Favorite Poem of All Times As a Muslim Woman.

“Amo amas amat amamus amatis amant amavi amavisti amavit amavimus amavistis amaverunt amavero amaveris amaverit… Everything was love. Everything will be love. Everything has been love. Everything would be love. Everything would have been love. Ah, that was it, the truth at last. Everything would have been love. The huge eye, which had become an immense sphere, was gently breathing, only it was not an eye nor a sphere but a great wonderful animal covered in little waving legs like hairs, waving oh so gently as if they were under water. All shall be well and all shall be well said the ocean. So the place of reconciliation existed after all, not like a little knot hole in a cupboard but flowing everywhere and being everything. I had only to will it and it would be, for spirit is omnipotent only I never knew it, like being able to walk on the air. I could forgive. I could be forgiven. I could forgive. Perhaps that was the whole of it after all. Perhaps being forgiven was just forgiving only no one had ever told me. There was nothing else needful. Just to forgive. Forgiving equals being forgiven, the secret of the universe, do not whatever you do forget it. The past was folded up and in the twinkling of an eye everything had been changed and made beautiful and good.”
Iris Murdoch, A Word Child



A Kid Talent Show & Glimpse Into Our Beautiful (Possible) Future.

Yesterday I got a chance to see a talent show at an elementary school, and I can not tell you enough of the chills I experienced while watching it.

I work with these children, and so I don’t normally get to see them in this heightened state of “talent”, but WOW…I was absolutely floored by the beautiful voices, talented composers, dancers, actors, gymnasts. I was actually in a state of euphoria as I watched them.

Something I remember very clearly in my research and study about advanced alien civilizations, is the idea that the aliens that have come to guide humanity say they are jealous in the respect that the humanities such as art, music, dance, theater is what sets humans apart from other species in this universe. I am not joking, the Pleadians have often time said that they are really impressed and in awe with humans and their almost divine ability to create beautiful works of art whether with the hands or the body.

It gave me great joy to see the beautiful creation of God unfolding in this moment while watching my fellow beings. Although, they are really young, they were REALLY good and it made me extremely excited for our future. I am a bit of a beauty lover. I love all things of beauty in form, meaning and feeling. I am not talking about superficial beauty, I am talking about the type that hits you at the core of your  heart and mind, and gives you happy tears or goosebumps.

To me, Heaven is a state of mind, that you enter where EVERYTHING becomes beautiful. While I believe that beauty is subjective, there is also an objective truth to beauty that people do know, or at the very least FEEL.

I am not sure more people realize that humans were created AFTER the angels of God. Although Angels are said to be the most beautiful creation connected to the divine, the story that is unfolding may be that beauty will be known in a multitude of ways. Perhaps human beings will become just as beautiful as the angels, or the advanced older beings in our universe?

Just maybe we are seeing the human being species grow into a more beautiful creation daily, and this is evolution. No matter what humans look like on the outside, the beauty that shines out of their creations is what is the truth. Human nature can be very ugly, but when there is the opportunity to express themselves through the humanities, this is where humans really shine.

We are the music makers, the artists, the philosophers, the governors of the human body to move in ways athletes do, the great writers of the universe, and there is no telling where we can go from here. One thing is clear: Kids are extremely talented today and hold great potential to create great beauty on earth.

So much so, that maybe one day, humanity will be able to wipe away the ugliness of war, greed, bloodshed….who knows…

But after seeing that show, I am excited for us.


The Sacred Wood Cherished by the Arts and the Muses – Pierre Puvis de Chavannes

art of muses

What Humans Are Evolving Into & God’s Plan.



Today I am in flow with the universe and in connection to God, and being part of the millions of spiritual and religious groups on facebook, I saw this meme above, grace my news feed. But what really made me have a sudden realization is the amount of people who commented, “that’s so me!” on the meme.

At that moment, I figured the secret out that the spiritual teachers and Angelic messengers have been trying to tell us all along….when we are aligned with the Plans of God, we are evolving into higher paradigms of thought and experiences. We become more aware of everything around us and in tune to others. It is not just a few who have been chosen to be born as empaths realizing this…it is ALL of us who have been created with this intent in mind from God and those who choose to align themselves to this plan.

We were created after the Angels, to be a free willed creation that has the same potential to be of service to God. But the only difference is we are on the physical dimension and not the spiritual one as the Angels are. We are moving in a direction more beautiful than we can ever imagine and when the plan became clear in mind, I saw it as the most amazing idea. Humans are actually evolving into more empathic and psychic beings! We are actually feeling the needs, desires, and thoughts of each other reaching a new realization of unity from the same Creator.

Truly if we lived in this way purely all the time, we would have heaven on earth. Earth is a beautiful paradise and it is the few who is making it hell for others, that are holding us back. We must keep moving towards this plan of God’s to keep reaching these benchmarks of human evolution and together we will be able to create earth as a temporary space as the gift of the “Gardens of Eden” it was always meant to be.

But perhaps even that is part of the plan….to be able to evolve past the corruption of Satan on earth. How good of servants to God we become, if we refused Satan’s corruption of this beautiful space and instead evolved towards God! We live in such exciting times!

Earth is not heaven, but in living together in the state of empathic awareness, we can create a home very close to the one we originally came from when God first created the first human. I am ready to do this…are you?!


Edgar Cayce Was a Muslim Christian!

“There is a common bond we all share as a collective humanity: There is but one God, and we are all God’s children. In order to reawaken that sense of connectedness we share with one another, the readings state that the start of any spiritual journey should begin with the knowledge that the Lord God is One. Regardless of the name we call God or the religion on earth that we feel drawn to, there is but one Creator, one Source, one Law. In fact, perhaps more than anything else, this concept of “oneness” is the underlying philosophy of the Edgar Cayce readings.” Read more here:  http://www.edgarcayce.org/are/edgarcayce.aspx?id=3558

Belief in the One God or the Lord is One? That’s a Muslim, my friends. Even though he was a Christian, he was also a Muslim. Funny how that can work when you see unity.


Edgar Cayce, one of the most famous psychics of all time.




Messengers of God Were Empaths: It’s Time We All Became One Too.

There is much evidence in the religious texts to show that each unique messenger and prophet are empaths. An empath is someone who is not just “sympathetic” to others although compassion has a strong role in being one. It is about actually being so sensitive to the feelings and experiences of others that you FEEL it within yourself. It comes from the place of higher intuition.

I believe that the messengers of God were not just randomly picked. As Einstein said, “God does not throw dice”.  They were global empaths that extended their “feelers” beyond their family and villages…they felt for the WHOLE world and humanity. God used them for their gifts, or they were given the gifts in the first place in order to be a tool for change.

I believe in the year 2016, we are going to need to alter the way we see religious men and examples. They are not to be idols or worshipped. They are not to be put on a high pedestal and looked up to from a distance. They are to be look towards as an example of being, and a benchmark to reach.

They had empathy and it is something that more and more people are cultivating today. When humanity taps into this part of ourselves, they will no longer harm one another because they will FEEL that harm back to them. They will stand up against injustice against others because they will FEEL that strongly within. Being an empath is where society needs to go and what these brave and courageous men were.

Empaths can go by other terms today, “highly sensitive adults or children”, “Indigos or Crystal children and adults”, but they all represent the same ability to be in touch with the potential to understand each other at the core.

Part of the reason why humans yawn when they see other beings yawn is because of this hidden connection within. If one person’s brain says there isn’t enough oxygen in the atmosphere, then the other person involuntarily feels this too and it signals a yawn to gasp for more oxygen themselves. It is because we are empathic creatures designed this way by God. Some have repressed this part of nature, and society and those who run it have done a good job of helping keep this trait in dormant mode because of the power of unity it can create.

Remember there is always a power in opposition of unity. The Quran says it in the first chapter, that minions of Satan work hard to keep us divided mentally and spiritually to keep the world in chaos.

If you research about aliens and advanced beings you may learn that they live in accordance to this way on their own planets-so they have said. I read a book about a farmer in Switzerland that had contact with aliens called Pleiadians that said they live in complete telepathy and empathy of each other so their civilizations are very peaceful. If interested, then read the “Bringers of Dawn” or about Billy Meier and his experience.

Empathy is not something that is alien to the rest of us, it is innately human, possibly innate in non humans too, and the way we were created to be in touch with reality of each other and God. We just now must get to the point where we can all tap into this DNA encoded potential that the other messengers had.


Discover if you are already an empath here and what kind you may be:




Satan Can No Longer Be Blamed.

Satan is not here on earth in physical form-not one physical form that is. Satan is not in an anti-christ baby or person right now alive on earth. Satan is inside people who allow “him” to be. Satan is inside the person who trolls the internet and gets joy out of bullying people. Satan is inside of a person who chooses to be greedy over sharing with others. Satan is inside of a person who is so angry that they have to lash out at others without thought-killing or injuring others. Satan is inside those who seek revenge instead of forgiveness. Satan is inside those who seek sexual gratification without love or care for the other person. Satan is inside those who delve into the excess of life in money, drink, gambling, and drugs, bringing more attachment to this earth. Satan is most certainly in the dictators and corrupt leaders of the earth creating loss for their own gain.

It is the dark side of our human nature that we must learn to overcome. In year 2016, we can no longer look for the creature with horns and a red body that does evil things to our world. We must now evolve to see that God guided us to realize the truth of Satan as the “prince of Air”. Air is everywhere and yet nowhere in physical shape or form. This is what the religious texts were trying to tell us. Satan is the desires and egos that get us off the straight path.

This should actually be comforting news to you. It means you have the power over Satan! It is all in you and the people whether evil reigns on earth or not. No longer can we blame an unknown entity for the evils and wrongs, now it is time to admit to our mistakes to our own selves and start to evolve as a species. The story of Adam and Eve in the Garden with the snake is symbolism with deep inner truths to our nature. We must take these ideas now and learn from them.

Yes, we still will be punished in the consciousness of hell if we follow Satan’s footsteps. It is karma and a consequence to being out of connection with God. Hell could very much could be the reliving of the pain given to others and feeling that same suffering back. Our punishment will not be dealt by God with a paddle and a bunch of demons, it will be by the balancing forces of God that create realizations and hard lessons to learn from-if you are not willing to learn from them at first.

Please stop blaming the devil on the evil in the world and start to be an active force to fight against the hate and evil. YOU are responsible. We are all responsible for allowing evil to happen on earth. If every human stopped listening to the whispers of their ego and selfish desires, there would no longer be a devil…and only God would be left to see shining out of people.



In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful.

 Say, “I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind.

 The King of mankind.

The God of mankind.

 From the evil of the sneaky whisperer.

 Who whispers into the hearts of people.

 From among jinn and among people.”