The Spiritual Trials Under Trump

First, I want to say, I write this as a definite Jill Stein supporter. Yes, it is true I am part of the 1% of this society that showed up to vote for her. I am a peaceful, humanitarian, American muslim woman who only wants the best for my fellow human beings trapped in the middle of immoral wars and strife.

This goes for every single nation on earth. not just the Middle East.

When they bleed…I feel it on a very deep level as an unity consciousness person. I go on with my life, and am not in a ball crying somewhere in the corner, but I am not silent about it and there are days when I have tears when I see the children…oh God…the children dying.

I am young, I am only 34, so I don’t know any other wars. This is my lifetime war, and I have chosen the role on earth to be a people helper, a humanitarian, an empath, and love agent that God gave me the blueprint to be. This is the war I have grown up with from the Iraq war when a desert storm trooper came into my junior high classroom to teach us what is going on and how to support your country. So please don’t tell me “this is just the nature of all Wars”. I don’t know all wars. I only have experienced this one. In my experience it has not been a fun one. And to me, and many other peaceful people, this is not nature. This is demonic possession. In nature things die naturally…and willfully; in war lives are taken suddenly.

I am sad that it was only one percent of the US people, that saw the war mongering and fear mongering as indoctrinations to the people to become more fueled to possess land and resources. But I must go on, and I can not run in front of tanks. We know how that turned out for the dear girl, Rachel Corrie.

I am keenly aware of the demoralization of America that is happening. I am not blind to it, and know others are not. America seems to think Trump represents change in a good way. I will say, I do not see this. That is because my values are different than other’s idea of winning.

Trump represents America growing fatter with wealth, and more nationalistic. I believe this is winning from a myopic view by a sheltered American viewpoint. My view of us as winning is the one that includes ALL nations and learning to compromise. I do not believe one nation can win, but they can be peacefully content full of integrity and wisdom.

Let me be honest. I do not ever “win” myself. I am not wealthy. I am not even famous or inspirational with a best selling book, or movie out. I am not a winner in looks, or in recognition of skills or talents. I am a woman on a laptop with passion. Some may think I am a loser even. But I see my life as not about winning, but as about being KIND, GOOD, and TRUTHFUL.

These ideals I hold high are my idea of winning, and it may not mean the winning others feel is important. But they are the “winning” described in the holy texts from around the world. They are the aspects of the “winner” in all stories, moral myths,  religious parables, and legends. So in a way, I am a winner only in the abstract spritual term. I am not a winner in the physical material world though. But to me, as a devoted muslim, the spiritual world only really matters.

So here is our trials as spiritual people with Trump in power:

“MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”~While Trump symbolizes material wealth as important. We must also be discerning and remember that GIVING to others and CHARITY is the real importance the Bible, Gita, Vedas, Torah, and Quran, teach us. So there should be a balance. Do not be tempted to think it only matters what you earn and forget to give.

“LOOK AT THAT FACE”~Trump symbolizes the objectivity of women and superficial beauty as important. We must remember as servants to God, that inner beauty is truly what matters most in this world. Everything else is a temporary shell to house our souls. Never forget that.

“GLOBAL WARMING IS A HOAX”~Trump symbolizes the belief the earth will be fine without being proactive. We as humans need to keep in mind, not to turn a blind eye to the nature and earth that we systematically take from without replenishing. We must also remember we are vicegerents of animals and this earth, bestowed in this position by God, to learn to take care of them. Even though these programs are cut now, we need to as individuals do our own part in helping the earth. Recycle. Garden. Reuse. Reinvent sun, wind, water energy.

“AMERICA IS GOING TO WIN”~Trump feels America does not win. While we may win our money back, we may lose in other areas. It is important to not lose your heart during his term. So please remember that there is more to this life than money, and to win is to foster attributes and traits of the messengers and prophets sent to us by God, that helped spread love and guidance to the people’s nations.

“STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION”~This is a hard one. Of course criminals coming here to disrupt society should not, but the Mexican drug cartels are getting so bad that children are crossing the border pushed by their parents to run away from the bloodshed. Also many muslim immigrants are running away from their own dictators. Think of it like this, if a person came up to your door bleeding and wounded running from a killer, would you let them in to help them to hide them? The good Germans helped hide the Jews during the Holocaust. So you decide, what to do. Trump says they are a Trojan horse, but we must ALWAYS be discerning to this idea. Some people actually really do need help. As People of the Book, we are required to help our fellow beings.

“WE MUST STOP ANTI-CATHLOICISM”~ Trump is a Protestant Christian. Although, he is a strange one…at best, he says he is one. We must be aware that he represents a large group of Christians in America, who believe he is their savior representing their values of ProLife. May I remind them, to always be discerning about what to do as a follower of Jesus. We must never be tempted to persecute or judge another. I will say this to Muslims too. So many people’s trials are going to be to allow this man to run, and to ignore the temptation to persecute other religions, especially muslims. People are going to have to start to learn to discern between a terrorist and a muslim, or they will follow blindly into hate.

“YOU’RE LIVING IN POVERTY, YOUR SCHOOLS ARE NO GOOD, etc”~Trump represents a subjective view of the black community. While some of these unsettling facts are true for some communities, they are not true for all. Also, in white, hispanic, etc, communities we see some of this happen. It is important to understand that the social structures have been designed to keep certain social economic statues down and it goes beyond ethnicities. Poor people are in all different colors, and ethnicities. People are going to have to go beyond the sheltered criticism of white America, and SEE with their hearts the truth.

NOW~Some Trump supporters have been extreme in their support, and one of our trials as people who disagree with them is not to lower ourselves to hate, fight, and insult them, but to instead be examples of peace and love on earth.

So YES, we have some trials ahead of us. Do not be blind to these trials and lessons. We can respect Trump, offer him support and love, but we do not have to sell our ideals to match his. He is a billionaire born into a wealthy family, and he can not see the plight of some people like us and even with less than us.

We don’t have to physically riot or protest against him when he doesn’t match our ideals and values, but we do not have to blindly submit ourselves to them. We can live our lives, remembering people and helping in little ways that we can. There are many support and donation, charity groups to help others in other countries though our borders will be closed. Your hearts do not have to be, America.

I offer this as guidance in the highest vibration of LOVE. Peace to all, and may God guide your hearts to the truth always.

I have carpal tunnel…

 I am starting to get carpal tunnel syndrome and my wrists badly hurt…it started a few weeks ago, and I am in a lot of pain now. I am not sure if I can continue my writing career until I heal for awhile.
I wanted to thank all my followers for the support they have given. I am sad, I didn’t get to finish the full Quran interpretations, but I hope in the near future I will be able to, along with new observations and spiritual connections.
I just wanted to say, please:
 vote smartly and through your heart and higher consciousness on Nov. 8, and I wish you all the best.
Remember this quote and hold it close to your heart WHILE you remain wide awake to the dangers we face:
I will still make videos since I don’t have to type:

I Am Here To Stop The Wars: There Are Many…Join Us?

In a world torn apart by greedy geopolitical agendas that kill innocent people and leave cities in ruins, I am passionate for unity. I am so passionate about showing the religious unity within Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, because THESE are the factions that are warring together. I am not trying to out the pagans, or those other 4,000 religions created by split consciousness and personal ideologies. I am talking about the BIG ones that have millions of people involved in each and have had some sort of guide book presented from otherworldly sources. None of their books have told them to kill without consent from God..and yet their human nature has taken over their spiritual one. They have been taken over by Satan.

Not everyone, mind you, is warring together from these sects. If you look closely you will see the wise, polarized to good, experienced souls sitting back and reflecting on the “children’s” mess. Some of these souls have decided to take on the duty to alleviate the world of pain and suffering by teaching others about changing perspectives, forming unity with diverse communities, activism towards events unjust, and even protest against tyrannical leaders. Some of these souls know it is time to teach the younger ones some manners through peaceful means.

Let’s face it. The people in charge do not hold God’s honor or will in their hearts. They hold their own. They want the money, power, and control and are more likened to King Nimrod than ever a spiritual monk or yogi. This is not God’s fault. These men have took hold of the seats of power throughout history by oppression, threats, and fear using religion as a device. Machiavelli’s, The Prince, is all about using fear to control people and they have all used this. Pharaohs of Egypt did it. Hitler did it. Stalin did it. The Bolsheviks did it. It is what has been chastised by God for ages through burning bushes, and angels of Light inspiring the divine thought that this is wrong!

Wars are not created by those with God in their hearts. Their hearts are closed off from seeing the unity and feeling empathy for their fellow beings. Wars are about survival because they don’t have the faith to see God has a great plan and just trust….and let God. When you act in opposition to this plan of goodness and growth, you are going to experience resistance from those who are in alignment to the plan.

Yes, my soul is not new. It is connected to the others of the past who have wanted to put an end to the injustices, godless cruelty of the few in charge. If you look really deeply you will see all human activists who stood up for others had faith in God, and they allowed this sense of community work through them to preserve others. I am an Indigo child, born already with this “mission” to help get humanity back on track to unity and loving one another, living out the rest of our days in peace. God created me this way for the Divine Plan. I am not the only one, it is time to figure out and discover if you too were created to stop the wars and suffering.

Ask yourself, do you resonate with my words of unity? Do you see what I SEE? This isn’t about a secret society forming. This is about all our heads lifting to the sky and then around to each other, then down at our weapons we hold, and making that final and permanent choice to drop them.

I was an Indigo Child born with the DNA structure to be aware of this in the world at an early age, but it only has become more stronger and now I am an Adult Indigo, and I will tell you there are many. We just need to start using our gifts of sight, empathy, and alignment towards the truth together.  We will inspire the rest to follow by doing our duties and jobs on earth as servants to God. The rest will follow, and if they don’t they made a choice. I am confident that there are MANY Indigos out there…and so WE are going to be the saviors of humanity together bringing a new awareness in, born from the source of infinity. Are you ready?

If you are…then start to blog, write posts on facebook, create a website, make videos, write a book, talk to friends, heck…even stand on the street.

But here is what to “preach”. Don’t preach about condemnation or people going to Hell, people close their minds and ears off to that and it is not right to judge a soul…you have NO IDEA where that soul has traveled to on their journey and amends they have made. What you can do is teach about peace, unity, love, and oneness not as an idea, but as a teacher teaching the student new skills. That is why you are here. God created you to help humanity…you volunteered possibly…who knows…all I know is IF this is your mission and you felt it to be more than make money, have a family and die, then you know I am talking to you.

You are a teacher and a guide for other young souls. Start NOW. We don’t have that much time those in power are blind, and we must become the light that shines SO BRIGHTLY that all will open their eyes.

I am not affiliated with the illuminati or any group. I am an individual soul that decided to help humanity in times of great need. I know I am not alone and there have been many through history. It has been lonely until now. Do not look at me as a leader, please look at me as an “awakener” and rub those sleepy eyes, in the name of God and all things Good and worth fighting for on this earth.


Will you join this invisible community that is growing?



My First Book: Transformation

I am so excited to share my very own book I created with my original photographs. It is very personal and about my wild spiritual journey. It is not meant to be bought or sold, but more like a keepsake for myself and for my children if they ever ask me what I believe. But I wanted to share with you all so that if you ever want to create your own book you can use this site and write down your own story one day.

The Sin of Coveting.

The sin of coveting is found in all religious texts:


Ephesians 5:5

For this you know with certainty, that no immoral or impure person or covetous man, who is an idolater, has an inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God.

From the KJV Bible, Exodus 20:17

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbor’s.  

Quran, 4:32

And do not covet that by which Allah has made some of you excel others;men shall have the benefit of what they earn and women shall have the benefit of what they earn; and ask Allah of His grace; surely Allah knows all things. 

Quran 20:131

Nor strain thine eyes in longing for the things We have given for enjoyment to parties of them, the splendor of the life of this world, through which We test them: but the provision of thy Lord is better and more enduring. 


Other persons say that a person consists of desires. As is his desire so is his will. As is his will so is the deed he does. Whatever deed he does is that he attains. 

Coveting traps a person into attachment of the material world. In order to achieve true happiness, a person must have one foot in this world and the other in the afterlife to remind themselves of all that lies beyond this world. This world is a test to the soul to see where each soul goes, and to covet something is a sin because it will only punish yourself.





A Real Muslim Sister.

From a real Muslim. Muslims don’t want to stop education…true ones look towards knowledge as a gift from God.

“Even if I had a gun, I would not shoot them. This is something I learned from Muhammad. From Jesus. From Gandhi. From Martin Luther King Jr…”