Surah Al-Hijr (The Rock): Chapter 15 (line 50-60)

50. And that My punishment is the painful punishment.

51. And inform them of the guests of Abraham.

52. When they entered upon him, and said, “Peace.” He said, “We are wary of you.”

53. They said, “Do not fear; we bring you good news of a boy endowed with knowledge.”

54. He said, “Do you bring me good news, when old age has overtaken me? What good news do you bring?”

55. They said, “We bring you good news in truth, so do not despair.”

56. He said, “And who despairs of his Lord’s mercy but the lost?”

57. He said, “So what is your business, O envoys?”

58. They said, “We were sent to a sinful people.”

59. “Except for the family of Lot; we will save them all.”

60. “Except for his wife.” We have determined that she will be of those who lag behind.

My Interpretation: 

This is the glimpse of the beginning of creation when Allah is telling Muhammad, through Gabriel about what happened in the beginning. Here at line 51, Muhammad is being told to tell his people of the Arab nation to know the story of Lot and how Angels were sent down to tell Abraham that he would have a son, even in the old age of his and his wife.

Abraham had a difficult  time believing them, and asked the Angels what they were doing here on earth. The Angels of God tell Abraham that they were sent to destroy a civilization that have destroyed themselves because of their sinful nature. They plan on saving the family of Lot, except for his wife…who took part in the sinning and needed some form of retribution for her own actions.

The Angels are divine carriers and messengers of the truth and balance in the universe. They are here to help guide humanity, and help life grow and evolve with purity and fullest potential.

I do not fault them for destroying a whole nation of sinful people that allowed themselves to digress so much from the Good path. I understand how creation works in the universe and the flow of life and death, destruction and life. When one door closes, another one opens.

The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed so that future civilizations could exist and rise from the ashes.

Surah Hud: Chapter 11 (line 70-80) Hud

70. But when he saw their hands not reaching towards it, he became suspicious of them, and conceived a fear of them. They said, “Do not fear, we were sent to the people of Lot.”

71. His wife was standing by, so she laughed. And We gave her good news of Isaac; and after Isaac, Jacob.

72. She said, “Alas for me. Shall I give birth, when I am an old woman, and this, my husband, is an old man? This is truly a strange thing.”

73. They said, “Do you marvel at the decree of God? The mercy and blessings of God are upon you, O people of the house. He is Praiseworthy and Glorious.”

74. When Abraham’s fear subsided, and the good news had reached him, he started pleading with Us concerning the people of Lot.

75. Abraham was gentle, kind, penitent.

76. “O Abraham, refrain from this. The command of your Lord has come; they have incurred an irreversible punishment.”

77. And when Our envoys came to Lot, he was anxious for them, and concerned for them. He said, “This is a dreadful day.”

78. And his people came rushing towards him-they were in the habit of committing sins. He said, “O my people, these are my daughters; they are purer for you. So fear God, and do not embarrass me before my guests. Is there not one reasonable man among you?”

79. They said, “You know well that we have no right to your daughters, and you know well what we want.”

80. He said, “If only I had the strength to stop you, or could rely on some strong support.”


My Interpretation:

Abraham was scared of the seemingly human beings across from the table for them, that did not decide to eat. They did not take the food possibly cause of unknown levels of sacrifice or just that angels don’t eat as spiritual beings. They told Abraham to not fear them, because their news was not for him or the people like him. They told him they came for the people of Lot.

Abraham’s wife overheard and she laughed, but they silenced her by telling her that she will become pregnant with a son Issac, and then after Issac, Jacob. She did not believe it because of how old she was and her husband, but the angels assured her that God can do all things.

I see this as God is the creator of life, and since the people of Lot was becoming a place for the destroyers of the essence of life, because of sinful immorality that would not allow humanity to sustain itself-God brought life in an unlikely place to further the human evolution.

Abraham was a kind hearted man who had empathy towards even strangers, and was fearful of the news, and so he pleaded with God to save the people of Lot. The angels assured him that God has decided and they have come to a time where their debt must be repaid and their time in the sun was up.

I read this over and over, and as someone who has had homosexual friends before and now, I have never thought it was just about the love of another man in these lines. The line 77 suggests that there was a form of a last test from God, where angels in the form of men came and the men of Sodom governed by Lot, rushed forwards ready to grab at them. Lot tried desperately to get them to see value in his daughters as women they could form a bond with, but they said “you know what we want” and that to me means they only wanted to have sex. They did not want to have a relationship or communion with anyone…they just wanted pure lustful sex.

There was no love in their hearts, only lust. I have a real belief that if a homosexual male really loved another man, and they lived a good life together never harming one another would be not harshly judged. It is all about reflection of behavior and the good that they do far outweighs going against the natural grain of procreation.

But I will tell you right now, the sin of lustful behavior will not be looked at so kindly. They say rape is more about power than lust, but that is lust. It is a lust for power and domination over someone. Lust is a feeling of possession and is not of love. Lust is something that can destroy not only others, but themselves. The way people date and treat each other today in lustful ways like objects-will not be looked at kindly.

Because Satan’s temptation represents the fall from grace to me, I see lust as being part of that. If there was a whole city, called Sodom run by Lot, full of people who wanted to grab at the first beautiful men that they saw….that to me shows why God chose to destroy them. It is not about being gay, it is more about the lack of love in that place and in turn the people there destroyed themselves.


an artist’s rendition of the angels of God appearing to the men of Lot


Surah Hud: Chapter 11 (line 60-70) Hud

60. And they were pursued by a curse in this world, and on the Day of Resurrection. Indeed, Aad blasphemed against their Lord-so away with Aad, the people of Hud.

61. And to Thamood, their brother Saleh. He said, “O my people, worship God, you have no god other than Him. He initiated you from the earth, and settled you in it. So seek His forgiveness, and repent to Him. My Lord is Near and Responsive.”

62. They said, “O Saleh, we had hopes in you before this. Are you trying to prevent us from worshiping what our parents worship? We are in serious doubt regarding what you are calling us to.”

63. He said, “O my people, have you considered? If I stand upon clear evidence from my Lord, and He has given me mercy from Him, who would protect me from God, if I disobeyed Him? You add nothing for me except loss.”

64. “O my people, this is the she-camel of God, a sign for you. Let her graze on God’s land, and do not harm her, lest an imminent punishment overtakes you.”

65. But they hamstrung her, and so He said, “Enjoy yourselves in your homes for three days. This is a prophecy that is infallible.”

66. Then, when Our command came, We saved Saleh and those who believed with him, by a mercy from Us, from the disgrace of that day. Your Lord is the Strong, the Mighty.

67. And the Scream struck those who transgressed, and they became motionless bodies in their homes.

68. As if they had never prospered therein. Indeed, Thamood rejected their Lord, so away with Thamood.

69. Our messengers came to Abraham with good news. They said, “Peace.” He said, “Peace.” Soon after, he came with a roasted calf.

70. But when he saw their hands not reaching towards it, he became suspicious of them, and conceived a fear of them. They said, “Do not fear, we were sent to the people of Lot.”

My interpretation:

The people of Aad did not listen to their messenger chosen to give them the message. They failed the test of being humble enough to receive it and change their ways. They were destroyed and no longer are a strong civilization, with the karma that they have called to them.

Now Gabriel is being told about a place called Thamood and their messenger Saleh. Saleh tried to get the people of Thamood to stop worshiping the deities that their ancestors worshipped. But they did not listen, and cultural identity was more important than listening to this messenger’s revelations to help set Thamood back on track.

Saleh was given a prophecy either by dream, divine inspiration or angel visitation to not kill this one cow grazing on the land as a symbol of faith. He warned the people and they cut the cow in the hamstrings, causing it to die in torment.

God next told Saleh another prophecy that the people had three days in the home before they were destroyed in a natural way with destruction. Except Saleh and the others who believed and were good.

Line 67 is very interesting, it says Scream in this translation, and I looked in others it is “shriek”, “great sound” in other versions. So there was some type of noisy disaster that made them die in their homes the people of Thamood. When you think of Pompeii, people were killed by the ash and smoke inside of their buildings. Or when you think of earthquakes, people could be hit in the head with things and killed this way. Either way, these people were warned and now they lay dead.

Although I have great care for others, I understand where God is coming from in this. These people transgressed which is the key word. Nothing gets me more angry when I see brutal killings, sacrifices, rapes, pillages, immorality done in the name of ancient paganism as archeologists have discovered. Not all were barbarous people, but not all were peaceful at all. The Quran will get to the part of discerning between the two types of pagan civilizations later in the revelations.

Line 69 is about to go into the story of Lot and the warnings from the angels sent to destroy this immoral civilization. It is interesting to note that the angels did not eat, but must have appeared as men since they surprised Abraham thinking they would eat the roasted calf, like all humans would at that time during such gratitude of food in this area. So here we learn Angels may look human if God wills it, but they do not eat or take in physical pleasures of the material world.

This is where Thamood or Thamud is supposed to have been. There rock carved buildings are still available to see as ruins these days.







Surah Al-A’raf : Chapter 7 (line 70-80) the Elevations

70. They said, “Did you come to us to make us worship God alone, and abandon what our ancestors used to worship? Then bring us what you threaten us with, if you are truthful.”

71. He said, “Condemnation and wrath have befallen you from your Lord. Are you arguing with me over names, which you and your ancestors invented, for which God sent down no authority? Just wait; I am waiting with you.”

72. So We saved him and those with him, by mercy from Us, and We cut off the roots of those who rejected Our revelations and were not believers.

73. And to Thamood, their brother Saleh. He said, “O my people! Worship God; you have no god other than Him. Clarification has come to you from your Lord. This she-camel of God is a sign for you. So leave her to graze on God’s earth, and do her no harm, lest a painful penalty seizes you.”

74. “And remember how He made you successors after Aad, and settled you in the land. You make for yourselves mansions on its plains, and carve out dwellings in the mountains. So remember God’s benefits, and do not roam the earth corruptingly.”

75. The elite of his people, who were arrogant, said to the common people who had believed, “Do you know that Saleh is sent from his Lord?” They said, “We are believers in what he was sent with.”

76. Those who were arrogant said, “We reject what you believe in.”

77. So they hamstrung the she-camel, and defied the command of their Lord, and said, “O Saleh, bring upon us what you threaten us with, if you are one of the messengers.”

78. Whereupon the quake overtook them, and they became lifeless bodies in their homes.

79. Then he turned away from them, and said, “O my people, I have delivered to you the message of my Lord, and I have advised you, but you do not like those who give advice.”

80. And Lot, when he said to his people, “Do you commit lewdness no people anywhere have ever committed before you?”

My interpretation: 

Gabriel is telling Muhammad that when Noah tried to warn the nation of people he belonged to, they scoffed at him. They were arrogant and refused to believe. So God sent down the rains, while Noah was instructed to create an ark to hold him, and those who were with him as believers, and the animals.

Thamood was an ancient civilization after people of an older civilization called Aad, that lived in carved out homes out of the mountain side.  God chose a messenger named, Saleh, to warn his people about their pagan ways and to worship one Lord.

They were tested with a female camel. They were told not to kill her, but they showed arrogance as well and ended up cutting the hamstrings of the camel when God sent a warning (through the messenger) about not touching her as a test. They heard the warnings though Saleh and they too did not listen to him.

Their civilization was destroyed eventually by an earthquake that brought their cities to ruins. When Saleh saw their lifeless bodies, he felt remorse for them not listening saying they did not like him warning them.

Next, Gabriel begins to tell the story of Lot.

An example of ancient cave homes of Guyaju.

cave homes