truth these days in the media. But I do believe there are some young muslims who see what is going on in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and feel helpless and want to exact revenge, so they are said to then join ISIS. I offer a new perspective.  It will take many people from all different faiths and nations to try to bring peace back into the world. It is not the path of God to exact revenge and blindly kill those who you see as an enemy. You have to be stronger than that. There are so many good people in Israel  and America as well, that declaring wars on whole nations just doesn’t work any longer. The wrong people are always killed and the acts are then used to represent all of Islam.

For this reason, I believe the leaders of ISIS to be minions of the devil. They have infiltrated Islam and are using the idea of war and self defense to terrorize people. I have watched their messages on youtube. They try to use the lines of Quran to twist them for their intent, but  many muslims know better. The interpretation that ISIS gets from the Quran shows them to be “transgressors” a word to be used to describe someone who goes over the limit of what is needed in the world.


It is He who has sent down to you, [O Muhammad], the Book; in it are verses [that are] precise – they are the foundation of the Book – and others unspecific. As for those in whose hearts is deviation [from truth], they will follow that of it which is unspecific, seeking discord and seeking an interpretation [suitable to them]. And no one knows its [true] interpretation except Allah . But those firm in knowledge say, “We believe in it. All [of it] is from our Lord.” And no one will be reminded except those of understanding.

I doubt any ISIS members are on wordpress, but I hope to put my words out into the world and to help soothe the anger of young muslims who see the wars in the Middle East or experience it. Part of this test of this world is to see if we can remain good even though there is corruption and evil around us. While direct self defense of homes and loved ones holds honorable intentions, terrorism never does.  It all will be balanced in the end. Those who were killed by the acts of others will be shown justice. Don’t taint your own soul by following a path of revenge.

Do not use the Quran and interpret the words with the energy of anger and hate…that’s the path of Satan and leads you into the hellish Fire of the soul.

Fellow muslims, if you know a friend who is full of hate and anger, please share this post with them to remind them there is a higher perspective to be found in Islam.




A Harry Potter Experience: Compassion as Power.

I vividly remember a friend once tell me that she tried to read the Quran, but it was too “harsh”. She didn’t like how the tone or voice of the Quran was written as. I at first became offended, but then I thought deeper about it. Yes, It does seem a bit more stern than perhaps the Bible, but I liked it. Humanity still had not learned the lesson of establishing peace on earth for others after Moses or Jesus, and so the message is given more “urgently”. This doesn’t bother me.

I am a bit more of a serious person and while watching a marathon of Harry Potter movies, this past week, I noticed that the series is written and filmed in this way that I can relate to.

Some people didn’t like the Harry Potter series, or called it too dark and disturbing. The truth is that when dealing with evil and good, the reality is not always light hearted. Yes, there is pain and suffering and those that enjoy seeing it in others while they get some sick sort of gain or power. We see this in Voldemort’s character and his band of “death eaters, they are a sorry bunch bent on causing as much pain and chaos in the world of wizards, as they can.

What really made me think, was the idea of compassion that Harry Potter fought hard to finally bestow on Voldemort in the Order of the Phoenix. As he is able to go into the memories that he holds with his friends Hermione and Ron, and see he had love in his life, he is then able to scream that he pities Voldemort because he has no friends or love. Immediately Voldemort loses power over Harry’s body and is vanquished to return again in the next movie. Compassion at this point was a power and a defense against the “dark arts”.

So this made me deeply see compassion as not just a “nicety” we should have for others. It is a stern and fierce act of love. It is a powerful force of correction or to bring balance back into the world. I am not sure if compassion would work on someone robbing you at gun point, I haven’t been in that place or situation to try, but I can see compassion as a way to view those who act as an enemy to you-less in control. Having compassion for someone is not always just the “nice” thing, but it is the stronger choice out of hate and anger.

When Muhammad was told several times by Gabriel to not fight the Mecca leaders unless they fought him and his people for spreading new awareness, the angel was trying to give strength to the movement of Islam. Seeing your enemies in a new light of not having control over your actions and choosing to show compassion when direct self defense is not needed is a powerful tool for change. When you are mocked, bullied, ridiculed, harassed emotionally it may help to see the person doing the harm as someone who is “without” and they see you as a target for their anger, fear, and sadness.

Bullying and people trying to emotionally harm you will not go away. There are movements to bring awareness to bullying, but it is a byproduct of human nature when one person is trying to take energy that they subconsciously feel is missing. One way to disarm a bully or someone trying to get under your skin is to see them with compassion and pity the situation they are in, in order to cause them so much pain that they feel the need to hurt others.

This is hard work. I know. It took book and movie number five for Harry to get to this point of realization of Voldemort not having love and friendship ever in his life. When you see people for what they may lack in the moment when they are trying to gain from you, it may become a super power against their attacks. In the face of evil, goodness must always be stronger and take the higher road that the other would not take. It’s your role as a good person and as a servant of God to bring more compassion and love into this world. Having compassion is becoming the teacher to the student once you reach this point of awareness, and you never know who you may help find the light again.

Compassion is a part of love and it is a great weapon against evil.





Milgrim and the Islam connection: Where those violent verses in the Quran come from.


Just finished watching the powerful movie, “The Experimenter”.  While some question his methods, I must say he brought a level of awareness into the world that would not have happened without his social experiments.

Stanley Milgrim showed the idea of obedience to authority and the negative effects it may have on society to create such horrible things as the genocides in history. He was Jewish with a past being part of the Holocaust and so his drive to discover the cause was courageous and forthright.

He shows through his blind experiments that people tend to follow orders from those in charge no matter the consequences to the other person being subjected to the abuse. His experiments have shown a downfall within society that create many sheeps, and few herders. But on the flipside, it shows that humans are very compassionate and empathic creations that feel for others in pain and suffering.

He raised the eyebrows of critics who missed the point that Milgrim made an effort to show the part of human beings to be worked on. It is always guided by God to stand up against what is wrong in the world. Through the Quran, you see this message throughout. The Mecca leaders were doing terrible things to the people. They created 300 gods and goddesses, and made up laws in ignorance and arrogance. They prayed to empty stone statues in the Kabbah and caused the people to bury their daughters in the sand alive, to provide them wealth and good blessings for the year. But no one stood up to them until Muhammad went into a cave and received inspiration.

This shows that since long ago people have been under the influence of cruel leadership and had a hard time standing up to them. They lack the resources to and many times the conviction within to do so. The Quran brought that conviction to the muslims. This is where the violent verses come from- a necessity for life to survive.

God prescribed war within the Quran only to create peace for the future. Gabriel tells Muhammad that it is obligation to God to stand up to the wrongs and injustices in the world, and it is considered evil to do nothing while others suffer at the hands of those in charge.

Stanley Milgrim showed this and made us aware that even hundreds of years later, we still struggle to stand up in our convictions. But with faith and passion, we can achieve much to stand up together against the evil.

The first step was the awareness of the wrongs and then a warning in the Quran to Muhammad and the people. The second step was to do something to liberate themselves and others from this evil. That’s where these violent verses come from, and what they did for the world later on.

Terrorists and imams who take these words out of context are called transgressors. They transgress the limits given to them. Since we know that terrorism against innocent civilians is not a form of righteous battle, this is where we must all learn the difference between standing up for what is right and using religion as an excuse to create chaos and division in the world. This is what all of us muslims must start to stand up to.














Surah Ali-Imran: Chapter 3 (line 170-180) The Family of Iram

170. Delighting in what God has given them out of His grace, and happy for those who have not yet joined them; that they have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve.

171. They rejoice in grace from God, and bounty, and that God will not waste the reward of the faithful.

172. Those who responded to God and the Messenger, despite the persecution they had suffered. For the virtuous and the pious among them is a great reward.

173. Those to whom the people have said, “The people have mobilized against you, so fear them.” But this only increased them in faith, and they said, “God is enough for us; He is the Excellent Protector.”

174. So they came back with grace from God, and bounty, and no harm having touched them. They pursued what pleases God. God possesses immense grace.

175. That is only Satan frightening his partisans; so do not fear them, but fear Me, if you are believers.

176. And do not be saddened by those who rush into disbelief. They will not harm God in the least. God desires to give them no share in the Hereafter. A terrible torment awaits them.

177. Those who exchange blasphemy for faith will not harm God in the least. A painful torment awaits them.

178. Those who disbelieve should not assume that We respite them for their own good. In fact, We only respite them so that they may increase in sinfulness. A humiliating torment awaits them.

179. God will not leave the believers as you are, without distinguishing the wicked from the sincere. Nor will God inform you of the future, but God elects from among His messengers whom He wills. So believe in God and His messengers. If you believe and practice piety, you will have a splendid reward.

180. Those who withhold what God has given them of his bounty should not assume that is good for them. In fact, it is bad for them. They will be encircled by their hoardings on the Day of Resurrection. To God belongs the inheritance of the heavens and the earth, and God is well acquainted with what you do.

My Interpretation: 

Things are getting deep. Muhammad is explained how God works in this world, and it is shown to him in a way that he may teach others so that they may then teach the next generations.

The message is very clear to me. Those that remain steadfast in faith through the good and bad times of this world, are of the true believers and God recognizes this. It flows in accordance to His Will. Humility, but bravery. Bravery, yet kindness. Modesty, yet strength. These virtues are a delicate blend of both goodness and strength, and represents what God wills for us to become as humans. When a soldier truly embodies these ideals, they are rewarded by God in this world and the next.

I have a story to share that connects to this. A Christian woman I work with just yesterday whispered to me that God is good to her, because when she was younger she was kidnapped and beaten left for dead. But she survived and she became a good person knowing the value of life after almost loosing it. She teaches her kids the same and she keeps feeling blessed by God and what has been given to her. I have always felt a strong spirit in her, and she is an example of a true believer. She is my Christian sister. Mashallah.

When a person is weak at heart, and unkind, God can see this. Their cruelty and lust for things material may seem to go unpunished to others.  For awhile they feel they are blessed by their deities or Satan, but it is only to keep testing them and see how much further they dig themselves a hole into their own dark abyss. This can be attributed to some of the evil leaders of today even. Remember God is Just and Merciful, so if one should repent and want to make up for their mistakes as an evil person in the past, then God sees this and rewards a person accordingly. There is always a chance to turn things around, but it is about the intentions of a person. You have to prove to God that you wish to truly change.

If a person keeps on sinning, and doing themselves and others wrong..then God allows for this to happen until their deaths when all things are revealed to them, on the Last Days. And for them is a horrible punishment when their sins are revealed.

Instead of fearing this world, we are always reminded to fear for our souls instead. It brings in a new perspective of how temporary our lives really are. With this knowledge, your best dreams can always be accomplished.