Surah Yunus: Chapter 10 (line 100-109) Jonah

100. No soul can believe except by God’s leave; and He lays disgrace upon those who refuse to understand.

101. Say, “Look at what is in the heavens and the earth.” But signs and warnings are of no avail for people who do not believe.

102. Do they expect anything but the likes of the days of those who passed away before them? Say, “Then wait, I will be waiting with you.”

103. Then We save Our messengers and those who believe. It is binding on Us to save the believers.

104. Say, “O people, if you are in doubt about my religion-I do not serve those you serve apart from God. But I serve God, the one who will terminate your lives. And I was commanded to be of the believers.”

105. And dedicate yourself to the true religion-a monotheist-and never be of the polytheists.

106. And do not call, apart from God, on what neither benefits you nor harms you. If you do, you are then one of the wrongdoers.

107. If God afflicts you with harm, none can remove it except He. And if He wants good for you, none can repel His grace. He makes it reach whomever He wills of His servants. He is the Forgiver, the Merciful.

108. Say, “O people, the truth has come to you from your Lord. Whoever accepts guidance is guided for his own soul; and whoever strays only strays to its detriment. I am not a guardian over you.”

109. And follow what is revealed to you, and be patient until God issues His judgment, for He is the Best of judges.

My interpretation:

Muhammad  is told to tell the people the same events that have happened in the past to people will happen now to his people. The believers and servants of God will be saved from the penalties of wrong doings just as they have been in the past.

Muhammad is to tell the people that only God can save them when they are in trouble and lost. They need to be patient for rewards and punishments of those  who will receive them.

Muhammad is just a messenger and so in line 108, Gabriel is telling Muhammad to let the people know that they must ALL do the work themselves to seek paradise from the Lord of the World. Muhammad is not a substitute for their soul nor can he save them. This is a huge difference from the churches that put the priests in power to save people. This was wrongful teaching, and Islam is trying to correct this. Muhammad is not put in a position of power over people. He is only a guide to help others receive the same messages he was given.

Only God has the power of saving people, and this comes to those who are humble enough to ask for help and guidance from above.

Muhammad and the other older messengers like Jonah, only try to lead the way, it is up to the people if they follow.



Surah Yunus: Chapter 10 (line 90-100) Jonah

90. And We delivered the Children of Israel across the sea. Pharaoh and his troops pursued them, defiantly and aggressively. Until, when he was about to drown, he said, “I believe that there is no god except the One the Children of Israel believe in, and I am of those who submit.”

91. Now? When you have rebelled before, and been of the mischief-makers?

92. Today We will preserve your body, so that you become a sign for those after you. But most people are heedless of Our signs.

93. And We settled the Children of Israel in a position of honor, and provided them with good things. They did not differ until knowledge came to them. Your Lord will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection regarding their differences.

94. If you are in doubt about what We revealed to you, ask those who read the Scripture before you. The truth has come to you from your Lord, so do not be of those who doubt.

95. And do not be of those who deny God’s revelations, lest you become one of the losers.

96. Those against whom your Lord’s Word is justified will not believe.

97. Even if every sign comes to them-until they see the painful punishment.

98. If only there was one town that believed and benefited by its belief. Except for the people of Jonah. When they believed, We removed from them the suffering of disgrace in the worldly life, and We gave them comfort for a while.

99. Had your Lord willed, everyone on earth would have believed. Will you compel people to become believers?

100. No soul can believe except by God’s leave; and He lays disgrace upon those who refuse to understand.

My interpretation: 

Gabriel is giving Muhammad privy information on the saving of the Pharaoh Ramses and how God made him an example of loss for his people. He would now go back to his nation defeated and a submitter to God seeing the power and glory.

The Children of Israel settled in a land to start a fresh new life and unfortunately many of them started to alter the religion under Moses’s nose. And this is why so many of the Jews today do not agree or see the same God that muslims worship-the Jewish elders of their communities altered things.

But the Quran urges Muhammad to tell these people to pick up an ancient scripture NOT tampered with and to compare it to the wisdom revealed in the Quran and they will see the truth from their Lord if they are really believers. Jews and Muslims have always believed in the same God.

It is almost a curse for those to not believe and it means that there is an affliction in sight and senses to not be able to see the truth from the Lord. That is why I believe that when your third eye is opened intuitively, you can start to see the wisdom and truths within these texts given to us.

If you are not able to believe, then this is something that possibly you must work through..a block of some sorts…and a karmic bond to untie.

Jews and Muslims have always been worshipping the same God the Quran teaches. It’s religion that says differently.



Surah Yunus: Chapter 10 (line 80-90) Jonah

80. And when the sorcerers came, Moses said to them, “Throw whatever you have to throw.”

81. And when they threw, Moses said, “What you produced is sorcery, and God will make it fail. God does not foster the efforts of the corrupt.”

82. “And God upholds the truth with His words, even though the sinners detest it.”

83. But none believed in Moses except some children of his people, for fear that Pharaoh and his chiefs would persecute them. Pharaoh was high and mighty in the land. He was a tyrant.

84. Moses said, “O my people, if you have believed in God, then put your trust in Him, if you have submitted.”

85. They said, “In God we have put our trust. Our Lord, do not make us victims of the oppressive people.”

86. “And deliver us, by Your mercy, from the disbelieving people.”

87. And We inspired Moses and his brother, “Settle your people in Egypt, and make your homes places of worship, and perform the prayer, and give good news to the believers.”

88. Moses said, “Our Lord, you have given Pharaoh and his chiefs splendor and wealth in the worldly life. Our Lord, for them to lead away from Your path. Our Lord, obliterate their wealth, and harden their hearts, they will not believe until they see the painful torment.”

89. He said, “Your prayer has been answered, so go straight, and do not follow the path of those who do not know.”

90. And We delivered the Children of Israel across the sea. Pharaoh and his troops pursued them, defiantly and aggressively. Until, when he was about to drown, he said, “I believe that there is no god except the One the Children of Israel believe in, and I am of those who submit.”

My interpretation: 

Gabriel is telling Muhammad that with the demonstration of God’s power, Moses was able to do much for others. He prayed for the people of Egypt to receive the warnings and signs from the Lord so that they may awaken and realize the truth. The Pharaoh refused and so the Ancient Egyptians eventually perished and became a new creation-one you see in Egypt today. Most Egyptians are muslims now who follow the religion of Islam, that Moses and the early Jews did.

Something so important for Jews to see in the Quran is how Moses was actually a muslim, and worshipping the SAME God as the ancient Hebrews they consider themselves bloodline to.

In line 90, finally the Pharaoh before he was about to drown realized his errors and saw that Moses and the Jews he enslaved all these years had been worshipping the true God that could have brought him to his own salvation and his people’s.

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Surah Yunus: Chapter 10 (line 70-80) Jonah

70. Some enjoyment in this world; then to Us is their return; then We will make them taste the severe punishment on account of their disbelief.

71. And relate to them the story of Noah, when he said to his people, “O my people, if my presence among you and my reminding you of God’s signs is too much for you, then in God I have put my trust. So come to a decision, you and your partners, and do not let the matter perplex you; then carry out your decision on me, and do not hold back.”

72. “But if you turn away, I have not asked you for any wage. My wage falls only on God, and I was commanded to be of those who submit.”

73. But they denounced him, so We saved him and those with him in the Ark, and We made them successors, and We drowned those who rejected Our signs. So consider the fate of those who were warned.

74. Then, after him, We sent messengers to their people. They came to them with the clear proofs, but they would not believe in anything they had already rejected. Thus We set a seal on the hearts of the hostile.

75. Then, after them, We sent Moses and Aaron with Our proofs to Pharaoh and his dignitaries. But they acted arrogantly. They were sinful people.

76. And when the truth came to them from Us, they said, “This is clearly sorcery.”

77. Moses said, “Is this what you say of the truth when it has come to you? Is this sorcery? Sorcerers do not succeed.”

78. They said, “Did you come to us to divert us from what we found our ancestors following, and so that you become prominent in the land? We will never believe in you.”

79. Pharaoh said, “Bring me every experienced sorcerer.”

80. And when the sorcerers came, Moses said to them, “Throw whatever you have to throw.”

My interpretation: 

Here Muhammad is given insight into what happened in the past. Noah was a messenger of God and was trying to warn the people to repent and start living life right. They mocked and ridiculed him and did not take heed of the warnings. So God drowned them all to create a new creation and begin again, so that life can move forwards.

The story of Moses Muhammad is being told so that he may tell the people of the great odds that Moses had to go against with the Pharaoh and his “magicians”. Moses was given the power of God to show the proof in his staff that there is a power that is greater than magic or illusion of power.

And in knowing this, Moses had no fear.



Surah Yunus: Chapter 10 (line 30-40) Jonah

30. There, every soul will experience what it had done previously; and they will be returned to God, their True Master; and what they used to invent will fail them.

31. Say, “Who provides for you from the heaven and the earth? And who controls the hearing and the sight? And who produces the living from the dead, and produces the dead from the living? And who governs the Order?” They will say, “God.” Say, “Will you not be careful?”

32. Such is God, your Lord-the True. What is there, beyond the truth, except falsehood? How are you turned away?

33. Thus your Lord’s Word proved true against those who disobeyed, for they do not believe.

34. Say, “Can any of your partners initiate creation, and then repeat it?” Say, “God initiates creation, and then repeats it. How are you so deluded?”

35. Say, “Can any of your partners guide to the truth?” Say, “God guides to the truth. Is He who guides to the truth more worthy of being followed, or he who does not guide, unless he himself is guided? What is the matter with you? How do you judge?”

36. Most of them follow nothing but assumptions; and assumptions avail nothing against the truth. God is fully aware of what they do.

37. This Quran could not have been produced by anyone other than God. In fact, it is a confirmation of what preceded it, and an elaboration of the Book. There is no doubt about it-it is from the Lord of the Universe.

38. Or do they say, “He has forged it”? Say, “Then produce a single chapter like it, and call upon whomever you can, apart from God, if you are truthful.”

39. In fact, they deny what is beyond the limits of their knowledge, and whose explanation has not yet reached them. Thus those before them refused to believe. So note the consequences for the wrongdoers.

40. Among them are those who believe in it, and among them are those who do not believe in it. Your Lord is fully aware of the mischief-makers.

My interpretation: 

Here Muhammad is given clear directions on what to say to the people he is supposed to teach. Muhammad and the muslims who read and re-read the Quran should never have any fear because here we are shown that God has ultimate control and there is no such things as evil “gods” who will harm mankind without proper sacrifice given to them. It is all made up and a lie.

What I have found is that many times the person in charge of the pagan religion be it a priest of some sort, or religious advisor, will make up a law or a ritual that is based on his ideas alone. And many times they are severely mistaken because they order people to be killed and blood to be spilled. They have strange rituals that impede on human life and in their error and arrogance, they transgress away from the truth further leading their men and women in the civilization astray.

I am always curious to learn of the Islam connections to other religions. I did some deeper research into Hinduism one of the largest polytheistic religion today. What I find VERY interesting that the Quran talks about is, at its core the Vedas and Bhagavad Gita teach about a Supreme source of creation. It really is a Monotheistic religion-at its purity. Within these texts you can not find a command from this supreme source to worship all these gods and goddesses. But after every message from God to every nation, mankind is given a chance to follow the truth or make things up to satisfy their desires.

I see it clearly what happened in Hinduism. Messengers came and the revelations where given about our creation as humans and virtues needed to experience the afterlife in a blissful way without consequences. And the religious leaders of India corrupted the religion with their error and misunderstandings creating things like the caste system and worship of animals. Muhammad is told to ask the pagans and polytheists for their gods to create a book of wisdom such as this. It is calling their bluff cause Gabriel knows this can not be done.

God’s divine guidance is the only one to create this Quran, just as the Bible and Torah were originally given. It is written in a way that shows a whole knowledge of things never known at that time in 600AD. Scientific facts like: embryos, the water cycle, how all life is created in the water first, what the moon is and how it reflects the light of the sun without emitting it’s own light, etc. Muhammad would not have been able to know these things about the world and universe. He was a simple man, and the proof of that is historically he didn’t come onto the scene until he turned 40 when he started to receive the messages. The Quran brought him to glory.

The Quran is also written in a non-emotive way. It comes from a source that supersedes emotion and shows an objective perspective on humans and life. Almost like a higher perspective being able to look down at humans and see them in a loving way, but a caretaker point of view. Many people say the Quran sounds “harsh”, but I understand the detachment of objectivity.  The fairness, and justice inside these chapters is what gives it the immense love to the believers.  You can see in the rhetorical nature this book comes from a source that has a higher perspective and consciousness level than regular humans. So if Muhammad made the revelations up, he is close to morally perfect as it gets.

But I know from the “voice” and tone of the Quran that it is a conversation of SOMETHING wiser and older than Muhammad, and it commands Muhammad to say certain things to teach them the same. There is nothing about the personal opinions of Muhammad, it is just straight warnings and facts about what happened in the past to those good and bad. That’s why the Hadiths are hard to accept for me since they talk more about Muhammad’s life than what the Quran does. No, as a teacher who understands context of words and an intuitive person,  Muhammad could never could have “made up” these revelations. If he did, he would be considered the wisest person to have ever been born on earth.

There are those who believe in it see the truth, and there are those who are blind to it by their own choice to judge and hate things they do not understand. God is aware of all of this.

The Quran came from the deepest parts of the cosmos that guides us to the truth.




Surah At-Tawbah: Chapter 9 (line 100-110) the Repentance

100. The Pioneers-The first of the Migrants and the Supporters, and those who followed them in righteousness. God is pleased with them, and they are pleased with Him. He has prepared for them Gardens beneath which rivers flow, where they will abide forever. That is the sublime triumph.

101. Among the Desert-Arabs around you there are some hypocrites, and among the inhabitants of Medina too. They have become adamant in hypocrisy. You do not know them, but We know them. We will punish them twice; then they will be returned to a severe torment.

102. Others have confessed their sins, having mixed good deeds with bad deeds. Perhaps God will redeem them. God is Forgiving and Merciful.

103. Receive contributions from their wealth, to purify them and sanctify them with it; and pray for them. Your prayer is comfort for them. God is Hearing and Knowing.

104. Do they not know that God accepts the repentance of His servants, and that He receives the contributions, and that God is the Acceptor of Repentance, the Merciful?

105. Say, “Work. God will see your work, and so will His Messenger, and the believers. Then you will be returned to the Knower of secrets and declarations, and He will inform you of what you used to do.”

106. Others are held in suspense, awaiting God’s decree, as to whether He will punish them, or accept their repentance. God is Aware and Wise.

107. Then there are those who establish a mosque to cause harm, and disbelief, and disunity among the believers, and as an outpost for those who fight God and His Messenger. They will swear: “Our intentions are nothing but good.” But God bears witness that they are liars.

108. Do not stand in it, ever. A mosque founded upon piety from the first day is worthier of your standing in it. In it are men who love to be purified. God loves those who purify themselves.

109. Is he who founds his structure upon piety and acceptance from God better, or he who founds his structure on the brink of a cliff that is about to tumble, so it tumbles with him into the Fire of Hell? God does not guide the unjust people.

110. The structure which they built will remain questionable in their hearts, until their hearts are stopped. God is Knowing and Wise.

My interpretation: 

Gabriel is telling Muhammad that the pioneers are people who are part of the first group of followers in the desert, amongst the desert people. They are the ones that were courageous and good in their heart enough to believe and trust in Muhammad’s messages that have been given to him.

Gabriel tells Muhammad that in both Mecca and Medina (where he is from) there are people who are hypocrites, and they lie to his face. Muhammad does not know them but the Angels and God do. So he is being warned to watch out for their plots. Punishing them twice means to have them suffer in life, because they will cause their own negative reality, and then in death, their consciousness will not reach a state of bliss because they did not believe while alive.

Line 102, shows that some people are half and half between doing good deeds, and confessing past sins. God is the only one to judge them based on individual accounts of their soul.

Muhammad is also told that when he receives contribution from people to the poor, he can pray for them not as a substitution of what they do, but a plea to ask God to show them mercy since they have changed their ways and have given up some of their wealth to people in need in the society.

Gabriel reminds Muhammad that God is accepting of the repentance of his servants and any one who comes to him humbly. Muhammad needs to tell them to work hard at being a good person until death, when God will reveal all that they have done, both good and bad.

Line 106 suggests the ones who are nervous about being punished, but don’t really love and accept God as their creator are thinking they hold these thoughts on their own, but they are visible to God.

Also God informs Muhammad that some create churches, mosques, and temples in order to preach hate and sway the public to certain opinion. So God sees this as well and will judge those accordingly. Gabriel uses the cliff metaphor to show that a place of worship established for the right intent to worship and come to God together as a people is much better than one that was created out of weak human desires and intent.

God will put doubt in their hearts until the day they die if they built a mosque to preach hate and unrest in the world. They will be punished and Muhammad and his followers are not to step a foot in them.

 Real muslims don’t preach hate in mosques. They go to sit and pray and just be with God.




Surah At-Tawbah: Chapter 9 (line 70-80) the Repentance

70. Have they not heard the stories of those before them? The people of Noah, and Aad, and Thamood; and the people of Abraham, and the inhabitants of Median, and the Overturned Cities? Their messengers came to them with the clear proofs. God never wronged them, but they used to wrong their own selves.

71. The believing men and believing women are friends of one another. They advocate virtue, forbid evil, perform the prayers, practice charity, and obey God and His Messenger. These-God will have mercy on them. God is Noble and Wise.

72. God promises the believers, men and women, gardens beneath which rivers flow, abiding therein forever, and fine homes in the Gardens of Eden. But approval from God is even greater. That is the supreme achievement.

73. O Prophet! Strive against the disbelievers and the hypocrites, and be stern with them. Their abode is Hell-what a miserable destination!

74. They swear by God that they said nothing; but they did utter the word of blasphemy, and they renounced faith after their submission. And they plotted what they could not attain. They were resentful only because God and His Messenger have enriched them out of His grace. If they repent, it would be best for them; but if they turn away, God will afflict them with a painful punishment-in this life and in the Hereafter-and they will have on earth no protector and no savior.

75. Among them are those who promised God: “If He gives us of His bounty, we will donate and be among the upright.”

76. But when He has given them of His bounty, they became stingy with it, and turned away in aversion.

77. So He penalized them with hypocrisy in their hearts, until the Day they face Him-because they broke their promise to God, and because they used to lie.

78. Do they not know that God knows their secrets and their conspiracies? And that God is the Knower of the unseen?

79. Those who criticize the believers who give charity voluntarily, and ridicule those who find nothing to give except their own efforts-God ridicules them. They will have a painful punishment.

80. Whether you ask forgiveness for them, or do not ask forgiveness for them-even if you ask forgiveness for them seventy times, God will not forgive them. That is because they disbelieved in God and His Messenger. God does not guide the immoral people.

My interpretation: 

There is a sense of urgency building in Gabriel’s words. Can you feel it too? There is glad tidings for those who are open minded enough to receive the revelations from God to start to get back on track, pray to one God, give to others in need, and just be a generally good person.

Their home after this one will be a spiritual paradise where they will live without regrets and can be in bliss. They will have reached the end of their lesson they were sent here to learn, just as Adam was in the beginning. They have established a soul fullness inside that will bring them to Heaven and the original spiritual bliss we came from. Whether it be a physical space experienced in our consciousness like a dream, or an experience unlike we can even imagine, the believers will get all that they deserve.

The disbelievers that have a coldness in their heart and can not open their mind or eyes to the signs given will be stuck in their own cycle of Hell. There will be no savior for them, because they do not accept the saving. They will remain isolated until they find their way back to God on their own by hard work and determination to make a change within. They plot and they scheme and God sees it all. It brings the punishment closer to their reality.

The last line is very true. You can pray or not pray for a disbeliever in God, but they must come to God themselves. No soul can be a substitution for another. We are unique sparks of life and spiritual beings from God. We each have our own journey that we design by the choices we make. What you do matters to your life, and what they do matters to theirs.

Our lives are much like clay. As we mold it, it becomes something and can change in an instant by the small movement of your fingers or hands. You can make something unsightly and ugly, that falls apart and does not hold anything inside, or you can create something beautiful and strong that allows you to fill it.

What will you create?


Surah Al-A’raf : Chapter 7 (line 100-110) the

100. Is it not guidance for those who inherit the land after its inhabitants, that if We willed, We could strike them for their sins? And seal up their hearts, so that they would not hear?

101. These towns-We narrate to you some of their tales. Their messengers came to them with the clear signs, but they would not believe in what they had rejected previously. Thus God seals the hearts of the disbelievers.

102. We found most of them untrue to their covenants; We found most of them corrupt.

103. Then, after them, We sent Moses with Our miracles to Pharaoh and his establishment, but they denounced them. So consider the end of the evildoers.

104. Moses said, “O Pharaoh, I am a messenger from the Lord of the Worlds.”

105. “It is only proper that I should not say about God anything other than the truth. I have come to you with clear evidence from your Lord, so let the Children of Israel go with me.”

106. He said, “If you brought a miracle, then present it, if you are truthful.”

107. So he threw his staff, and it was an apparent serpent.

108. And He pulled out his hand, and it was white to the onlookers.

109. The notables among Pharaoh’s people said, “This is really a skilled magician.”

110. “He wants to evict you from your land, so what do you recommend?”

My interpretation: 

These lines are when I most can tell this Quran was channeled by an advanced being who could look into the future and past, and pass on this knowledge to Muhammad. Gabriel is telling Muhammad that the reason all these tales are being told to him is so that he may be able to support what was already written in the other religious texts, and warn his nation of impending destruction.

Just as Moses was sent to the Pharaoh of Egypt, Muhammad is sent to the Mecca leaders who need to alter life as they know it. Muhammad is being told that the Egyptians did not believe Moses when he told them he was speaking for God when he said let the people of Israel go. So his staff was turned into a serpent, and his hand glowed white with God’s power. This makes me think of “reiki” which is said to be a way to direct energy from your hands. But the Pharaoh and his advisors thought this was just illusion and magic.

Aaron's Rod

Surah Al-An’nam : Chapter 6 (line 90-100) the Livestock

90. Those are they whom God has guided, so follow their guidance. Say, “I ask of you no compensation for it; it is just a reminder for all mankind.”

91. They do not value God as He should be valued, when they say, “God did not reveal anything to any human being.” Say, “Who revealed the Scripture which Moses brought-a light and guidance for humanity?” You put it on scrolls, displaying them, yet concealing much. And you were taught what you did not know-neither you, nor your ancestors. Say, “God;” then leave them toying away in their speculation.

92. This too is a Scripture that We revealed-blessed-verifying what preceded it, that you may warn the Mother of Cities and all around it. Those who believe in the Hereafter believe in it, and are dedicated to their prayers.

93. Who does greater wrong than someone who invents falsehood against God, or says, “It was revealed to me,” when nothing was revealed to him, or says, “I will reveal the like of what God revealed”? If only you could see the wrongdoers in the floods of death, as the angels with arms outstretched: “Give up your souls. Today you are being repaid with the torment of shame for having said about God other than the truth, and for being too proud to accept His revelations.”

94. “You have come to Us individually, just as We created you the first time, leaving behind you everything We gave you. We do not see with you your intercessors-those you claimed were your partners. The link between you is cut, and what you had asserted has failed you.”

95. It is God Who splits the grain and the seed. He brings the living from the dead, and He brings the dead from the living. Such is God. So how could you deviate?

96. It is He Who breaks the dawn. And He made the night for rest, and the sun and the moon for calculation. Such is the disposition of the Almighty, the All-Knowing.

97. And it is He Who created the stars for you, that you may be guided by them in the darkness of land and sea. We thus explain the revelations for people who know.

98. And it is He who produced you from a single person, then a repository, then a depository. We have detailed the revelations for people who understand.

99. And it is He who sends down water from the sky. With it We produce vegetation of all kinds, from which We bring greenery, from which We produce grains in clusters. And palm-trees with hanging clusters, and vineyards, and olives, and pomegranates-similar and dissimilar. Watch their fruits as they grow and ripen. Surely in this are signs for people who believe.

100. Yet they attributed to God partners-the sprites-although He created them. And they invented for Him sons and daughters, without any knowledge. Glory be to Him. He is exalted, beyond what they describe.

My Interpretation: 

Here Gabriel is coaching Muhammad on what to say to the others who question him. He is to then bring up history and how Moses was also a human who was guided to do a righteous and courageous thing, as far as freeing the believers of God from the Ancient Egyptians.

The Quran is only a third book sent to humans to support the truth of the Gospel and the Torah, and to help discern between the lies of the priesthoods. The Quran was brought to Muhammad to warn the Mother of All Cities. This historically could be Mecca, or this could be Rome. Either way, both cities where extremely powerful and have become civilizations that have lost their way. Muhammad is told to say to the people the truth found in the Quran is what has been given to them in the past, and this is their last warning.

This is why Muhammad is not only called a messenger, but is also a prophet. He is given a scary glimpse into the future of these souls who keep rejecting God’s words. They will be taken in death by angels who will question them for their disbelief and then punished for what they did not accept as truth. They will be questioned by God about where is their gods and goddesses now, while they face the one Lord of the Universe and receive a humiliation and punishment for not learning and not trusting in God while alive.

Gabriel is telling Muhammad about the way God creates and how beyond this force of Creation there is nothing else. God creates the water, wind, earth, animals, all beings in the universe and beyond and there is no other creators except him. It is wrong for people to attribute any spirits or energies seen or not seen to be equal to God, or to be partners with him. Sons and daughters in the literal sense of Zeus and his children as gods, is something Islam is trying to detach from people’s minds. God is not a being that is a father as we know of the word. God is an energy that is neither female nor male, or is both. God is not a man with a beard in a sky with children gods. These are the fairytales and pagan traditions of old, and is what Islam came to correct in people’s minds.

It was important for people to see God is not a family of humanlike beings deciding the fate of humanity and neither is God a walking human who came to earth to die so we can live. These are myths of old symbols and rituals, and it was time humanity started to progress and see God in a new more truthful way. God is indefinite in form and available to all who seek Him. There is no need to war about this divine source of Life that can not be known in a physical form or idol. That’s what Islam teaches.

The human like Ancient Greek gods and goddesses




Surah Al-An’nam : Chapter 6 (line 70-80) the Livestock

70. So leave alone those who take their religion for play and pastime, and whom the worldly life has deceived. But remind with it, lest a soul becomes damned on account of what it has earned. It has no helper or intercessor besides God. Even if it offers every equivalent, none will be accepted from it. These are the ones who are delivered to perdition by their actions. They will have a drink of scalding water, and a painful punishment, because they used to disbelieve.

71. Say, “Shall we invoke besides God something that can neither benefit us nor harm us, and turn back on our heels after God has guided us; like someone seduced by the devils and confused on earth, who has friends calling him to guidance: ‘Come to us’?” Say, “The guidance of God is the guidance, and we are commanded to surrender to the Lord of the Universe.”

72. “And to perform the prayers, and to revere Him; it is to Him that you will be gathered.”

73. It is He who created the heavens and the earth in truth. On the Day when He says: “Be,” it will be. His saying is the truth, and His is the sovereignty on the Day when the trumpet is blown. The Knower of secrets and declarations. He is the Wise, the Expert.

74. Abraham said to his father Azar, “Do you take idols for gods? I see that you and your people are in evident error.”

75. Thus We showed Abraham the empire of the heavens and the earth, that he might be one of those with certainty.

76. When the night fell over him, he saw a planet. He said, “This is my lord.” But when it set, he said, “I do not love those that set.”

77. Then, when he saw the moon rising, he said, “This is my lord.” But when it set, he said, “If my Lord does not guide me, I will be one of the erring people.”

78. Then, when he saw the sun rising, he said, “This is my lord, this is bigger.” But when it set, he said, “O my people, I am innocent of your idolatry.

79. I have directed my attention towards Him Who created the heavens and the earth-a monotheist-and I am not of the idolaters.”

80. And his people argued with him. He said, “Do you argue with me about God, when He has guided me? I do not fear what you associate with Him, unless my Lord wills it. My Lord comprehends all things in knowledge. Will you not reconsider?

My Interpretation: 

Muhammad is a pioneer in his country in the Middle East. He is a man who has been chosen to teach people that have been taught to call on one of their 300 gods or goddesses for help, to start to ask help from and pray to ONE God. Once again, anything that says “Say” in the Quran is what is being told to Muhammad to say exactly to the people. He is being taught how to teach the people to THINK for themselves about the essence of God. This is such an important step for the pagan Arab civilization predating Islam. The masses of people were never taught to question about their faiths, only to accept what was told to them by those in charge in Mecca. Giving the people the right AND permission to logically question about God, was one of the greatest allowances given to humanity at this time. This is what the Quran allows you to do with it’s rhetorical nature.

One other reason that it was important for the people to stop worshipping these gods and goddesses, is because they were following energies unknown to them. Followers of Satan they are called. Entities that are non human waiting to take advantage of humans who are vulnerable in their quest for knowledge and power. Following the guidance of God, laid out in these revelations is how you protect yourself from following blindly into this trap of Satan.

Gabriel in line 73 is going into how God has dominion over the material and non-material worlds. He has created everything by saying “Be” and it becomes. There is no other King of Heaven, except our Lord and everything on the day of the trumpet blown, will be gathered back to Him. Nothing can escape this calling back to Him.

Muhammad is told about how Abraham became one of God’s messengers. Abraham questioned his father, Azar, about the idol worship of his ancient civilization and God saw this service and purified him in his faith to know God, by guiding him further on this path of knowledge.

Abraham saw the sky clearly one night to see a planet, and believed that shining spot in the sky to be God like his fellow people. But when the planet “set” or rotated out of sight in the sky, he saw that such a thing that could not stay constant in the sky was not God. Next, he saw the moon, but realized it went away during the day and came back at night. He quickly realized this was not God either as his people worshipped as another god. Lastly, he saw the bigger light of the sun, and thought that God was the sun. But he soon realized that the sun was not God. At this point, he decided that he did not believe in what his father or any people of his nation believed about gods. He was a pioneer of his civilization and became a messenger to his people to help spread the message of how vast God really is by using logic to compare the physical bodies found in space.

Any lie you hear about Islam being the worship of the moon God of ancient times, now you know the truth within these verses. “Allah” is the same God Abraham was guided towards and created ALL of the heavens and earth.

An artist’s interpretation of Abraham looking to the sky for the truth.