Mosques Really Need More Unity

My dear Muslims, Rumi would be so sad today…to see so much separation.

Islam really is a beautiful religion, but the traditions are outdated in many ways.

I went to a mosque the other day for my father in law to pray as it is part of the services of funerals. I expected it to be a beautiful experience.

But unfortunately it was not. I understand why they separate women and men, while bending down on the ground praying, almost doing sun salutations.

But as someone with a unity consciousness it was very hard for me to be there. In both mosques I went to that day, women were high up above men in a totally separate balcony behind a glass box or railing.

Women were not part of the sermon at all it seemed, we were so far away. Men shook hands down below and even hugged being very close to the imam. Women were forced to be with one another only and it was not the same feeling as the men for some reason. No handshakes or happy brotherly hugs.

How sad. My husband was down below me on the ground and I could not even be with him praying with him as husband and wife, as it is done in the Christian churches.

I am sorry to say, but that has got to end. It’s too separating for those who do not hold a perverted thought in their mind. It does make women feel like second class citizens.

I know in my heart the makers of the mosque thought it would be good for women to have a separate experience than men and to talk to one another only providing privacy, but it really does take the Unity out of the religion and makes it about sex and gender.

It’s very sad to see. I hope for the future of Islam, and all religions for that manner, that old customs and traditions will fall away and all that is left is some of the beautiful teachings.

A Gif to Help Define God/Allah.

It isn’t much. But when this gif came across my facebook feed, I felt all my worries, fears and anxiety disappear. It is to me, the single most accurate description visually of God.

Most muslims will say, you can’t define Allah in any way…but I was never one to not try to solve unsolvable mysteries in this life. I see this gif as the perfect descriptive of Allah, visually.

Imagine that the background is completely black and void of stars, but this center source of energy is constantly firing and creating energy and light waves.

A force or energy that creates…then destroys after maximum potential is reached….and then recreates all over again for the sake of love. I would even say that this light is not God/Allah, but it is the force or energy BEYOND this light that expresses itself divinely that is God.

Do you feel it too when looking at this gif? Can you see both creation and destruction?


A Kid Talent Show & Glimpse Into Our Beautiful (Possible) Future.

Yesterday I got a chance to see a talent show at an elementary school, and I can not tell you enough of the chills I experienced while watching it.

I work with these children, and so I don’t normally get to see them in this heightened state of “talent”, but WOW…I was absolutely floored by the beautiful voices, talented composers, dancers, actors, gymnasts. I was actually in a state of euphoria as I watched them.

Something I remember very clearly in my research and study about advanced alien civilizations, is the idea that the aliens that have come to guide humanity say they are jealous in the respect that the humanities such as art, music, dance, theater is what sets humans apart from other species in this universe. I am not joking, the Pleadians have often time said that they are really impressed and in awe with humans and their almost divine ability to create beautiful works of art whether with the hands or the body.

It gave me great joy to see the beautiful creation of God unfolding in this moment while watching my fellow beings. Although, they are really young, they were REALLY good and it made me extremely excited for our future. I am a bit of a beauty lover. I love all things of beauty in form, meaning and feeling. I am not talking about superficial beauty, I am talking about the type that hits you at the core of your  heart and mind, and gives you happy tears or goosebumps.

To me, Heaven is a state of mind, that you enter where EVERYTHING becomes beautiful. While I believe that beauty is subjective, there is also an objective truth to beauty that people do know, or at the very least FEEL.

I am not sure more people realize that humans were created AFTER the angels of God. Although Angels are said to be the most beautiful creation connected to the divine, the story that is unfolding may be that beauty will be known in a multitude of ways. Perhaps human beings will become just as beautiful as the angels, or the advanced older beings in our universe?

Just maybe we are seeing the human being species grow into a more beautiful creation daily, and this is evolution. No matter what humans look like on the outside, the beauty that shines out of their creations is what is the truth. Human nature can be very ugly, but when there is the opportunity to express themselves through the humanities, this is where humans really shine.

We are the music makers, the artists, the philosophers, the governors of the human body to move in ways athletes do, the great writers of the universe, and there is no telling where we can go from here. One thing is clear: Kids are extremely talented today and hold great potential to create great beauty on earth.

So much so, that maybe one day, humanity will be able to wipe away the ugliness of war, greed, bloodshed….who knows…

But after seeing that show, I am excited for us.


The Sacred Wood Cherished by the Arts and the Muses – Pierre Puvis de Chavannes

art of muses

Allah in the Shawshank Redemption: The Law of Balance

One movie that I absolutely LOVE as a muslim woman, is the Shawshank Redemption by Frank Darabont. It is not a fantasy film by any means (which I do love the most), but there is a strong spiritual theme that glows softly in this film.

Once again, I am in home in bed, I have a pinched nerve in the back and it gave me a painful case of sciatica.  I am watching movies to try to keep my mind off the discomfort and pain, and last night I ended up finishing this movie which I have seen before, but never went through the entire end of it, until last night.

Morgan Freeman is phenomenal in this movie, I enjoy his narrative in telling the story about Andy, the banker who was convicted of murdering his wife and her lover. I do not want to ruin the movie, so I won’t give too much away for those who truly have not seen this movie yet. It’s an oldie, but a goodie that everyone should watch.

Yes, it is extremely brutal and sad in some parts, but so beautiful in others. It reminded me much about life and how you need to see the glimmers of “heaven” while on earth in order to keep you going. Cause reality is often times very cold, dense, and seems so far away from God. But when you truly look at the subtleties of human behavior and nature around you, you can see glimpses of our amazing Creator.

Although, the theme of hope, forgiveness, and redemption is very clear in this film as far as criminals and convicts finding their morality in a place that is almost void of it, there is another theme that I have not seen others talk about on the internet pertaining to this movie, that I would like to: Balance.

There is much confusion as to what or who is God. And in this movie, it is entirely clear to me WHAT is God. Although the image of God is very misty in my mind, as the creator force behind this beautiful universe, I still can see a trait shining through that has shown up in my life and in others.

It’s the LAW of truth. As Gandhi once said, “There is no God higher than Truth.”

But what does this really mean? For me it means that all things are balanced in the end. Some may call it karma and some may call it “balancing of the universe”. Either way it is clear in this movie, that when bad things happen to a good person, AND they still remain honest, kind, and patient. God will always show them the way.

Andy was in prison for a crime he did not commit for 20 years. He was patient, kind and put forth the effort to help others around him even in his predicament.  He did not judge the other prisoners for what they have done and I thought it was a beautiful moment when he asked for the name of the new prisoner that died that first night. While nobody else seemed to care, Andy was open and vulnerable to showing that he did. God showed him the way out of that prison because he did not deserve being there. It was an imbalance of the universe for an innocent man to be locked up and treated so badly.

Andy’s good fortune at the end, seemed to make up for all the bad misfortunes. It was as if the scales all of a sudden have been leveled and now for the rest of his life, he could live out his years in peace and getting back the “love” that he showed others.

Yes, Andy was a very loving person. He was not expressive, nor really a warm person, but he genuinely CARED about his fellow inmates and made it a point to give them the little moments of joy he physically could provide. Such as asking for beers for them to have on their last days of working for the guards, and playing the beautiful opera music across the prison that day for all to enjoy for a brief time. He also helped others by teaching them, and setting up a great library for the prisoners to enrich their mind while in the cell.

It is such an amazing contrast to the religious warden, who seemed to believe in God, yet he never even followed his own Bible. He was a cruel man, in lip service to God. And in the end, you see who truly was blessed by God/Allah for the things they have done for others. The warden received his karma and took the cowardly way out of it, while Andy truly did receive his redemption he so deserved.

God is the balancer. The subtle guidance towards finding a way out towards freedom. The force behind this universe, that creates the good to check the bad in the world. The force behind this world, and your consciousness that guides you to creating balance again once you make the wrong choices. If you follow the straight path of kindness, truth, selflessness, and love, you will always see things balanced out in your favor. I have seen it in mine. I have seen it in others, and now I have seen it in countless films including this one that observe the human condition of karma.

There is no escaping from the truth, just as there is no escaping from God as the Ultimate Reality. If an innocent person is wronged, they will be righted eventually. The time is not known when they will break free of the illusion of bad things happening to them. But if they remain true to themselves and don’t follow Satan (ego or dark desires), they will not help, but be able to find peace and see the rewards that they have earned in this life or the next state of existence.


What is the Inevitable Reality?



That Day will be the sure Reality: Therefore, whoso will, let him take a (straight) return to his Lord!

What is God?

the Truth of everything hidden, concealed, manipulated, twisted, made as an illusion to oppress, hurt, take from others.

God will NOT let the truth be unknown forever. Eventually the Ultimate Reality will be known. We do not know when this will be, but we should strive to align ourselves to it by being truthful with ourselves and others.

In the end, truth will always become your redeemer and eventually your liberator.




My Daily Life As an Awakened Person

I wanted to write about what it means to be able to have faith, and see the esoteric meanings in the holy books. I would like to give you a glimpse into my daily life and how it actually FEELS being me as a Muslim, knowing what I know about the Quran and humanity.

My day starts out like any other human, I am groggy from the sleep and often ponder why do I have to go to work that day. I do my morning prayers and get down on my knees in a form of meditation and bowing to a Higher Power outside my self. Since the Quran is never specific on what to pray except for the first Surah, I just talk to God and tell Him my plans to help others see the Light of God more. Sometimes, I do get tearful because of so much ignorance in the world of His immense beauty and mercy. Often times, I am tearful because I am grateful for the blessings given to me.

What happens next is the starting of my day. Sometimes, I put on Unsolved Mysteries and other times Dr.Phill is in the background. Depends on my mood. I often enjoy hearing about the unsolved mysteries of the world, knowing deep down ALL the truth will come out and this show often times shows people that this material world is not so black and white all the time. I like mysteries and I also like to try to solve them in my mind, which is why I became a spiritual seeker in the first place.

I enjoy Dr. Phill ,because he is a “no nonsense” type of guy that truly tells people the way it is. I enjoy his immense ability to perceive things they way they are-he is very perceptive and he is able to get people to see things in a brand new light.

Next, I go out the door, with ear phones on listening to music while I walk to the train. The music I enjoy is either really spacey new age, calming spa music, or a gentle indie station with meaningful lyrics to ponder. As I walk through the streets, I always glance at the sun in the sky and the bright beautiful open space above me with a knowing little “nod” to the angels and God. Not that I see God sitting on a cloud, but I see God in a higher realm that can only be reached through higher consciousness of thought. And that sun was created as a lamp to warm the little creations on this planet. I feel the immense love for life from God and the angels who work to guide humans, as their younger brothers and sisters.

As I give my little tearful grateful smile at the sky, I rush along the streets looking at people around me. I like to notice where they are in life. I also unconsciously look for people in need of something-maybe they can’t get down the stairs. Maybe they are having problems opening the door or using the ticket purchase station. Wherever there is need, my eyes see them. I will go to someone if they need help and lend a hand letting them know, someone cares…I am there for them. It just feels like this is what makes life worth living.

I glance around on the train around me, looking for that shining light of God. Sometimes I see it when a person offers a chair to an elderly, and sometimes I don’t, when people are pushing each other to get into the train, I then see only their ego coming through. I just like to observe and see where people are in their different levels of consciousness. I do not judge them as evil, only as ignorant to the truth I have discovered that we are all one unit.

Next, I usually walk to work from the train. Here my steps get more confident in seeing glimmers of God everywhere or the opposite of God which is greediness, selfishness, etc. But by then, because my focus has been on the Godly things people have done for each other, the ungodly things do not phase me. I will be that person who stands up to others if they get too rude, loud, or in general are disturbing others. I tend to see it as a reminder as I scold, as in they should know better-the conscious part of them does.

On my way through the streets to my work, I occasionally smile to strangers or will gaze around me at the beautiful creation that God created for us. Even in its ugliest forms, there is still beauty and I see it. In a city with graffiti everywhere, it just shows me the sometimes “randomness and rebelliousness” of human nature. God is funny like that, we can stretch as far as we want away from the Source or God, but as soon as we get too far away, God pulls us back somehow with reminding us with laws and penalties we may experience in the world.

When I arrive at work, the reality sets in. I am here now to do a duty, and although we are all creations of God, I must now play a role as a teacher or guide to children and my staff. So I do. And I take my job seriously. I don’t let a single “hit or kick” go un-reprimanded on the playground. I am constantly spending my day teaching kids social behaviors that will help them keep the peace and make less enemies in life by their actions…as well as trying to show them that humanity needs them to choose to be good for the sake of being our next generation in charge.

As I watch all the young souls running around, I am reminded of how earth is much like a school and we all have our different journeys to go on, but we are at different levels of consciousness all the time. Allah/God in the Quran constantly asks, “Will they not ponder the words?” as in a way to get us to think first than react always emotionally from ego. Children react, and yes although they are sweet and innocent of many evils since their egos aren’t fully developed, they also are babies in their understandings of unity. They do not know that Suzy is just another spiritual creation of Tommy, and in order to make their experiences more fun, they shouldn’t hit one another when trying to get what they want.

My day goes in and out of consciousness levels, talking to adults and children. I connect to those during the day that are kind, and don’t take out their issues on others. If I am in a “mood”, I warn my staff to beware….I am in a lower state of mind that day. But these lower states of mind do not last long and actually with a simple thought or asking God for strength to get through the day, I am fine again and smiling.

They used to last for weeks, and it’s called depression. I used to feel so alone, like nobody cared, and when I finally realized that nobody will care unless I cared for them…that’s when things changed. I also discovered a loving force behind the universe as I learned about life on other planets and the millions of galaxies astronomers are discovering. I stopped being the victim and I took actions. I became a servant of good for God instead of sitting there and wasting this experience.

My days are filled with great joy in my understanding and I can make my perspective grow larger at crucial times and look outside of myself at others. I no longer take things so personally or think that people are mean or bad. Something happened to them, and I see it in children as well. When a child hits another or does something mean, it is because they are not feeling right inside. Something is bothering them, and I do my best to find out what it is to help them and clear that dark shadow away from their mind. Something caused this ignorance and as a teacher, I am here to educate them on what they missed.

When I go home at night, I think to myself how exhausted I am through my day and how I wish I could just rest forever. I often times will see me happily enter in the warm white light of heavenly bliss with all other good souls on earth, but I know I have a few things to do first. I am happy and grateful for the day and the lessons and joys I experienced. So by the time, I go home, I am ready to really unwind and experience love with my fiancé, that I have not gotten from strangers all day. Yes, he recharges my battery you can say and reflects back all the love that I gave out to others. He is my twin flame.

At night, before bed, I say a prayer again to thank the Lord for all the amazing blessings I have and to help me awaken others to be able to have them as well. It is not the most psychically exciting life right now at this moment (I don’t have kids yet ;)), but it is a rich spiritually one and really not much phases me..I am finally at peace when at one time I was not.

Ignorance of our unity and God’s goodness, is what makes a person evil. God does not create evil people…only gives them the free will to choose to have the knowledge that they need in order to become good.

And that knowledge is: Unity




The Nines & My Final Understanding: Only Read If You Want To Wake Up.

In bed sick with a another cold, I just was reminded of the strange movie, “the Nines” with one of my favorite actors, Ryan Reynolds. Of course there was a purpose for me to be able to sit here and watch it.

I am not sure if I should be typing this, but something tells me many are ready to learn the truth of the messages ingrained in this movie. It’s time. I am a “nine” too, and I am here only to wake up the other nines who just want to “play” and get caught up in the human drama cycle. I am here to wake humans from the dream when the dream needs to change into a new one.

That’s what I am. That’s why I see the world the way it is and write with complete honesty. I am not God, and the movie was not trying to say we each are.. exactly. The movie was about how we are multidimensional beings or souls from God, who choose to learn and relearn, on this planet. No, we are not aliens…we are just energy that never dies and is only transformed into another form.

I am a nine, because I have slowly awakened and noticed there is something wrong with this world. It has not gone as planned by God, and so I notice when humans have gone off track a bit. Possibly God sends out “nine” souls into babies to be born on earth to help keep the world on track or maybe it’s just the way humans finally wake up.

 I connect with only other nines mentally, and only other nines will like my posts or connect to what I say…or even understand it. Because somewhere deep down, they know it is time too…to change the path of existence now. So if you follow my blog, or like what I say…it’s cause it is the truth you know deep down inside and I am only reflecting it back to are a nine too.

Many humans have fallen into a state of sleep where they feel a disconnect from God or the All, so they treat others as separate from themselves. This leads to hate, racism, anger, and bloodshed. And so when too much disconnect or imbalance of evil happens, this is when a “wake up” call needs to happen.

I am not sure if the number is correct in the movie, there could be far more levels of consciousnesses that we can’t know or see, cause we are not in essence the totality. This is not about being proud or prideful, it is about being aware of the immense source of energy that we extend from as souls.

Let me explain the movie in a way, that I can understand it as a nine too:

Gary (played by Ryan Reynolds) is a multidimensional being who is “stuck” in his own creation..his perceived world. His favorite creation or archetype is the role played by Melissa McCarthy. She, in many different realities and dimensions, plays his publicist, best friend, and wife. But her main role she was created for was to keep him in this reality. So she is pleasant and always a friend to him in the world that Gary created. She keeps him grounded and brings love and joy into his world to experience. If you think really hard…you can find that person or people that have done that in your life. They make life worth living every day.

The other woman Susan, played by Hope Davis, is another multidimensional being who also creates worlds and plays around, but she is tired of the drama and is concerned that one of her soul groups has lost their way. In much ways, she is the angel that has come to save him from this world and bring his rapture to take him back to God. It is hard to see this, she plays a sneaky game of making Gary suffer a bit, but what she is really is doing is trying to wake him up from the “dream” and bring him back to the ALL. She is the “reminder of who he is” part of the world and appears in different forms from the cheating next door neighbor, scheming television executive, and finally a mysterious stranger he meets on the road.

It took me a lot of learning and forgiveness to understand her role. She is not evil, or like “Lucifer” which is what I thought at first while she tries to destroy his world systematically each reality. I discovered that she is actually trying to bring him out the prison he became stuck in.

I am much like her, though I don’t sneak around in people’s lives telling them to wake up, I am here to remind the people on the lower levels of consciousness to grow a little…if they are suffering in life. I am trying to show there is never a need to suffer from your own hands. God is good and wishes to always give you the gift of a best experience.

The end of the movie is where it gets really amazing. When Gary, the multidimensional being, decides it is time to finally go home. He transfers this power of creation into the hands of his favorite creation. This shows how the love is shared between them as creation and creator. It really is a beautiful relationship and when you think really deeply this is the relationship that God has with all of us. As we learn to love God as levels 7-9s in consciousness levels, we in turn become elevated to a state of seeing the love all around.

The last moments of the movie is truly beautiful where, Melissa McCarthy is elevated to the next level and now she is the nine realizing that her universe or world around her is the one she has the power to control by how she reacts and perceives life. You can tell by the smile on her face, that she is in a high level of bliss experience looking at her family with love, and then ultimately thanking her creator who brought her to blissful level of experience at the same time.

Now I am in this state, as I look around at my life…I see every suffering and every gift that God has brought to me to learn from. When you are at this level of being, there is no more nightmare…everything seems like a surreal dream. I will say, bad things are still going to happen to me, and I will still feel them. The difference is now, I won’t suffer for long knowing they truly are temporary emotions and where we are from is far more beautiful and true . When Gary in the movie, says that Home feels warm and like a bright white light as he remembers it…that’s exactly the feeling I feel when I tap into my subconscious and what God really is…warm and white light…. Can you feel it too?

I guess you can say this  is enlightenment…and I only type that to help others realize that they have reached it too if they have reached the same conclusions. We have the power to bring this world into a new peaceful paradigm. Will you join me, nines?


The ending scene of Gary going back to the central consciousness.